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ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro Paddle: My In-Depth Thoughts

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The Black Ace Pro paddle offers a combination of power, pop, and control, but less spin. It is one of the lightest paddles with an optimal swing weight that I have ever used. I highly recommend it, especially for smaller players who prefer not to use heavier pro-weighted paddles but still want excellent control and power. It is also ideal for players seeking relief from tennis elbow and looking to improve hand speed without sacrificing power. The grip circumference is 4 inches, catering to players with smaller hands. Unlike paddles from other manufacturers, which may break or lose their edge guards soon after purchase, the ProKennex Kinetic Black Ace Pro features a replaceable Air-O-Guard bumper system. Although it is a bit pricey, the quality of the workmanship alone justifies the cost. In my opinion, this is the best power paddle for achieving high performance, while maintaining a low swing weight.

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Paddle Weight7.9 oz
Paddle Face MaterialToray Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb
Core Thinkness11mm (0.43″)
Paddle Length15.8”
Paddle Width7.6”
Grip Size4”
Handle Length5 1/4”
Swing Weight100
PowerSmall sweet spot
Faster hand speedLess spin
Image credit @Nitesh

First Look

The Black Ace Pro comes with a nice cover. Once removed from the cover, the paddle feels remarkably light and comfortable to hold. They aced the build quality 😉 While holding the paddle, I noticed that I need two overgrips because it has a 4-inch grip circumference, whereas I usually play with a 4.25-inch grip circumference using one overgrip. Additionally, it feels quite low in swing weight (around 100), which contributes to good hand speed.

Balance and Weight Adjustability

The paddle’s standard weight is approximately 8.1 oz, which is sufficiently light to allow for the addition of lead tape. This customization can adjust the swing weight and twist weight, enabling you to enhance either power or increase the size of the sweet spot, depending on your preference. I have not added any extra weight yet. Having just started playing with this paddle, I adapted quickly, coming from a 16MM Six Zero Ruby control paddle.


Defense to Offence

This paddle offers excellent hand speed and responsiveness, making it ideal for executing midcourt volleys and aggressive shots that convert into precise drop shots. From my personal experience, the paddle’s soft touch on midcourt volleys enables smooth transitions from defense to offense in the game, turning defensive plays into effective offensive positions.

Power 9/10

This paddle has a thin core, which generates amazing power from the baseline. My serves are long, landing close to the baseline with minimal effort. I can comfortably drive and volley from the baseline without much arm swing, providing some relief to my shoulder. However, I usually add topspin to my deep serves, and I feel it’s slightly off because the ball doesn’t stay in contact long enough to generate sufficient spin.

Spin 6/10

I have played with several paddles in the past, including the Six Zero Ruby, Apes Proline S, and various other carbon fiber paddles. The Kinetic Black Ace Pro also features a Toray carbon fiber face but lags in spin due to its thin core. This thin core results in a shorter contact time between the ball and the paddle surface compared to any 16mm paddle, which doesn’t allow the ball to gain sufficient RPM for optimal spin shots. Therefore, I would not recommend this paddle if you are seeking primarily spin capabilities.

Control 7/10

The Kinetic Black Ace Pro can be considered a power paddle, yet it surprisingly offers good control. It performs well with soft shots, allowing me to execute cross-court dinks in a very controlled manner, reducing the worry of hitting the ball too high. I can also effectively hit mid-court resets, drops, and dinks. The only downside is its slightly smaller sweet spot, which can be unforgiving if you don’t hit near the center.


The ProKennex Black Ace Pro pickleball paddle is covered by a one-year warranty, which protects against manufacturer defects and workmanship issues. This warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser, who must register the paddle within 14 days of purchase. Proof of purchase is necessary for the warranty to be valid, and ProKennex reserves the right to decide whether to replace the paddle.

Overall and Social Proof

This black ace pro is designed for players who prefer lighter paddles but still want a powerful response and enhanced hand speed. In my experience, I’ve been able to return shots that I previously missed due to the faster handling of my 8.5oz Six Zero Paddle. I also shared this paddle with community players, who were impressed by the amount of power it generates with minimal swing weight. However, a few players noted that they did not like the noise it makes, as it is somewhat louder compared to others.

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