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Expert Tips on How to Respond to Resets

James Ignatowich reaching for a ball
(Illustration Dan Langston)

Hello everyone, this is James Ignatowich. Today, I’m going to cover when to take resets out of the air and when to take midcourt resets off the bounce. This is a common question I’ve encountered at clinics, and it really boils down to personal comfort. You need to ask yourself whether you feel more comfortable performing a backhand reset out of the air or off the bounce. Personally, I prefer letting it bounce, but Anna Bright, for instance, chooses to take it out of the air.

When deciding to take a reset out of the air, I typically move forward to cut it off. This is crucial for shots that are coming in hard between my feet and knees. In such instances, it’s advantageous to move forward slightly and use your feet to track the ball before making the reset out of the air. If you find yourself leaning back or running away from the ball, you’re better off letting it bounce.

On the other hand, if you let a midcourt reset bounce, your initial reaction should involve your feet. Instead of fading away, move back swiftly and allow the ball to bounce. This way, when you make contact with the shot, your feet are set. The key to any successful reset is ensuring that your feet are stable when you hit the ball. You shouldn’t be moving forward through the shot, nor should you be running backward or leaning back. Stay in your initial position until after making contact with the reset; then, depending on how it went, you can decide to move forward or backward.

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James Ignatowich is a top 10 professional pickleball player originally from Connecticut, now residing in Delray Beach, Florida. A former Division 1 tennis player at Vanderbilt University, James made a transition to pickleball, quickly rising to prominence in the sport and often playing doubles with Tyson McGuffin and Anna Bright. In addition to his athletic achievements, he runs his own podcast, where he shares insights into the game and interviews other professionals. jamesignatowichnewsletter | PPA | MLP | My paddle

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