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The Best Pickleball Gifts of 2024

the best pickleball gifts

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the US. Although some people used to associate it with Florida and retirement communities, pickleball is now being played by people of all ages across the country (and throughout the world).

With more and more people playing pickleball as a competitive sport or casual hobby, many shoppers are searching for pickleball gifts for their friends or loved one’s newfound pickleball obsession.

Unique and Personalized Pickleball Gifts

Whether you’re looking for a personalized birthday present or unique holiday gift for the pickleball players in your life – there is something for everyone on this list of great pickleball gift ideas. 

The Theragun for Muscle Recovery

Theragun Prime - All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

See on Amazon

While there is some debate about whether massage really does help recovery from a medical standpoint, most people love the feeling of a post-workout massage, and even the US Tennis Association (1) when talking about post-match massage states that “many studies have shown an improvement in psychological factors such as mood and well-being.” Either way, lots of pickleball players – especially as we age – love the feeling but can’t necessarily justify the steep hourly price of frequent massages.

Recently more players are turning to hand-held massage percussion guns. Some friends have raved about the Theragun, it’s considered the cream of the crop and now has a wide product line including entry-level to Pro versions of the massager.

Some of our readers have recommended this much more affordable option on Amazon as a great gift for pickleball players. The Theragun Mini is also a good option.

Theragun Mini - All-New 4th Generation Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

See on Amazon 

Personalized Pickleball Crystal

If you are looking for a truly unique and personalized pickleball gift that is also practical, you’ll want to check out the selection at Pickleball Crystal Gifts

Personalized Beer Mug from Pickleball Crystal Gifts.

From barware such as martini glasses and “On The Rocks” glasses and beer mugs to decanters and decorative vases there is a wide variety of crystal for all tastes and uses.

See on pickleballcrystalgifts.com

This fine crystal is made by skilled artisans and each piece is customized to your liking with a personalized message, logo or name.

What sets this crystal apart is that the company specializes in pickleball-themed engraving (Owner Michael Schwartz is also the inventor of the Simon pickleball machine).

There are over a dozen pickleball-themed logos to choose from (or upload your own personal logo). This is a great pickleball-themed gift option for clubs or organizations. All products receive 2 engravings, so in addition to the logo, you can add a personal message, monogram or name. Click here to see their full collection of crystal.

A Pickleball Ball Machine

This would be the ultimate gift for any pickleball player and the Simon X is our top pick.

Simon X on Pickleballmachine.com

A ball-throwing machine is something that a lot of pickleball players would love to have but might not be willing to splurge on for themselves. While they are an expensive gift, these machines really are useful tools for serious pickleball players looking to improve their game. 

These machines are able to toss over 100 balls in a row and are a great way to practice drills and specific shots. We’ve done a side-by-side comparison of the three top-selling pickleball machines on the market to help you with the buying decision.

Fun and Practical Pickleball Apparel

Some of our favorite pickleball shirts

Who doesn’t love to receive a funny themed T-shirt about their favorite sport or hobby as a gift? Even better for the winter holiday season might be a long-sleeved T-shirt, sweatshirt or pickleball hoodie.

Here are some of our favorite shirts on RedBubble.com – they have a great selection of pickleball designs and unique styles of shirts (from vintage-looking baseball 3/4 sleeves, tank tops, zipped hoodies, and more). The other great thing about their site is that if you find a design you like, you can get it printed on everything from iPhone cases to coffee mugs, bumper stickers and even clocks and pillows!

Click here to see a full list of our favorite pickleball shirts for a wide variety of unique and original phrases and funny sayings that are all available on Amazon. We regularly update the list with new designs we find.

If you are looking for quick-dry performance t-shirts for on the court, Pickleball Xtra has a large selection of shirts as well as hats and other apparel and gifts worth checking out and would make great practical pickleball gifts.

Pickleball Stocking Stuffers

If you are looking for a quick, affordable gift for your pickleball player’s holiday stocking, there are more and more options on the market.

