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Volair Mach 1 Forza Paddle Review

Did The Volair Mach 1 Forza 16mm survive my analysis?

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The Volair Mach 1 Forza is an impressive paddle that does many things well. The areas where the Forza really shines are accuracy, consistency and spin. Defense to offense, with proper form the player can rely on aggressively going after every shot and knowing there will be a positive outcome. The only negatives are a slight lack of power and some stiffness in the Mach 1 Forza, but the paddle performs well. 

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Paddle Weight8.2 oz
Paddle Face MaterialRaw T700 Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb, Foam Walls
Paddle ShapeStandard
Paddle Length16.5 in
Paddle Width7.5 in
Grip Size4.125 in
Handle Length5.5 in

Background Research

The Volair Mach 1 Forza is the follow-up to the successful Volair Mach 1 and is Julian Arnold’s signature paddle. The Mach 1 Forza has a 16 mm (also available in 14 mm) high-performance polypropylene core and raw T-700 carbon fiber unbody face. The Forza also includes an ideal thermoformed body, foam-injected edge and EVA parts inside the grip to prevent vibration.

Performance Review & User Experience


The Volair Forza is very accurate and consistent due to how solid the paddle feels. There is little flexibility in this paddle and it shows in the consistency/accuracy category. With proper form you can hit spots while dinking and driving. There are no unexpected flyers. The Volair Forza gives you confidence to go after your deep shots and angles.


The Volair Forza has some power, but not tremendous power. On the upper end of serving speed average, at 47.4 mph, the Forza has nice consistent depth on serves and returns. There is enough power to be aggressive with push dinks and speed ups at the net. However, due to the paddle’s stiffness, there is little flex to “throw” the ball so there is a lack of top end speed.  


This is where the Volair Forza really shines. There is easy access to controllable top spin and back spin on drives and dinks. If you like to hit a slice return the Forza could be your paddle. Even though the Forza is stiff, there seems to be enough dwell time, along with the T-700 Carbon Fiber surface to create adequate friction for nice spin. 

Defense to Offense

The Volair Forza is easy to maneuver and quick to react. The rounded face allows the paddle to move through the air rapidly after reliable resets. The Forza performs well from the transitional area up to the non-volley zone. The Forza also shines during fast hands battles.


This paddle is very solid yet there is little vibration, even on off center hits. The feedback is also nice. The player can easily tell exactly where the ball comes off the face.  

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot on the Volair Forza is large and easily accessible, as it is with most thermoformed/foam perimeter paddles. Except for the extreme distal tip area and the adjacent handle area, the response will be predictable across the face.  


The Volair Forza has a nice, rounded face that enables the paddle to be quick through the air. Plus, the paddle will avoid the ground on transitional court digs. While solid, there are EVA parts inside the grip to lessen vibration. The paddle also has a nice appearance with a cool bright blue grip making it quickly distinguishable from other paddles on the court.

Additional Accessories

Included with the paddle, there is a nice headcover, touch up eraser for the carbon face, a replacement black grip and neck back and Volair sticker. All included in sleek packaging.

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