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Joola Vision CGS 16mm Paddle Review: A Well Rounded Paddle With A Soft Feel

The Joola Vision is now my go-to paddle that I feel most comfortable with

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Update as of December 1st, 2023: This paddle is already plush, but after several months of playing with the paddle, it gets softer and softer, to the point where it really has no power and the sweet spot almost feels like it is getting smaller. It is still a great paddle and I have enjoyed using it, but just wanted to give you a heads up.

After 4 weeks and scoring 147 points in my local ladder league here in Florida, I would say this is a really “dill-lightful” paddle that really has nothing “cucumbersome” about it. The Vision has a very soft and low impact feel with a fairly large and forgiving sweet-spot. Additionally, this paddle is capable of producing a high amount of spin on the ball, making it a fun choice for if you want to add some extra flair on your shots. The response of the paddle is easy to control making it a great selection for players who are at an early stage in their pickleball journey as well as those who are more advanced.  

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Paddle Weight7.8 oz
Paddle Face MaterialCarbon Grip Surface
Paddle Core MaterialResponse Honeycomb Polymer
Paddle ShapeElongated
Paddle Length16 2/5”
Paddle Width7 3/10”
Grip ThicknessStandard – 4.25″
Handle LengthLong – 5 1/2″
Core Thickness16 mm

First Look

My complaint for most of the paddles I have encountered has been that the grip is too thin and too short. Half of my hand would be falling off the grip… (yes, I do have larger than normal hands.) Finally, I discovered the Vision and my first words were ” wow, the grip feels… like it should!” The slightly elongated shape and depth or thickness of the paddle to me looks and feels like the perfect ratio for an all around paddle that never goes out of style…

I also noticed immediately that the carbon paddle face looked and felt exactly like what the Electrum Pro paddle uses, which I also reviewed several weeks ago here. As a former ping pong player in my childhood basement,  I recognized the mega brand name “Joola” so I had a good feeling about this paddle, and still do, so let’s dive in. 

Build Quality

I am extremely rough on my gear so it doesn’t take long for me to find out if a paddle is well built. I have had this paddle for several weeks now playing a couple days a week and I have noticed scuff marks starting to show on the paddle face where I hit the ball the most as you can see below. I dont feel like I have lost substantial spin capability, but I think every paddle is bound to loose it’s original surface coating. Perhaps I can always send it to PaddleFix and have them repair the damage. 

However, I wonder if the small scratches in the paddle actually increase spin because the paddle becomes slightly textured and perforated creating more bite and a rough grip on the ball. Of coarse you will have less ball contact, but this could be an interesting experiment.

Although the paddle handle is glued on like most paddles, meaning that it’s not one solid piece like the Legacy Pro, I have never felt a significant amount of bend in the paddle. However, I live in Florida, so on especially warmer days I do notice more flex in the paddle around the grip area, but not enough to interfere with the feel of my game. Other than minor wear and tear around the grip and edge-guard I dont really have any major durability complaints, everything still feels solid. 


Probably the most significant advantage of this paddle is its consistent and accurate feel. You will find that it delivers consistent performance shot after shot. This makes it easier to dial in your shots and develop you skills much faster, making it a favorite among both casual and competitive players.

As I said before, I am a big fan of the grip and I have no issues with the paddle wiggling around in my hand. The elongated handle is designed to provide players with an easy grip and is especially noticeable for those like me who have larger hands and often struggle with the shorter handles that most paddles have. You don’t have to have a death grip on the handle to swing through the ball and not have it wiggling, or moving around in your hand, which can cause errors. 

If you are wondering what the difference is between the Joola Vision and the Joola Ben Johns paddle, the Vision is a bit lighter and easier to manage because it has less materials than the Ben Johns series. 

I’ve been told that it’s the injected foam handle that provides players the feedback and accuracy.

Even when I miss the sweet-spot with a full force swing, the paddle is very forgiving and I usually find that the ball is still in play. Yes, the ball doesn’t travel as far, but I still feel no vibration. This may sound dramatic, but I find that the Vision enhances the comfort of playing because even when a shot looks ugly, it doesn’t feel ugly too… And unlike some of the other aluminum paddles on the market that sound like a frying pan when you hit the ball, this paddle produces a quiet yet satisfying sound. 

Responsiveness & Power

I think across the board for the most part there is a marginal difference in ball-speed between different paddles in the mid to high price range. However, there is a noticeable difference for those who care about velocity, so I will recognize that this paddle favors control over power, but with proper mechanics you can still hit a zinger. Because of the forgiving sweet-spot and accurate response, you can more often get away with firing the canon and just adds to the confidence and control you have over your shots. The tiny compromise in power is well worth how good it scores in every other category. 

Soft Game

One of the standout features of this paddle is its soft feel when hitting the ball. This is due to the combination of materials used in the paddle’s construction, specifically the “Response Polymer Core”. When in the kitchen, you barley even feel the impact from hitting the ball, which is a relief for your hand and wrist. It handles the tricky shots with exceptional fitness and the gentle touch of this paddle will not disappoint. 


I feel like this is one of those paddles that will never go out of style. As a more experienced player, I’ve been able to take full advantage of the paddles potential, but I can see how it would be perfect for someone just starting out. The price is not astronomical and the paddle just works, plain and simple. I highly recommend giving the Joola vision a try. 

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