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The Engage Pursuit Pro 1: My In-depth Thoughts

The engage pursuit pro 1 paddle
(Picture Kip Lacey & Dan Langston)
The latest paddle from Engage, the new Pursuit PRO1 is a twist on the most recent power oriented paddles from Engage. While the power remains, the Pursuit PRO1 brings plenty of control, accuracy and consistency to the court as well. Spin is also easily controlled and with the new Variable Release 2.0 Technology, the PRO1 flexes more the harder you swing, giving you even more velocity on drives, serves and returns. All and all the PRO excels. With the new PRO1, Engage has an all-court winner on their hands.

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Paddle Weight8.3 oz (Standard) / 7.6 – 7.9 oz (LITE weight)
Paddle Face MaterialRaw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber with Next Generation Inner Application Layer
Paddle Core MaterialNew Proprietary MachPro Polymer
Paddle ShapeElongated
Paddle Length16 1/2”
Paddle Width7 1/2”
Grip Size4 3/8”
Handle Length5.875”

First Look

The Pursuit PRO1 comes in two sizes and two weights, the Pursuit PRO1 Power and the new aerodynamic shape, the Pursuit PRO1 6.0. The latest Engage paddles have new technology that are exclusive to the PRO1 line, including  a new MachPro Polymer Core that has never been used by Engage. The Polymer Core promises an extended dwell time at the point of contact with the ball, resulting in enhanced spin and control on every shot. Also new to the PRO1 line is the Variable Release 2.0 Technology which delivers even more flex than previous Engage models. The PRO1 flexes even more as you start to swing faster supplying more spin and power. Additionally, the PRO1 uses tried and tested Engage paddle technology including a raw Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber Face and Inner Application Layer for spin and Vortex Barrier Edge Technology, which is a composite injected into the outer cells for weight distribution and vibration control.

The pro players that are already using and winning with the new PRO1 are Jessie Irvine, Yates Johnson, Hunter Johnson, Darrian Young, Yana Newell and Alix Truong.

My Experience


The Engage PRO1 is precise and consistent. No matter the shot, whether a dink, drive, third, serve, or return. Engage has done a splendid job increasing the accuracy with their latest release of the PRO1.


The Engage Pursuit PRO1 averaged an impressive serving speed of 50.8 mph (expected range 48-50). Because of this above-average power, the Pursuit PRO1 offers easy depth on drives, serves and returns. 


As expected, the spin from the raw Toray T-700 Carbon Fiber face along with the next generation inner application layer is adequate and controllable. There is plenty of dwell time and grip, making top and back spin a pleasure. With the Pursuit PRO1 you can hit topspin dinks no problem.

Defense to Offense

The Pursuit PRO1 does very well from all areas of the court. The ball is easily reset from the transitional area along with drops or drives from the baseline. Once you make it to the non-volley zone attacks and fast hands are accessible and the paddle is user friendly. 


The feedback and feel are comfortable with the Pursuit PRO1. Gone is the harsh feel of previous Engage paddle iterations. There is a softer feel to the PRO1 and excellent dwell time on centered shots. The Vortex Barrier Edge Technology, a next generation composite injected into the outer cells of the core effectively dampens any vibration from off-center hits. 

Sweet Spot

When the ball misses the sweet spot, shots will still be effective and land near the intended target. The combination of the MachPro Polymer core, T-700 Toray carbon fiber face and Vortex Barrier Edge Technology make for a fairly large sweet spot.


The design of the new Engage Pursuit PRO1 is a winner. Each of the updates on the new PRO1 meet perfectly with the structural components of past Engage paddles. However, the looks of the PRO1 paddle, while instantly recognizable as an Engage product, could use a change to make each update to the Engage line different from the last.

Additional Thoughts

Engage has always been on the cutting edge of research and development, for better and occasionally worse. Regardless, over the years and updates, Engage loyalist have remained entrenched in their love for the company and their paddles. With the recent updates, Engage proponents have a winner and the PRO1 will bring more players into the fold.

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