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Here you’ll find our pickleball guides, tips and strategies.  If you are a beginner you’ll find tips about getting started, clarification on rules and tips like this one to improve your pickleball serve or others on keeping your paddle in “Ready Position”, improving your dink or playing the fast game against better players. If you need a few quick tips to get started check out these 7 Beginner Pickleball Tips. Got more time? See our List of 77 Quick Tips to improve your pickleball skills that you’ll find below.

We also have buyers guide for selecting the best pickleball gear for every budget. Our most popular equipment guides for readers that are new to pickleball or experienced players shopping for new gear are our Pickleball Paddle Buyers Guide and this guide: How to pick good pair of Pickleball Shoes for indoor or outdoor pickleball.

For intermediate and advanced players we have advice on doubles pickleball strategy as well as singles pickleball tips. If you are looking to upgrade your paddle a pro level paddles you may want to check out our New Pickleball Paddles page where we track the latest and greatest new paddles that major pickleball brands have recently released.

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