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Amazin Aces pickleball paddle reviews

Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle Reviews (Amazing Aces)

Amazin Aces (Amazing Aces) is a new pickleball paddle manufacturer on the scene,  they started out in the market with beginner to intermediate  wood and composite paddles. However,  Amazin' Aces has recently expanded their offerings with a new edgeless graphite paddle. The first paddle in their newly added "Pro Series" line ...
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Engage Paddle Reviews

Engage Pickleball Paddles | Buyers Guide & Reviews 2018

Engage Pickleball is a USA-based brand that manufactures paddles for pickleball. They are one of the leading brands when it comes to pickleball equipment, players from beginners at local clubs to pro players at national tournaments can be seen with Engage paddles in their hands. Continue reading below for our detailed reviews ...
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franklin Pickleball X paddle reviews

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddles | Reviews & Comparison [Pickleball-X]

Although Franklin Sports is a relative newcomer at making pickleball paddles, the company is a well known sporting goods manufacturer Franklin has been making sports equipment since 1946 for a wide range of sports. I remember seeing the Franklin logo as far back as the kickball on the grade school playground.  ...
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Gamma Pickle-ball Brand

Gamma Pickleball Paddles | Comparison & Reviews 2018

Gamma Pickleball Paddles are made by Gamma Sports, located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The company has a history of manufacturing equipment for racket sports that spans over 40 years, they are most known for tennis rackets and strings. However in recent years they've become one of the best selling brands of pickleball ...
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gearbox pickleball review

Gearbox Pickleball Paddles & Equipment Reviews 2018

Gearbox pickleball paddles are made by a California based company that was founded by professional racquetball player Rafael Filippini.  As an expert in composite materials, with over 25 years experience in the industry, Flippini holds several patents for the use of composites in racquet technology.  His skill as a pro ...
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Head Paddle review

Head Pickleball Paddles Comparison & Reviews 2018

Head is a well-known player in the tennis industry and was one of the pioneering companies in tennis to introduce modern aluminum rackets when most makers were still making wooden rackets. The company made news in 2017 by releasing a entire line of Head pickleball paddles. This move into the sport of ...
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Onix Pickleball reviews

Onix Pickleball Paddles | Comparison & Reviews 2018

 Onix pickleball paddles are considered some of the best paddles on the market, regularly seen in the hands of professional pickleball players at national tournaments as well as recreational players on courts around the country (and around the globe). The Onix Z5 paddle continues to be one of the company's ...
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Paddletek Pickleball Paddle reviews

Paddletek Pickleball Paddles | Paddle Reviews & Comparison

Although it's a young company, Paddletek pickleball paddles have quickly become known as some of the best paddles on the market and can often been seen in the hands of pro players at major tournaments and on pickleball courts around the country (and abroad). All of their paddles are made ...
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ProLite pickleball paddle reviews

ProLite Pickleball Paddles Comparison & Reviews 2018

Pro-Lite Sports has been making pickleball paddles for over 3 decades, it's one of the oldest and most well-known companies in the industry.  It's original owner,  Arlen Paranto is known for inventing the first composite pickleball paddle ever made and is a member of the Pickleball Hall of Fame. The ...
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Rally Pickleball Paddles | Paddle Comparison & Reviews 2018

Rally Pickleball paddles are manufactured by Pickleball Central located in Kent, Washington.  Started in 2006 as a hobby website originally inspired by their parent's pickleball addiction it has grown to one of the largest pickleball retailers online. In addition to their website, Pickleball Central resells Rally paddles on other online platforms such ...
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Selkirk Pickleball equipment reviewed

Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Reviews 2018 | New AMPED X5 Series

Selkirk Sport is a relatively new company on the pickleball scene, a family run business founded in 2013 in northern Idaho near the Selkirk mountain range (thus the company name). All of their paddles are made in the USA in their own 6,000 sq.ft. facility.  Known for their high-end paddles ...
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upstreet pickleball graphite paddles

Upstreet Pickleball Paddle Reviews and Comparison 2018

Upstreet has been selling pickleball paddles online since 2016 and sells one of the best selling graphite paddles on Amazon. Upstreet is a young company located in Cedar City, Utah which is a hot place to play pickleball and has a growing player base in part thanks to a large ...
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wilson pickleball paddles

Wilson Pickleball Paddles | Paddle Comparison & Reviews

The relatively recent entry into the pickleball market by Wilson Sporting Goods Company...(or just "Wilson" as most people call it) -a leading tennis equipment manufacturer -is a huge testament to the growing popularity of the sport of pickleball. Founded in 1913, this Chicago based company (originally named the Ashland Manufacturing ...
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