Who We Are

Who we are

Pickleball Portal is led by Tom Filippini and Dan Langston, who both share a similar passion for racket sports. They met in Dubois, Wyoming, where western culture and small-town charm is alive and well. Dan is from Tallahassee, Fl, and grew up in a big sports family with two older brothers. They got a ping pong table for Christmas one year and would play almost every day after school in their garage. Dan eventually started taking tennis lessons from a local legend that called him “ small fry “ and soon after competed in club tournaments. It was not until years later that Dan discovered Pickleball and made the easy transition! With experience in the ecotourism industry as co-founder of Wind River Flyfitter, Dan brings a unique perspective on customer service to the digital world. As the operator, Dan is now committed to revitalizing Pickleball Portal in hopes of spawning a new era. 

His cooperator Tom Filippini is a racket sports addict, maniacal product researcher, and serial entrepreneur. In spite of his ever-present desire to be wielding rackets & paddles in lieu of working, he has founded and run numerous successful businesses, including renowned travel industry pioneer Exclusive Resorts and disruptive private aviation company, StraightLine Private Air. Tom was first introduced to Pickleball in 2010, when he heard about a game that combined attributes of whiffle ball, tennis and ping pong. Those being amongst his favorite pastimes, he didn’t even have to play to know he would love it. And love it he did. Pickleball has become Tom’s “go-to” sport to play with friends, family and foes. He loved it so much that he partnered with the founder of Pickleball Portal to acquire the site in 2021. Tom is working closely with Dan to completely rebuild & refresh Pickleball Portal in a quest to make it the #1 destination where pickleballers worldwide access informative knowledge and supplemental opportunities. Stay tuned!

Value Proposition

After years of playing other racket sports, we’ve fallen in love with Pickleball and created this site to cover everything related to the sport. Whether you are here just to find out what this funny-sounding sport is all about or are an experienced player looking for more advanced Pickleball tips or gear reviews, we’ve got something for you. With hundreds of new paddles and brands hitting the market every year, the pickleball community needs a source for unbiased product reviews, news, and information. The team has compiled a mound of information for all skill levels and will continue to expand the site as the fastest sport in America continues to evolve. Pickleball Portal now gets visitors from all over the world.

The only compensation for the time, effort, and costs that go into maintaining this website is in the form of affiliate commissions if readers click on affiliate links and then purchase items. The research and analysis include talking to friends and competitors to find out what they like or dislike and playing with each other’s gear to compare. This website does not get compensated if visitors return a purchase, therefore any advice will be commensurate to our experience. There is no incentive to recommend inferior products. If for any reason you are not happy with a product you purchased through Pickleball Portal, please notify Tom or Dan and let them know why you thought it was a poor recommendation.

We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment by visiting our Contact Us page.

Review Process

what we look for in paddles


Power is measured by the speed of the ball after making contact with the paddle.


The weight of the paddle directly effects both power and control. If a paddle if lighter, you will have more control but less kick.

customer service

Having good customer service is something we look into when recommending products.


Control is an important consideration if a player intends to focus on shot placement.


Spin capability is achieved by the texture and angle of the paddle before making contact with the ball. This can be calculated by the amount of revolutions per minute ( RPM ).


We make sure that paddles can withstand the test of time and abuse that they often times encounter.

what we look for in shoes


Having a shoe that is light and responds well to the surface you are playing on is key to being able to make quick lateral movements.


Comfort is essential to avoid blisters or any other painful skin conditions.

customer service

Having good customer service is something we look into when recommending products.


We look for shoes that provide adequate support to derisk the chances of injury.


Some shoes are designed to provide extra support for players who experience fatigue and a lack of form after playing for a long time.


The weight of the shoe is a delicate balance between having the right amount of support and responsiveness.

what we look for in gear & equipment


Ease of use is vital to the user experience. We keep this close in mind during our research.


We can't always rely on a hands-on analysis, which is why we use credibility to varify a products value.


Pickleball equipment can often times take a beating, especially if it is being used outiside.

customer service

Having good customer service is something we look into before recommending products.

core values

Approachable content

For those getting into the sport, things can be intimidating at first. Our hope is to provide content that any visitor can easily digest. 

Objective reviews

We use our review processes listed above as a point of reference to audit our unbiased claims. We also do not receive free products from any one brand. This helps us to prevent the lines from being blurred and maintain honesty. 

Visitor experience

Our team is working every day to improve the user interface and provide an experience that increases the lifetime value of our visitors. 

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