A Champion Overcomes @PPA In Dallas!

Anna Leigh wins 20th triple crown in landmark battle!

Anna Leigh winning 20th triple crown
#1 Anna Leigh Waters (Image credit: Nick Uzunyan)

Yesterday in one of the wildest and most grueling singles matches ever in professional pickleball, Anna Leigh Waters defeated Catherine Parenteau, winning her twentieth Triple Crown at the BioFreeze USA National Championships in Dallas.

After winning the first match and overcoming a large deficit but still losing the second match, Waters seemed sluggish, having had a long day of playing hard in mixed doubles and women’s doubles.  Match three, a poor start for ALW—winded, frustrated, down six points, her friend giving her hell. Parenteau played liked a champion, dominating many rallies, dictating the terms, forcing her doubles’ teammate to sprint back and forth and cover court, match her shot for shot, angle for angle, trick for trick.

The audience witnessed power versus power, as well as opposing coaches—wizards of the game—in a duel of strategies. ALW would make a spectacular shot, Parenteau would respond with one of her own, always rising to the challenge, demonstrating why she has long been the number two female singles player.  Somehow, though, Waters found within herself renewed spirit and determination—and fought, fought, fought, fought—regaining momentum in match three, even asking the large crowd for a boost. Parenteau had match point four times and couldn’t put Waters away. So, as only a champion of the highest caliber can do, Anna Leigh Waters grappled and scampered her way to victory, earning the Triple Crown. What a match, ladies!  Thanks for that. Congratulations, Anna Leigh Waters! 

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