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Six Zero Ruby Paddle Review: My In-Depth Thoughts

Ruby, First Kevlar surface paddle from Six Zero Pickleball

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Before I give any verdict, if you don’t know what is Kevlar is, it’s a brand name for a para-aramid synthetic fiber, which is a strong and heat-resistant material, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel per unit weight and is often used in bulletproof vests, aircraft tires, ropes and cables, and sails, Kevlar is a very strong material, but it is also relatively expensive.

I purchased the Ruby just a few weeks before its release in December 2023, and all I can say is that the Six Zero Ruby is a stunning paddle.
The Ruby paddle has an average weight of around 8.3oz, which is considered heavy for a paddle, even reaching pro-weight status. However, when you hold and play with the Ruby paddle, it doesn’t feel heavy at all because the weight is very well balanced.

I highly recommend the Ruby paddle for players who are looking primarily for spin and control, with a half focus on power. This paddle features a 16mm core, which is a control-oriented option. The Kevlar face has decent pop and the returns feel crisp. The Kevlar face is also pleasantly gritty and has a tough texture. The Ruby generates almost 2100rpm of spin, which is considered higher than normal.

Another advantage claimed by Six Zero is that Kevlar is a strong and durable material compared to carbon fiber, which should result in a longer lifespan for the Ruby paddle. However, since this product is relatively new to the market, it’s too early to determine its exact lifespan at this point. Price-wise, the Ruby is an excellent value for money at $199, especially when compared to other brands in the market.

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Paddle Weight 8.3 ounces / 232gm +/- 10gm 
Paddle Face MaterialKevlar® fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPremium Honeycomb Polymer Core
Paddle Core Thickness0.63″ / 16mm
Paddle ShapeSlightly flared shape
Paddle Length16.3” / 413mm
Paddle Width7.5” to 7.7” / 192mm to 196mm
Grip Size4 ¼ – 4 ½ ” 108 – 114mm
Swing Weight117
Twist Weight6.76

First Look

When the Ruby was released it was a very hyped and a much-awaited-paddle in market. It sold out within two days of its release in early December, so popular none the less. As of my current writing, Ruby has been out of stock for at least a month, and it is being sold privately and on social media platforms rapidly.

Balance and Weight Adjustability

Based on multiple sources and feedback from the local community, what I heard is the Ruby paddle stock’s weight range is high. The paddle stock weight can be anywhere from 8.1oz to 8.7oz. I got a paddle stock weight of 8.4oz, which is on the heavy side if we compare it with other competitors, but while holding a paddle it feels sturdy and well-balanced because of the lower swing weight (117) and twist weight(6.76). I feel the Six Zero team has done a good job balancing this paddle weight so that it does not feel heavy in the hands. The upside is that the extra weight gives the paddle more stability and decreases paddle movement when you strike the ball.


This paddle might take some getting used to because the Kevlar face gives it a bit more pop compared to the Six Zero Diamond and Infinity series. It’s pretty good for blocking drives and resets in my games, but when it comes to dinking, it can feel a bit different, especially if you’re coming from a control paddle like the Infinity.

Durability and Protection

The paddle’s edge is quite sturdy, featuring a traditional edgeguard. With Kevlar as the face material, it offers exceptional durability compared to carbon fiber, making the Ruby one of the most durable paddles on the market right now.

Background Research

Six Zero is a relatively new pickleball paddle company, but they have quickly made a name for themselves. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia, but catching on in the US.


Personally I did not like warranty program from Six Zero if we compare from other competitor brands like Selkirk and Engage. You can return Six Zero paddles within 30 days of the original purchase date for a refund, but this excludes shipping costs. Also after 7 days they might charge a 10% stocking fee. Additionally, these paddles come with a six-month limited warranty covering manufacturer defects and workmanship. For issues like core material defects, deformation, and delamination, there’s a separate 120-day warranty.



The Ruby paddle doesn’t fall short when it comes to generating power, but its 16mm core does absorb some of that power, which can be beneficial when blocking opponents’ hard drives. This design balances power and control, making it less ideal for players who prioritize strong power and pop in their gameplay.


The Ruby paddle has a commendable RMP score, ranging between 2100-2200 RPM, which is quite impressive. The Kevlar face has a gritty and textured surface that greatly aids in generating exceptional spin shots. As someone who relies heavily on topspin, both in play and serves, I find using the Ruby paddle to be a lot of fun. In the current paddle market, Ruby stands out as one of the best options for spin capability, which is why it’s so well-loved among tennis players.


This paddle excels in control due to its 16mm core, and has a decent sweet spot that enhances accuracy and consistency, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Comparative Analysis

If we compare Ruby with all other Six Zero paddles.

I believe the Pickleball Apes Pro Line Energy Paddle is another Kevlar surfaced paddle in market but they say its mixed with T700 carbon fiber as well. I personally have not tried Pickleball Apes Pro Line hence I cannot compare the difference but here is the specifications for both the paddles.

PaddleWeight (ounces)Core materialFace materialSwing weightThickness
Ruby8.2-8.7Polymer CoreKevlar11716mm
ProLine Energy8.0 – 8.2Narrow-cell Honeycomb Poly CoreDuPont™ Kevlar® x Toray T700 Carbon fiber12016.5mm

Overall & Social Proof

I think the Ruby is suitable for a broader range of players rather than catering to those seeking power, control, or spin exclusively because it offers a well-rounded combination of these aspects.

Furthermore, the Ruby comes at a really affordable price point ($199 as of my writing), especially when you consider the time and effort Six Zero’s Australian team invested in research and development. It’s worth noting that other new paddles on the market typically start at $250-$350.

Me with the Ruby paddle wining gold.

I believe there’s room for improvement in the paddle, particularly by introducing an edgeless design to reduce swing weight and enhance hand speed. Perhaps a future version like the Ruby Infinity could explore these improvements.

Some articles and video reviews have suggested that the use of Kevlar might be more of a marketing strategy or hype. However, after playing with the Ruby for a few days and using it in a local tournament, it has become one of my favorite paddles. From my personal experience, I genuinely think it’s a fantastic paddle. If you are a player rated 3.0 or higher and you’re looking to improve your game by finding a paddle that offers a balance between control, power, and spin, the Ruby could be a great choice.

If you’ve had the chance to try out the Ruby, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think it lives up to the hype, or do you also find it to be a great paddle?


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