Pickleball History: How Sport of Pickleball Was Invented

For anyone wondering about the origins Pickleball, here is a very interesting interview (made for the 50th anniversary of the sport in 2015) with one of the founders of pickleball: Barney McCallum.  

The video explains how the game was originally thought up and how it evolved over the years, and how it became a popular sport nationwide (and internationally.  The video also gives us a glimpse at the simplicity of the first paddle and how it quickly gained popularity in the pacific northwest before moving across the country. 

Since it's humble beginnings in 1965 as an invented game among a few families in the same neighborhood on Bainbridge Island, it has grown to a sport with a few million players in the US as well as growing international sport with well established pickleball following in the UK,  ​Spain, India and other countries.

In fact, Madrid hosted for the first time the IFP (International Federation of Pickleball Bainbridge Cup and the Spanish Open Pickleball Championship in Sept 2017. 

The competition matched up Europe versus North America head to head. This event is a great testament to the growing popularity of the sport around the world.

An part of the video I found particularly interesting was to see the very primitive wood pickleball paddles that were originally used (and made by Barney McCallum in his garage).  The recent advances in paddle technology are a far cry from the early days of pickleball. 2017 was a milestone year for new pickleball paddles with the introduction of the first junior pickleball paddle by Paddletek (the USAPA created a Juniors association the year before for young players.

In addition we saw some of the best pickleball paddles to date released in 2017 including something called liquid graphite and several paddles specifically designed for extra spin on the ball. 

Enjoy the video- if you are new to pickleball it's a great introduction. If you already play pickleball and know the history there are some great nuggets of information in the video.

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