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ProXR Zane Navratil Signature Paddle Review

(Picture Richard Livornese Jr)
This paddle is one of the best paddles in pickleball right now. With the current way the game is moving, with more speedups and more pace in the game, this paddle spin lets you have so much control. You are able to hit more aggressive drives and thirds, also at the net you can be more aggressive with your dinks. Overall, this paddle allows you to be a much more aggressive player. I would rate it 7.5/10

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Paddle Weight 8.0 – 8.4 oz
Paddle Face MaterialT700 Raw Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb and added Shock Foam
Paddle ShapeStandard
Paddle Length16”
Paddle Width8”
Grip Size4 1/4”
Handle Length5”

First Look

The ProXR Zane paddle has been THE hottest paddle on the market for the last few months. I was super excited to get my hands on one and try it out. This paddle has become one of the most popular paddles for 1 main reason…the spin you can create with it. The way that the grit (the roughness of the paddle surface) is made for this paddle makes it so that it is not illegal but creates more spin than other paddles. This was something I felt right away; the surface was very rough. The paddle also comes with two options in terms of handle length and paddle face length. The one that I used has a shorter handle and a longer face. This paddle now comes in different colors: the original Zane blue, Connor Garnett purple, MLP colors Orange for the squeeze, along with some special edition ones as well.

Background Research

This paddle was ProXR’s attempt at a high end pro level paddle and they did it well. This paddle has a warranty and a 30 day back guarantee with ProXR. They say that the paddle has “T700 Carbon face for unmatched spin and a shock foam edge guard for more consistency”. They then say that the T700 face provides spin for a longer time then other paddles. The Honeycomb core and the edgeguard are supposed to increase the control and the sweet spot on the paddle. This paddle comes at 8.2 ounces and it comes in both 14mm and 16mm like many of the other high end paddles. It retails for $209.99 with the special versions at $229.99.

XR paddle
(Picture Richard Livornese Jr)

Performance Review & My Experience


The first thing is that this paddle is fun. Immediately hitting with it, the shape (The way the ball moves through the air) is very different from most paddles. It is cool to dip the drives more than I am used to. The paddle is a little smaller than what I am currently using (The Joola Perseus paddle), which is something that took a little while for me to adjust to. Hitting all of the different shots, I can say I was pretty comfortable with this paddle. I thought that it gave me enough of everything such that I could see myself playing with it. I would say it lined up very well with what I have heard about it.


This paddle’s biggest weakness, in my opinion, is the sweet spot and the touch of it. Maybe it is what allows the paddle to have such great other attributes but, whatever the reason, the sweet spot on this paddle felt very small to me. Any balls that I hit outside the dead center of the paddle were very unlikely to be quality shots. This is why I think the paddle is more for advanced players as lower level players will struggle to hit the center and will not enjoy it as much because of that.


This is the biggest advantage for this paddle by far. The spin and shape that this paddle produces is distinctive and I have not seen its equal in the pickleball world so far. I think that if you are looking for a paddle that will take your drives and your offensive volleys to the next level, the Pro XR signature will get the job done.

I would rank it like this:


This paddle is definitely top of the line.  But just like all of the other paddles I have reviewed, there are things that could be better about it. I think the biggest thing is its small sweet spot.  To compensate, you can use lead tape to enlarge it, but it does mean there will be some weak bounces off the paddle.

Comparative Analysis

This paddle is complicated compared to others. The spin is very unique, it would be hard to find another paddle that has the kind of shape the ProXR does. In terms of the feel and touch, I think it is comparable to many paddles out there like the 16mm Perseus and the new Franklin Tour (I will have a review on that one out soon).

Social Proof

This paddle, like some others I’ve reviewed, is undoubtedly a top-tier option in terms of its target audience. It seems that the intention behind designing this paddle was to cater to a wide range of players. After observing numerous individuals using it, including my own experience, I believe it’s a paddle where both the advantages and disadvantages become more apparent for higher-level players. Additionally, I’ve found that even tennis players transitioning to pickleball can benefit from this paddle. Many former high-level tennis players have shared that they don’t need to alter their strokes when using this paddle due to its impressive ball control capabilities.

Photo of author

At just 21 years old, New Jersey native Richard Livornese, Jr. is a rising star in the professional pickleball world and a member of the 2023 APP Next Gen National Team. Initially a college lacrosse player at Stevens Institute of Technology, Richard switched gears to pickleball during the COVID-19 pandemic, co-founding a pickleball academy in his hometown and setting his sights on professional competition. Most recently he has committed to a three-year contract with Major League Pickleball, 2024 through 2026. Richard is an aggressively enterprising person and athlete that is not only finding success on the court, but plans to use his influence to promote the sport’s growth. As a regular contributor to Pickleball Portal, he provides valuable insights through news articles, reviews, and how-to guides. richard@pickleballportal.com

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