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If you are new to the sport, you really just need a few pieces of pickleball equipment to get started: a pickleball paddle, a few balls and some decent footwear. If you are looking for a pickleball paddle you might want to start with our guide to buying your next Pickleball Paddle which will help you find the correct grip and weight for your hand size and playing style.

While many people claim that the paddle is the most important piece of pickleball equipment, we actually think that a proper footwear is the the number one priority when it comes to buying pickleball gear since good shoes can keep you comfortable on the court, prevent blisters and possibly help keep you injury-free. See our guide tips on buying a good pair of pickleball shoes along with things to consider if you are playing indoor vs. outdoor pickleball.

The last main piece of equipment is the ball. Indoor and outdoor pickleballs are slightly different with outdoor balls having  although to start you really don’t have to worry too much about which pickleballs you use, once you get into the sport you’ll most likely come to prefer specific brands depending on the bounce, hardness and way each plays. We’ve created this Complete Guide to Pickleball Balls if you are interested in diving deeper into it and comparing different types and brands.

For all other pickleball equipment, accessories and clothing please scroll down to see our individual reviews and product comparisons of shirts, hats, sunglasses and other accessories that you might find useful on the court.

Pickleball Glove Reviews

5 Best Pickleball Gloves: Ladies & Men’s 2018 Glove Reviews

Lately, I've been seeing more players on wearing gloves on the pickleball court.  As I've mentioned on the blog before, I grew up playing racquetball from an early age with my dad.  A glove is a pretty standard piece of equipment in racquetball and I still always wear one when I ...
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Men’s Sun Protection SPF Hats

7 Best Men’s Sun Protection Hats {UPF 50+} That Shine in 2019

As I've mentioned several times on our blog, I've had a few separate cases of skin cancer in my family over the past few years. Because of that, I've started taking sun protection much more seriously and now always wear tennis sunglasses, sunscreen and a good quality sun protection hat ...
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best braces for tennis elbow

7 Best Tennis Elbow Braces, Supports & Sleeves | 2018 Reviews

If you've landed here I'm assuming that unfortunately you're probably are suffering from tennis elbow and looking for a good quality elbow brace to help alleviate your pain.  Although it's commonly called "tennis elbow", people that play all different sports (including other racket sports like racquetball, squash and pickleball -as well as ...
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socks for tennis and pickleball

7 Best Tennis Socks | Men’s, Women’s & Compression | Blister Prevention

Although pickleball has become my passion over the past several years, I've played tennis and other racket sports such as racquetball and squash for decades.  While we've talked about the importance of a good pair of court shoes, players often overlook the importance of a good quality pair of tennis socks ...
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Tennis skorts for pickleball

7 Winning Tennis Skirts & Skorts | Best Women’s Apparel | Pickleball Portal

Do you love playing racket sports but feel like you have to choose between feeling good and looking good? If you want to feel comfortable on the court, but also look stylish and fashionable - skirts are a perfect way to liven up your tennis or pickleball outfit! A skort is a cross between ...
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Best Pickleball Gifts

Best Pickleball Gifts: 2018 Gift Ideas for Players Who Have Everything

Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in the US and although some people associate it with Florida and retirement communities it's being played by people all over the country (and many other countries) by people of all ages. With more and more people playing pickleball as a competitive ...
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Pickleball net review

Best Pickleball Net 2019 Reviews | Portable Nets vs On Wheels

If you are visiting this page, I'm guessing you are probably looking to buy a pickleball net.  If you're in a hurry and looking for a quick recommendation -our top pick for the best portable net is the PickleNet By Oncourt Offcourt: Check Price: see on Amazon & compare price on manufacturer's website ...
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best sunglasses for pickleball and tennis

Best Tennis Sunglasses [Reduce Glare, Protect Your Eyes & Look Cool]

People that know me joke that they've never seen me outside without sunglasses on...and that's really pretty accurate! Since an incident I had several years, which I describe below, I now put on sunglasses whenever I go out the door...and I own several pairs. I think the best tennis sunglasses ...
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women's sun hat

Best Women’s Sun Protection Hats UPF 50+ | Keep & Look Cool!

If you are looking for a good sun protection hat to protect you while on the courts or doing other outdoor activities in the sun, you've come to the right place. We've researched the options and narrowed down a few of our top picks for the best women's sun protection hats ...
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