2024 Predictions Based on the Matches I Saw in 2023

two Pro Pickleball Players in 2023
(picture Nick Uzunyan)

Women’s Singles

While the mere appearance on court of Anna Leigh Waters means peak performance and season-long thrills, I’ll also be watching with pleasure and anticipation Jorja Johnson’s rise in singles and her grind toward Championship Sunday. I expect ALW and Catherine Parenteau to continue their dominance, with Jorja alongside them as a top contender. Other players to watch: Lacey Schneemann, Yana Newell, Judit Castillo.  

Men’s Singles

James Johnson, Christian Alshon, Connor Garnett, and Federico Staksrud are going to carry on their pursuit of Gold. And though I have no doubt that Ben Johns will hold his position, the before-mentioned players are in top form, ready for another big match. And we all know the name Thomas Wilson. Having him in singles would intensify the competition. More players to keep an eye on: Travis Rettenmaier, Tyson McGuffin, Jay Devilliers.

Women’s Doubles

Anna Leigh Waters and Catherine Parenteau have tough teams chasing. If the Kawamoto twins are among them in 2024, look out! The sisters have the potential to gain ground in this category and I look forward to watching the shootouts. The Brascia sisters too have a complete game, as do Callie Joe Smith and Lucy Kovalova. Either team could give the undefeated Waters/Parenteau a struggle. Another team that could make some headway is Lacy Schneemann and Jesse Irvine.

Men’s Doubles

The Johns brothers have proven their supremacy. But wait!  Based on what I saw at the end of 2023, Riley Newman and Thomas Wilson have got chemistry, compatibility, and, above all, a versatile game.  Should circumstances put these two teams on court, grab your popcorn and buckle up! Destined for a stay at the top, as well, provided they remain sharp and steady, are James Johnson and Dylan Frazier, Christian Alshon and Connor Garnett.

Mixed Doubles

Consistent throughout 2023, Anna Leigh Waters and Ben Johns finished strong, losing only a couple of matches. Hey, they’re human! Nevertheless, James and Jorja Johnson are going to be their nemesis in 2024, along with Riley and Lindsey Newman, Anna Bright and James Ignatowich, Thomas Wilson and Vivienne David, and, a new partnership, Catherine Parenteau and Jack Sock. 

As is true of professional pickleball, and as I said in What It Was Like to Watch Pickleball in 2023, anybody can win a big match on any given day. And having the best players in the world on tour, 2024 is guaranteed to surpass expectations, featuring one unforgettable Championship Sunday after another. I wish the players—first-class athletes, all of them—good luck, good health, and continued success. 

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