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Joola Ben Johns Hyperion C2 16mm: My In-depth thoughts

Joola Ben Johns Hyperion
(Picture Paul Guyas)
Given the recent backlash and turmoil regarding Joola generation 3 paddles, the prior generation may need you to look again. This Hyperion C2 is a fantastic paddle that can now be had for a discount. Built on the technology of the very popular first-generation Perseus and with the more modern and adaptable shape of the Hyperion. It is simply Joola’s best paddle (at least of the paddles that are legal for sanctioned play as of today). Aimed for high level players, this paddle will help anyone improve their game.

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Paddle Weight8.3 oz
Paddle Face MaterialCarbon-Flex5
Paddle Core MaterialReactive Honeycomb Core
Paddle ShapeElongated
Paddle Length16.5 in
Paddle Width7.5 in
Grip Size4.125 in
Handle Length5.5 in

First Look

Joola upgraded the first-generation Hyperion, maintaining the elongated shape of the original, including the Aero-Curve. They also incorporated features from the popular first-generation Perseus to create the Hyperion C2.

Honestly, the packaging is not impressive for a high-end paddle, but we are not buying packaging, nor will it contribute to wins or losses. With the paddle in hand, the quality is obvious. The paddle has a very solid and unbreakable feel. The grip is adequate, providing plenty of room for a two-handed backhand. The surface feels like fine sandpaper, encouraging you to hit with spin.

Background Research

Joola has been producing racquet sport equipment for over seventy years and, since partnering with USAPA in 2022, has been known for making some of the best pickleball paddles on the market as well as sponsoring many prominent pro players, aptly Ben Johns.

Ben Johns
Ben Johns PPA 2024 (Picture Kerry Pittenger)

However, according to some, Joola also has a reputation for poor customer service and questionable quality control and consistency of craftsmanship.

Recently, Joola has come under fire, with the generation 3 series being removed from the approved paddles list by USAPA.

Specifics of the Paddle

Joola combined the best elements of their most popular models to produce a paddle that offers both control and power. The Hyperion shape, characterized by the Aero-Curve, is designed to move more efficiently through the air during a swing compared to traditional shapes. The edges are made of Hyperfoam, and the entire paddle is encased in carbon from tip to tail.

The target audience is intermediate to advanced players. Personally, I see no reason why this paddle would be a bad choice for a beginner, other than its price point. But if you’ve got the money to spend and you plan on growing into it, I wouldn’t hesitate.

Joola markets this paddle as having an excellent balance of power and control, as well as a large sweet spot, good stability, and a spin-heavy surface.


Joola makes two technological claims about the paddle’s surface: Carbon Friction Surface and Charged Carbon Surface. These terms may not mean much to you, but these materials maximize dwell time (the duration the ball is in contact with the paddle) and friction (to impart spin to the ball) – and it works! Few paddles can deliver equivalent spin rates.


The guts of this paddle are tried and true, it has a honeycomb core. This paddle has a strong frame and is generally unbreakable. The carbon frame and the Hyperfoam edge wall add perimeter stability and enlarge the sweet spot, while the honeycomb core delivers the punch.

Handle & Grip

From Joola: FEEL-TEC PURE GRIP offers a tacky feel for enhanced grip while also providing optimal comfort and increased shock absorption.

The grip feels adequate in the hand. Having large hands myself, I have rarely had a grip that feels large enough, and this one also feels small. The material is smooth and pleasant to the touch, but it is not tacky and does a marginal job with a sweaty hand.


The Hyperion has a unique shape known as the “Hyperion shape.” The hallmark is what Joola calls the AERO-CURVE, which is said to reduce drag and thus increase swing speed and/or swing ease. This is not something easily testable separate from other factors – namely weight and balance, but the shape does feel efficient when playing on windy days.

Because the tip is rounded, the Hyperion shape allows for better reach of very low balls near the playing surface.

The paddle comes with a plastic edge guard, which is color-coordinated (light gray) with the grip.

My Experience


This is why the Hyperion C2 is my daily paddle. The sweet spot is huge, and mishits are forgiving. Your serve will improve dramatically. This paddle is a flame thrower, but refined.


Initially, this may be a struggle as there is a significant “trampoline effect” in soft shots. Once accustomed and calibrated to the feel, these shots can be controlled as well as with any paddle I have played.


If you struggle to generate spin, this paddle will be your savior. If you already play with spin, this paddle will amaze you. The combination of friction from the carbon technologies and the dwell time from the core ensures you will not be short on spin.


The paddle feels great in hand, and the quality is clear. The swing weight is predictable and moderate to slightly light. Twist weight is moderately high, meaning it resists unwanted twisting. As I noted above, I prefer a larger grip for comfort and to prevent overuse injuries. I am starting to feel the beginning of tendonitis. I recently added a rubberized replacement grip, which feels amazing and should help relieve the mild strain I have been perceiving in my elbow.


Other reviewers have mentioned that this paddle is great but even greater with added weight. I know some people always add weight to their paddles. After playing with this paddle for 6-8 weeks, I decided to give extra weight a try. I added tungsten weights from “2 o’clock to 4 o’clock and from 8 o’clock to 10 o’clock” (essentially along the outside edge of the widest section). I chose this placement to attempt to widen the sweet spot, provide added stability and twist resistance, and add overall power. My experience showed a minor improvement in these factors, but noticeable slower maneuverability at the kitchen. After a month of weighted play, I removed the weight and have not regretted it. The maneuverability is back, and the power, stability, and sweet spot are still great. Additionally, I can avoid injury with overall less weight.

Sound and Vibrations

The sound of the paddle is moderate. There is good stability with all contacts. Hitting the large sweet spot is very satisfying, and you will get an adequate feel of the ball without any unwanted vibration.

Durability Assessment

This was my first quality paddle. When I first started using it, I made many unforced errors because I was accustomed to my beginner paddle. Over time, it became undeniable. I have been playing with it regularly for 3 months and the lowest inch of the handle (near the “butt”) has become slightly loose and wiggling. The paddle remains 100% playable, but it is a noteworthy observation. After several attempts and a little help, I was able to get in touch with Joola and received a replacement through their 6-month warranty program. I have heard from some that the stock overgrip is poorly attached, but mine has been fine, and I have no reason to take it apart to see the quality of the attachment.

The wear and tear visible on the paddle’s surface has not affected my play.

Comparative Analysis

This is a significant upgrade from a beginner paddle. Although the price point is lofty, if you are serious about your game, investing in a quality paddle that suits you is essential. In choosing to make this my primary paddle, I trialed several others. The last one I eliminated was the Diadem 18k Power Pro Edge. The Joola had a larger sweet spot and a slightly better “feel” at impact. Additionally, the Joola C2 was noticeably faster (in terms of swing weight and speed) than the CRBN 3x I tested.

While a paddle alone cannot be responsible for player improvement, you can choose one that will grow with you as your game and strategy evolve over time. In this case, the Hyperion C2 has been excellent for me, helping me move from a 2.5 skill level to my current 3.83 rating. As I continue to strive for improvement and advancement, I believe this paddle will continue to serve me well.

Social Proof

Other reviewers give this paddle high marks. I have let people borrow mine, and while some say it is too powerful for them, others have gone out and purchased their own. No one has been disappointed. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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