Some of them are well-designed and fun…but we found that with so many pickleball mugs, cups, t-shirts and other accessories, we had to weed through dozens of products – past the cheap and tacky – to find some real gems. 

Pickleball Socks

Foot Traffic - Men's Sports-Themed Socks, Fits Men's Shoe Sizes 7-12 (Pickleball)

The perfect sock for stuffing! (see on Amazon)

This may seem a boring gift, but having a nice quality pair of socks can make a huge difference in comfort on the court, and a lot of players just don’t think to buy them for themselves. Check out these Unisex Tennis Crew Socks from Thorlos.


Scoring can be one of the most confusing parts of pickleball for newbies and also causes disagreements even between advanced players. This ScoreBand PLAY Scorekeeper wristband has a large, easy-to-read display and simple buttons to make it easy to keep track. The “AllScore” mode works well for pickleball.

Paddle Mitt

Pickleball is a year-round sport with both indoor and outdoor courts. But even in the warmest parts of the country, those early morning games can be pretty chilly. The Tourna Hot Glove Mitt is specially designed for playing pickleball outdoors in cold weather. The main advantage over a pickleball glove is that this mitt just slips over the outside of your handle allowing the player to keep a solid grip on the paddle while keeping their hand warm.

Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

NSD Power AutoStart Spinner Gyro Wrist Forearm Grip Strengthener with Auto Start Feature and Battery-Free LCD Counter

For anyone suffering from tennis elbow or wanting to increase forearm strength, this Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser is an easy way to build up stronger wrists and forearms or use it as a pre-game warm-up tool. This pickleball gift could potentially help prevent injuries and add some power to the user’s shots. I bought one of the original gyroscope balls years ago when they first came out. The main problem was getting the thing spinning using a pull cord. This new improved version has an auto-start function that eliminates the hassle.

Pickleball Paddle Attachment

One of our regular readers just told us about this simple paddle attachment for picking up balls. The suction cup goes directly on the end of the handle. It’s a relatively inexpensive gift for pickleball players and the receiver will likely appreciate not having to bend over.

Pickleball Books

How to Play Pickleball: The Complete Guide from A to Z: Illustrated Stroke Techniques and Winning Strategies
How to Play Pickleball: (Image: Amazon)

We’ve already reviewed all the top pickleball books, so if you are looking for a quick pickleball gift recommendation, try one of these options:

The Best Pickleball Gifts for Her

While most pickleball gear, especially paddles, are unisex there are some pickleball gifts that are gender-specific.

Pickleball Skirt

adidas Women's Tennis Match Skirt White Medium

adidas Women’s skort

As pickleball gains popularity and almost half of pickleball players are women, we are seeing more fashionable outfits on the courts.  For a long time I just played in old gym clothes- T-shirts and shorts- although there is something nice about wearing comfortable clothes that fit well, allow you to move easily and are also stylish.

For women’s pickleball fashion, I deferred to my wife who, along with her pickleball-playing friends, came up with this shortlist of some of the nicest pickleball skirts, shorts, and capris for women.

Our top pick is this NIKE Pure Skirt. We also like this option from Anivivo if you’re looking for leggings.

Pickleball Ball Band

TOURNA Hipster Ball Band for Holding Tennis Balls and Pickleballs - Small

Tourna Hipster Ball Band (Image: Amazon)

Regardless of what you wear, this Tourna Hipster Ball Band is a very useful accessory to hold pickleballs around your waist. It’s more convenient than trying to tuck the balls into pockets or under your skort and is especially useful for skirts or leggings that do not have pockets.

Women’s Pickleball Bags

Our top pick is the Pickleball Ready Tote for Women. With its patterned design, it doesn’t look like a sports bag and could double as a shopping tote. It makes a great pickleball gift if you want a versatile bag to use for more than just pickleball. It features a main zippered compartment and 6 outer pockets.

However, if you want a dedicated pickleball bag we recommend this one by Onix. The separate shoe compartment and the insulated pocket (to keep snacks and drinks cool) make it a very practical gift.

Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack is Designed to Carry Paddles, Balls, Apparel, and Water Bottles

Onix Pickleball Backpack (Image: Amazon)

Women’s Sunglasses

Oakley Men's Non-Polarized Half Jacket 2.0 Oval Sunglasses,Pearl Frame/Violet Iridium Lens, 62 mm

Sunglasses are a key piece of gear for any outdoor pickleball player. Not only do they cut down on glare and help you see the ball but filter out the harmful UV rays that can damage your eyes.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching tennis sunglasses and feel that the Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 is the best pick for women. While they are technically listed as Men’s glasses, they are really unisex and many women have commented that they prefer the smaller frame of the “half jacket”. They are not a cheap gift, but we think good sun protection is worth the investment.

Women’s Hats and Visors

While we are on the topic of sun protection, wearing a UPF 50+ sun hat or visor is another way to protect yourself when playing pickleball out in the sun.  After looking at all the options, we picked this Adidas adiZero II cap.  For sun hats with a wider brim, we like this  UPF 50+ Women’s Ultra Sun Hat by Coolibar.

Women’s Pickleball Jewelry

The company “Inspired Silver” makes a variety of pickleball-inspired jewelry including pickleball earrings, necklaces and charm bracelets.  What better way to show you care about your pickleball-playing friends and family than gifting a long-lasting piece of silver?

Women’s Pickleball Shoes

Pickleball shoes, of course, are made specifically for either women or men. Click here to see the best picks for both Women’s and Men’s Pickleball shoes.  The toughest thing about getting shoes as a gift is the fit but if you know the size and brand they wear, you have a pretty good chance of getting it right. 

The Best Pickleball Gifts for Him

Unlike women’s jewelry or pickleball clothing, there are few pickleball gifts for just men but still tons of great options since almost all pickleball gear is unisex. Here are a few of the more “masculine” gifts for the pickleball-playing guy in your life.

Ball Picker Uppers

For the guy that has everything: if you are looking for a practical gift that he most likely doesn’t have yet, this recent innovation by “Kollectaball” is an ingenious cage on a rotating spindle that can be rolled around the court to pick up balls. It could prevent some backaches as it saves you from bending over to pick up balls, this is especially useful for players who use a throwing machine or do pickleball drills with lots of balls landing all over the court. 

A simpler (and less expensive) picker-upper is this ball tube by Franklin. 

Franklin Sports Pickleball Retrieval Tube - Holds 12 Balls
Franklin Sports Pickleball Retrieval Tube (Image: Amazon)

Sun Protection Clothes and Accessories

A great way to give a gift that shows you care (in more ways than one) is to combine pickleball with skin protection with style. If you’re looking for a pickleball gift that will surprise, here’s the ticket! 

Men’s Shirts

A lot of men are unlikely to buy themselves a shirt with built-in sun protection, but when they receive one as a gift, it is much appreciated. 

We bought some of these Coolibar brand shirts for my dad and he now wears them for all kinds of outdoor activities. Not only do they look (and feel) nicer than a t-shirt but he has the relief of knowing that it’s also protecting him from the sun. Considering the long sleeves, they are surprisingly cool to wear even for playing sports.

Men’s sunglasses

For me personally, sunglasses are one of the top gift ideas for anyone who plays pickleball: men, women or kids. Probably because I love getting gifts that I wouldn’t buy for myself. Sunglasses, like my favorite Oakleys, are a great investment. The wrap-around style is perfect for playing racket sports and the shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses provide 100% UV protection.

So while you really can’t go wrong with practical items like a new stock of balls or a good quality pair of tennis socks,  giving a pair of new Oakley or Bollé glasses really does set the bar high and most players that unwrap a shiny new pair of shades will be pleasantly surprised!

I often see friends on the court wearing cheap-o glasses, what I call “drug store grabs” – those last-minute purchases – usually on a rotating display near the checkout.  I get it- I  also used to buy cheap glasses – until I had a very unpleasant episode of “snow blindness” (photokeratitis) after spending all day out in the very bright sun. I promised myself -“never again” and invested in a decent pair of sunglasses.    

Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses, Matte Black Frame/Warm Grey Lens, One Size

A premium pair of sunglasses makes a great gift. It’s one of those pickleball items that a lot of players won’t splurge on for themselves but love getting as a gift. Not only do they look stylish, they could help improve their game in sunny conditions – but most importantly there is a big health benefit to wearing sunglasses.

Oakley has been making quality sunglasses since 1975 and is known as a standard for high-end sports sunglasses.

Oakley Men’s Holbrook Sunglasses provide full protection filtering 100% of all UVA UVB UVC and harmful blue light and come in several stylish frame colors and lens tints.

If that style doesn’t convince you…

Check out our full reviews of the best pickleball sunglasses

Men’s Hats

For keeping your head and shoulders out of the sun, I recommend a wide-brimmed UPF 50 sun hat like this one I use from Outdoor Research.

Outdoor Research “Sombriolet” sun hat

The Best Pickleball Gifts for Kids

Ranger Paddletek Pickleball Paddle (Orange)
Paddletek Ranger Youth Paddle

With more and more kids picking up the sport of pickleball, we think the best gift you can give is a good quality junior paddle that fits in the hand and is not too heavy.  Rather than give them a cheap beginner paddle which can be heavy and frustrating to use when just starting out.

The good news is that in 2017, Paddletek launched the “Ranger”,  the first junior pickleball paddle on the market specifically made for kids 12 and under.

In addition to the Ranger, we’ve put together a shortlist of the best lightweight paddles that also have small paddles grips -that combo makes them the best paddles for juniors.

The Easiest Pickleball Gifts

You can’t go wrong with these easy gift ideas!

A New Pickleball Bag

Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack | Bag Features Pickleball Holder/Sleeve | Pack Fits Multiple Paddles | Convenient Pockets for Phone, Keys, Wallet | Padded Back & Straps for Added Comfort

Every player needs something to carry their pickleball gear in.

This pickleball backpack by Amazin’ Aces was launched in 2017 and was a huge hit in the last few holiday seasons.

Several of our readers commented that it was a great gift that people loved. We’ve tried it out ourselves and agree it’s a perfect pickleball gift, especially for the price. Many new players just carry a used backpack that they have or reuse a bag for multiple sports, the gym, etc.

So for them, it’s great to get a new one designed specifically for pickleball and has space for paddles, balls, shoes and even an insulated side pocket for keeping water or sports drinks cool! Experienced players carrying around a simple slingback or cinch sack would probably love an upgrade to a more complete solution like this pickleball backpack.

Still not sure?  For our complete reviews of the best pickleball bags click here.

Pickleball Balls

Not only is the tube a great shape for stockings, but it’s also one of the most practical pickleball gifts you can give. Balls break and wear out, players are always replacing them and can never have too many.

Our top picks are these Onix Pure 2 for outdoor players or these Jugs Balls for indoor players.

Any pickleball player who is playing often will need to buy balls on a frequent basis. It’s a gift that will definitely get used, I’ve never heard any player complain about having too many pickleballs stocked up!

If you are going to buy pickleball balls but aren’t sure if the person you are buying for plays indoors or outdoors, the best bet is to buy indoor balls.

Many players actually prefer to play with indoor balls outside (because they are more forgiving and slightly easier to play with) but would rarely use outdoor balls indoors.

Buying for the holidays? Check out these Red and Green Christmas colored Pickleballs:

Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleballs - Outdoor Pickleballs - 3 Pack - USAPA Approved - Pink


Pickleball Now Indoor Balls (Pack of 6)

Pickleball Christmas Decorations

Miles Kimball Pickleball Ornament

Pickleball Ornament (click to see on Amazon)

If you’re looking for last-minute pickleball Christmas decorations, whether it’s a few Christmas ornaments to add a little pickle theme to your tree or items for a full-blown pickleball-themed Christmas party at your club or community center, we’ve curated a list of the best decorations here.

One of the easiest ways to decorate for your next pickleball holiday party is to make a wreath or garland that uses some red & green pickleballs (see above).

