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Six Zero Triple Black Diamond (Willinator) : My In depth Review

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Six Zero Pickleball has just released their latest paddle, the Triple Black Diamond (Willinator). It is the successor to the Double Black Diamond, featuring an elongated shape with a few enhancements. If you do NOT use a two-handed backhand, I would not recommend this paddle. The head feels heavy (swing weight 126), which can result in slower hand speed for most players. I would categorize this as a control paddle. After playing a few games, I found that it does not generate significant power. The sweet spot is shifted towards the top of the paddle due to its shape and feels a bit smaller compared to the Six Zero Ruby and Double Black Diamond. The 18K Toray carbon fiber generates spin but is slightly lower in performance compared to other carbon fiber paddles. Overall, it’s a good upgrade for players who prefer using two hands for backhand shots.

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Paddle Weight8.3oz
Paddle Face Material18K Toray carbon fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb
Core Thinkness15mm
Paddle Length16.6”
Paddle Width6.9” to 7.4″
Grip Circumference4.25”
Handle Length6”
Swing Weight126
Image credit @Nitesh

First Look

This paddle looks fantastic; it is vibrant with contrasting color markings and comes with a neoprene cover. The paddle has an elongated shape, but the shortened neck shifts most of the weight to the head. The grip circumference is 4.25 inches, which is pretty standard for adding an overgrip, and it feels comfortable in the hands.

Balance and Weight Adjustability

The stock weight of my paddle is 8.3 ounces. However, due to its shape and wider head, the weight is mostly shifted toward the head, making it feel heavy during swings. It also feels slow in terms of hand speed. I plan to add some lead tape to the neck of the paddle around 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions to see if this balances the weight better.


Power 8/10

This paddle is best described as an all-court control paddle rather than a power paddle. The 18K Toray carbon fiber generates enough power to hit strong drives from the baseline due to its high swing weight, but the overall paddle face lacks a significant trampoline effect.

Spin 7/10

I have played with several carbon fiber paddles in the past. The Triple Black Diamond paddle features 18K Toray carbon fiber with diamond-style grits on the face. However, it does not generate great spin on the ball compared to other paddles. Therefore, I would not recommend this paddle if your primary focus is spin capabilities.

Control 8/10

The Triple Black Diamond can be considered an all-court control paddle and surprisingly offers good control. It performs well with soft shots, allowing me to execute cross-court dinks in a very controlled manner, reducing the worry of hitting the ball too high. It is also effective for mid-court resets, drops, and dinks. The only downside is its slightly smaller sweet spot, which is shifted slightly upward due to its shape, making it less forgiving.


Personally, I did not like the warranty program from Six Zero compared to other competitor brands like Selkirk and Engage. You can return Six Zero paddles within 30 days of the original purchase date for a refund, but this excludes shipping costs. Additionally, after 7 days, they might charge a 10% restocking fee. The paddles come with a six-month limited warranty covering manufacturer defects and workmanship. For issues like core material defects, deformation, and delamination, there’s a separate 120-day warranty.

Overall and Social Proof

This Six Zero TBD paddle is designed for players who prefer a two-handed backhand and an elongated shape. I have given this paddle to a few of my friends who play with me locally, and most of them provided similar feedback: “I feel this paddle has a heavy head, which reduces my hand speed; apart from that, it’s very close to the Double Black Diamond.”

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