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The Reset: When to Move to the Kitchen Line

Top 5 pro player James Ignatowich

Hey guys, this is James Ignatowich, and today I’m going to talk about when to come in off of a reset shot. FYI, in pickleball, a “reset” is a defensive shot aimed at neutralizing the opponents’ aggressive play by softly dropping the ball into the non-volley zone (kitchen). This slows down the rally, allowing players to regain control and move forward to a more advantageous position.

I’ve seen players in my clinics hitting good resets but not advancing, and sometimes hitting bad resets and still rushing in.

The key is simple: if your reset or drop shot looks like a dink that you wouldn’t back up from, follow it in and head to the kitchen line. This is a higher percentage play than waiting for the perfect reset or drop shot. Spending too much time trying to work your way to the kitchen is riskier, especially at lower levels.

At these lower levels, getting to the kitchen is crucial. So, if your reset looks decent, run in and establish yourself at the kitchen line.

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James Ignatowich is a top 10 professional pickleball player originally from Connecticut, now residing in Delray Beach, Florida. A former Division 1 tennis player at Vanderbilt University, James made a transition to pickleball, quickly rising to prominence in the sport and often playing doubles with Tyson McGuffin and Anna Bright. In addition to his athletic achievements, he runs his own podcast, where he shares insights into the game and interviews other professionals. jamesignatowichnewsletter | PPA | MLP | My paddle

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