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Six Zero Diamond Infinity Paddle Review: My In-Depth Thoughts

First Edgeless paddle from Six Zero Pickleball

the new edgeless paddle by 6.0
(picture Nitesh Vijay)
The Infinity series is a top-notch pickleball paddle that supposedly combines the best parts of Six Zero’s Diamond Series with a new edgeless design. It has a full-face T700 raw carbon fiber surface for better grip and a pretty good sweet spot. I recommend the Infinity paddle for players who prefer drops and dink shots over power. This paddle is a control-oriented option with limited power, making it an ideal choice for racquetball or tennis players who can generate power through their full swing motion. I am not a tennis player hence I added lead tape at 10 and 2o’clock to increase swing weight which will increase some power and give me little more balance.

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Paddle Weight 8.2 ounces / 232gm +/- 10gm 
Paddle Face MaterialJapanese Toray 700K Raw Carbon
Paddle Core MaterialPremium Honeycomb Polymer Core
Paddle Core Thickness0.63″ / 16mm
Paddle ShapeSlightly flared shape
Paddle Length16.3” / 413mm
Paddle Width7.5” to 7.7” / 192mm to 196mm
Grip Size4 ¼ – 4 ½ ” 108 – 114mm
Swing Weight110-112
Handle Length5 ½” 140mm

First Look

Balance and Weight Adjustability

Holding the paddle, it feels sturdy and well-balanced, due to its low swing weight (110-112) and twist weight (5.9-6.1). This design allows for the option to add weight to the paddle if you need more power. However, be aware that increasing the weight might slightly reduce hand speed.

Grip Size Considerations

The grip size of this paddle is a bit larger than the Double Black Diamond model. For players who prefer adding extra grips, be aware that starting with a larger stock grip size can result in a very thick handle. You can just remove the stock grip and apply two overgrips, which is what I did. However, I’ve learned that the larger grip size was actually a manufacturing error. The manufacturer plans to standardize the grip size to 4 ¼ inches in the upcoming batch. So, future purchases are likely to come with a 4 ¼ inch stock grip.

Adaptation and Performance

It may take some time to adjust to this paddle. When I first switched to it from the Double Black Diamond, my initial serves lacked power and often got caught in the net. My returns also tended to fall short, landing around mid-court rather than over the baseline. However, on the plus side, I noticed an improvement in my dinks, drop shots, and drive blocks. These shots, which I often missed or sent out of bounds before, became more precise and effective with this paddle.

Durability and Protection

The edge of the paddle is prone to wear and tear, and can easily get damaged if dropped. Therefore, I strongly recommend adding edge tape to this paddle to protect its edges from damage.

Background Research

Six Zero is a relatively new pickleball paddle company, but they have quickly made a name for themselves. The company is based in Brisbane, Australia and without much marketing in USA, its capturing market pretty well.


You can return Six Zero paddles within 30 days of the original purchase date for a refund, but this excludes shipping costs.
Additionally, these paddles come with a six-month limited warranty covering manufacturer defects and workmanship. For issues like core material defects, deformation, and delamination, there’s a separate 120-day warranty.



The Infinity paddle focuses more on control than power, so it might not be ideal for players seeking strong power and pop in their game. However, if you’re after a control-oriented paddle with decent power, adding extra weights, as mentioned earlier, can enhance its power.


Infinity has T700 Troy Carbon face which is good textured surface, this is not a unique point in Infinity paddle, most of high end paddles are carbon fiber surface and thermoformed core which basically help generate good spin, top spin serves and slice shots. I play lot of top spin also I use top spin in my serve, which I do not see with infinity that is less compare to other paddles. Spin RPM for infinity is around 1999. This generate definitely more spin then Graphite face paddles like Engage Pursuit series.


This paddle is great for control. It has a big sweet spot that helps with accurate and consistent shots, cutting down on errors. Six Zero uses a special carbon fiber to make the sweet spot cover the whole paddle, which is a major reason people like the Infinity paddle.

Comparative Analysis

I think infinity can be compared with Double black diamond and Selkirk Luxx since both has been marketed as a control paddle.

PaddleWeight (ounces)Core materialFace materialSwing weightTwist weight
Infinity8.1-8.2Polymer CoreToray Raw carbon fiber110-1125.9-6.1
Six Zero Double Black Diamond7.6 – 8.0ThermoformedToray Raw carbon fiber114-1156.67
Selkirk Luxx7.9 -8.1Thikset Honeycomb
Florek Carbon Fiber1197.19

From the matrix, it’s clear that the Infinity paddle has the lowest swing and twist weight, making it quicker to handle. However, this comes at the cost of reduced power.


While some thermoformed paddles can feel stiff and unforgiving, the Six Zero infinity offers a more plush feel.

The Infinity series is Six Zero’s priciest paddle yet, but it still offers good value compared to other control paddles like the Selkirk Luxx. Touted as a high-end pro paddle, it underwent over a year of research and development. The lifespan of Six Zero pickleball paddles varies based on how often and intensely you play, typically ranging from six months to two years.

I believe the paddle could be improved with a more durable edge and a better warranty, especially since competitors like Selkirk and Engage offer strong warranty support.

Social Proof

Six Zero, though not as widely marketed as big brands like Selkirk and Engage, has carved out its own niche in the pickleball market primarily through word-of-mouth. It’s becoming more common to see players using Six Zero paddles at local courts. However, I was able to test for several hours across various game levels, gathering feedback from local players.


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