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Electrum Model E Stealth Series Paddle Review: My In-Depth Thoughts

A fully edgeless raw carbon fiber paddle with Whole Cell HoneyComb Condensed Core

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After playing and drilling with Electrum Model E Stealth for 2 weeks here is my finding about the performance of this paddle. This paddle, with a lower swing weight of 108, offers great hand speed over the net, making it ideal for players who prioritize quick reflexes. Its carbon fiber surface not only provides a decent amount of spin but also ensures precise control and moderate pop, all at a reasonable price compared to other competitive brands. However, it’s important to note that this paddle may not be suitable for those seeking high power in their shots. Its edgeless design and lower twist weight (5) result in a smaller sweet spot. Therefore, it’s best suited for players who can consistently hit from sweet spots, require swift hand movements, and are willing to trade off some power near the edges for better control and spin.

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Paddle Weight 7.8 oz / 221gm
Paddle Face MaterialToray Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPremium Honeycomb Polymer Core
Paddle Core Thickness0.63″ / 16mm
Paddle ShapeElongated
Paddle Length16.3” / 413mm
Paddle Width7.3” / 185mm
Grip Size4 ¼” 108mm
Swing Weight108
Twist Weight5

First Look

This paddle has a neat and simple design, created in San Francisco. It has a 16mm core and an elongated shape. Because it doesn’t have edges, it looks slim and isn’t too big in your hands. The 16mm core helps with better control.

The paddle weighs about 7.8oz, which is on the lighter side. But the stock grip feels a bit awkward, kind of like holding a stick with four flat sides and a thin grip. So, I’d suggest adding an over-grip for more comfort and a better feel.

Balance and Weight Adjustability

The paddle’s stock weight is about 7.8 oz, which is light enough to allow for the addition of lead tape. This customization can help balance between swing weight (108) and twist weight (5), depending on whether you want more power or a larger sweet spot. I personally added lead tape at the 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock positions. This increases both the twist weight and swing weight, resulting in better control and a larger sweet spot. The trade-off is a slight reduction in hand speed, but it’s a small compromise for the benefits gained.


Regarding the handle grip, which feels somewhat thin and hard underneath, I suggest adding an overgrip or replacing the stock grip, especially if you’re not used to playing with overgrips.

If you’re already accustomed to playing with an elongated carbon fiber-surfaced paddle, adapting to this paddle won’t take much time. It performs well in blocking drives and making resets in games. The only issue is that sometimes when blocking drives, if the ball doesn’t hit the sweet spot, it might just drop short and not reach the opponent’s court. However, I’ve noticed that after adding some lead tape, this problem has been significantly reduced.

Durability and Protection

This Paddle does not have an edge guard but comes with leather feel edge protective tape, which provides decent protection to accidental drops.

This is how paddle face looks like after around 8-10hrs,


Personally I did not like warranty program from Electrum if we compare from other competitor brands like Selkirk and Engage, they offer a 6 months limited warranty against manufacturer defects. Also this warranty does not cover damages caused by abuse, negligence, user modification, or normal wear and tear over time.


Power 8/10

The Electrum Stealth Model E offers a decent level of pop and power. However, due to its lighter swing weight, you might need to put in a bit more effort when serving or driving from the baseline, especially if you’re transitioning from a heavier paddle. Additionally, its 16mm core absorbs some of the power, which can be an advantage when blocking powerful drives from opponents. This feature makes it less suitable for players who prefer a strong emphasis on power and pop in their gameplay.

Spin 7/10

This paddle has an RMP score of around 1800 RPM, which is impressive but not great. The carbon fiber face has a gritty and textured surface that helps generate shots, but I still feel some other paddles, like Six Zero Ruby, have great spin capabilities. If you are the player who relies heavily on topspin and slice shots, you can better choose high-RPM score paddles.

Control 8/10

This paddle stands out in terms of control, thanks to its 16mm core. This feature improves accuracy and consistency, which helps in reducing mistakes. As I mentioned earlier, it performs best when shots are hit from or near the sweet spots. However, I’ve noticed that some dinks can fall short at the net if they’re not hit close enough to the sweet spot.

Overall & Social Proof

The Electrum Stealth E is ideal for players who need better hand speed, particularly if they often miss the second or third volley shots due to difficulty in quickly repositioning their paddle. This paddle’s low swing weight greatly enhances maneuverability and speed, making it more suitable for those focused on agility rather than exclusively seeking power or spin.

Moreover, the Electrum Stealth is quite affordable, priced at $170 at the time of my writing. This is impressive, considering it’s designed in San Francisco with significant investment in research and development.

There’s potential for improvement in the paddle, especially in terms of increasing the twist weight for more stability. This adjustment could improve the ability to block drives and enhance control near the edges.

If you’ve tried the Electrum Stealth series, I’m eager to hear your experiences and opinions in the comments below.


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