There are a wide variety of pickleball-themed Christmas tree ornaments here on Amazon.

Our favorites are these Personalized Pickleball Christmas Ornaments(they come in male and female versions and can be personalized with the player’s name which adds a nice touch (it also gives you the option to add the year on the paddle).

Fun Express 12 Count Blown Glass Pickle Christmas Tree Ornaments for Good Luck, Holiday Stocking Stuffer
Blown Glass Pickle Christmas Tree Ornaments (Image: Amazon)

We also just discovered these hand-blown Glass Pickle Christmas Tree Ornaments. They measure just under two and a half inches and come in packs of a dozen. They are pretty well made, compared to some of the plastic ornaments we’ve seen.

The “Legend of the Pickle” is actually an old Christmas tradition from Germany where the parents hid a pickle-shaped ornament deep in the tree. The green color blends in with the tree and only the most observant child would find it…and be rewarded with an extra present.  So a very cool, old tradition, but also a nice touch to the tree for pickleball lovers.

Funny Pickleball Gag Gifts

We just had to create a separate list of funny pickleball gifts. Most of these are small and affordable so really make good stocking stuffers or last-minute gifts for under the tree. But we thought these corny pickleball presents deserved their own category!

Pickle-Shaped Adhesive Bandages

Pickleball players will get a kick out of these self-adhesive “Band-Aids” in the shape of a pickle! The design is pretty realistic looking and they come in an old-fashioned metal tin with 15 bandages. Apart from being funny, they are practical gifts for pickleball players, since you occasionally do need them for minor scrapes or blisters from gripping the paddle.

3 FOOT Long Inflatable Pickles!

Why? Absolutely no reason! These 36″ pickle-shaped inflatables are ridiculous, but that’s the whole point! These are a perfect gag gift for a themed pickleball party or just to surprise any gift recipient. Best of all, they come in packs of 2 so you can each have your own. Not a sour deal!

Full-sized pickle outfit!

Rasta Imposta Pickle CostumeRasta Imposta Pickle Costume

This is a great gag gift- can you imagine showing up for a Christmas party in this – ok – maybe not a nice family dinner but we did a pickleball-themed happy hour/potluck last year a few days before Christmas and got a ton of laughs when the host opened the door wearing this! It could be fun for a New Year’s Eve costume party and of course, could be re-used next Halloween.

Pickle Candy

Fancy Pickle flavored Candy Canes, 3.8 OZ

Pickle-flavored Candy Canes

This one combines Christmas, Candy, and Pickleball (well at least the pickle part)…

Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes!  These come in a box of six, they are on the small side (just over 5 inches) -the total weight of the box is 3.8 ounces.

Some people complain about the quality of the candy but let’s be honest folks- we’re talking about a novelty gift item and they’re candy canes!   Corn syrup, dill flavor, and artificial coloring…these are not going to win any awards at the state fair for best candy – but if you’re looking for a pickleball gag gift they are a pretty sweet solution. 

There are actually a surprising number of dill pickle-flavored candy products on the market (lollipops, mints, gummy bears, etc).  Be warned they are not the greatest quality and the ones I’ve tried really taste more like dill than pickles) but they do make a sweet present for a pickleball-obsessed person on your gift list…

This Pickle Flavored Candy Sampler Pack is the best option we’ve found.  It’s a combo of 4 different candies: Pickle Mints, Pickles Lollipops, Pickle Hard Candies & Gummy Pickles.  Again the flavor quality is not great but realistically I don’t know of any “delicious” pickle-flavored candy! It’s all about the novelty.  And as a novelty item with very few competitors in the pickle candy niche…it’s not exactly cheap for what it is..supply and demand.

I like this sampler just because it’s a little more of a gift compared to just the mints or lollipops on their own. The company “Pickle Addicts” does sell the candy separately on Amazon- if you’re just looking for a quick stocking stuffer or little pickleball gag gift.

Pickleball Gifts for Players That Have Everything

Are you looking for a gift for a pickleball player that has every piece of gear out there or maybe is just difficult to buy for?

