Best Way to Handle Midcourt Resets

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Hello everyone, this is James Ignatowich, and today I’m going to cover the midcourt reset technique. I’ve found much more success using two hands on my paddle for this technique compared to just one. One major reason is control. When you try to reset a ball with one hand from a lower position, there’s a natural tendency for the ball to rise. However, with two hands on the paddle, it’s much easier to keep the paddle flat and direct the ball at a low angle, which prevents it from popping up.

Another key factor is stability. This isn’t about adding power since the reset is more about absorbing the pace of the ball rather than returning it with force. With two hands, the added stability is significant when resetting the ball in the midcourt. For me, the primary advantage is that extra stability which helps me maintain control.

Moreover, positioning is crucial. During a midcourt reset, I get into a stance similar to a windshield wiper motion, focusing on using my backhand. I commit to using my backhand for any ball that lands between my two legs, and switch to my forehand for anything to the right of my right leg. I find that a two-handed backhand reset offers greater ease and stability compared to a one-handed forehand reset.

The reason I emphasize getting low is to effectively handle high shots. If the ball is coming at shoulder height, it’s likely to fall between my knees and my feet, especially if the opponent hits it hard from that height. Remember, any ball that comes at me above the waist is likely going out of bounds, so staying low helps in managing these shots effectively.

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James Ignatowich is a top 10 professional pickleball player originally from Connecticut, now residing in Delray Beach, Florida. A former Division 1 tennis player at Vanderbilt University, James made a transition to pickleball, quickly rising to prominence in the sport and often playing doubles with Tyson McGuffin and Anna Bright. In addition to his athletic achievements, he runs his own podcast, where he shares insights into the game and interviews other professionals. jamesignatowichnewsletter | PPA | MLP | My paddle

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