If so, here is our list of the best, most obscure pickleball gifts. We’d bet that they don’t have these yet since they were hard to find. If they are like us and obsessed with pickleball, then they will most likely appreciate anything pickleball-related…even a pair of pickle-themed socks!

BigMouth Inc The Big Dill Pickle Mug, Ceramic Cup for Coffee and Tea with Handle, Funny Ceramic Novelty Cup

The Big Dill Pickle Mug

We’ve seen a lot of coffee mugs and cups with pickleball-related sayings but this one takes the cake!

The handle on this mug is made to look like a pickle and it has the phrase “I’m kinda a big dill”.

I think that line has been overused on pickleball way too much but the addition of the handle that actually looks like a life-sized pickle makes it work. May not be the most comfortable handle on a mug I’ve felt, but it’s a great conversation piece and a funny gift.

This Pickleball Medal Holder

This is a great option for pickleball players on your list who have played in any tournaments and won any medals.

It’s a wall-mounted medal holder measuring 20″ long and made out of thin stainless steel.  The medals just slide on/off the metal sliders. There are lots of these medal holders for sale….it’s really kind of amazing they have thought of medal holders for almost every sport.

Pickleball Medal Holder (Image: Amazon)

Pickleball Medal Holder (Image: Amazon)

At first, I thought it was kind of a silly and unnecessary item but I bought one similar to this one as a present for my son who had several high school sports medals just collecting dust in a drawer in his room…the medals really do look good hanging on the wall like this and is a way the person can show off a little.  

I also like it as a good gift because it’s another one of those things that a lot of people wouldn’t buy for themselves but they appreciate having. This one is the best one I’ve seen because it has the word “Pickleball” at the top.  It comes pre-drilled and is easy to install.

Gifting a Pickleball Paddle

Well, it’s not that you can’t buy a pickleball paddle, it can definitely be a great gift for a pickleball player but there are a few things we recommend before you buy.

If you are buying a gift for newbie pickleball players it’s much easier (compared to a veteran player) since a good quality paddle will be a welcomed gift and most likely a nice upgrade from what they are currently playing with. For beginners, the most important thing would be to stick to mid-weight, all-around paddles rather than specialty paddles (blade paddles, edgeless paddles, etc).

Tip: Skip the wooden paddles. These are the cheapest (under $15) and really don’t come across as a quality gift. Plus, the person you are buying for might very well be playing with something nicer, so these would be a letdown!

For beginners, the safest option would be to buy a mid-range graphite paddle.

Check out our guide here to the Best Graphite Paddles with several affordable options.

If you are buying for an experienced player- Do you know what paddle(s) they already own and what kind of paddle they would be looking for by themselves?

I’d pick one of these latest and greatest models that have recently come out because these are all new releases so it’s less likely they already own one and most likely a welcomed upgrade from what they are currently swinging. Some of the best high-end paddles to consider gifting would be the Selkirk AMPED Series, the Paddletek Tempest Wave or the ProLite SuperNova

These are paddles that beginner or intermediate players would have on their gift wishlist and that even a lot of advanced players don’t have yet…but would love to. They also come at a steeper price tag- but they are high-quality paddles, often seen in the hands of pro pickleball players and would bring a smile to the face of almost any pickleball player. 

Pickleball Paddles Specifically for Women

Prolite does sell the Groove paddle, which they claim is specifically engineered for women. The paddle is slightly smaller than many paddles on the market. 

You could also look at our list of best pickleball paddles for women since that list includes only lightweight paddles (around seven ounces) with a small four-inch grip size designed to fit for adults with small hands looking for light paddles with small grip size.

Find The Perfect Pickleball Gifts

By now, you hopefully have lots of ideas for what to get the pickleball lover in your life. By looking for a gift that fits your friend’s or loved one’s hobby, you’re already on the right track. 

Whether you go with a practical item or just something fun the gift receiver wouldn’t think to get for themselves, it’s hard to go wrong with pickleball gifts. For more gift ideas, check out our article on Preventing Sun Exposure while Playing Pickleball.

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