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Pickleball Central Versix Paddle Review: Value and Versatility

Bound to be your partner through it all with 4 options, two different shapes and two different surfaces

(Image credit: Dan Langston)
Priced at a modest $84, the paddle may initially feel like it’s designed for a beginner, but its performance is, in my view, decidedly above average. Pickleball Central put a lot of texture on the surface to enhance the spin of the ball, making it really easy to slice and or generate topspin if you’ve got any style. However, it’s worth mentioning that the texture and, I suspect, even the material composition seems to vary on the left side of the paddle towards the edge guard, although it wouldn’t interfere with your game unless you tend to mis-hit rather consistently. Despite being targeted at beginners to intermediate players, I’d be more than content to stick with this paddle indefinitely. It’s that good, and I’d not utter a word of complaint if it were the only paddle I ever got to use.

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Paddle Weight 8.0 ounces 
Paddle Face MaterialCarbon Fiber with Peel Ply Texture + Wear Prevention Coating 
Paddle Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb 
Paddle ShapeStandard
Paddle Length15.6″ 
Paddle Width8.2″ 
Grip Size4 1/8″
Handle Length5″ 

First Look

Each of the 4 Versix line options have a Peel Ply Texture with Wear Prevention Coating. The Pro 6c has a 5 inch standard size grip that feels normal to me. You have only one option for the grip, but you can add or subtract the circumstance and feel by using your own tape. As I mentioned, the surface is 3/4th carbon fiber minus the left side which has a TBD material which I can only assume was used for visual design purposes. My initial impressions of the paddle were generally satisfactory as I test swung it and hit a few lobs in my at-home pickleball lab. No major objections at first glance, and all the components like the edge guard, core, surface overall seem to have a good fit and finish that doesn’t move or jiggle around.

(Image credit: Dan Langston)


Transitioning to this paddle was a breeze for me; it felt as if it naturally belonged in my hand from the get-go. It offered a sense of control, enabling precise shot placements which every player should want. I can’t comment on how it would fare in windy conditions, as I was fortunate enough to try it on a calm day.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate how this paddle provides consistent feedback and allows you to stay in control of your shots. No more dealing with an unpredictable paddle that messes with your confidence. Trust me, you don’t want to go for something like the pricey Joola Pursues 14mm, which can be hyper-sensitive to every move and mistake you make.

(Image credit: Dan Langston)

The Versix Pro 6c is all about comfort and ease of use, especially when it comes to executing dinks, soft shots, and finesse plays. It’s designed to help you gain confidence in your skills from the get-go, rather than leaving you frustrated with inconsistent performance. The Versix Pro 6c also manages to achieve effective dampening, meaning you’ll experience little to no vibration when striking the ball, even if you happen to hit it off-center.

What’s even more impressive is the paddle’s forgiving nature. If you don’t nail a perfect shot, no worries! The Versix Pro 6c offers a relatively large sweet spot, something you’d normally expect from paddles well above the $100 mark. Yet, here it is, available at a reasonable price. Good people still exist!

And don’t let the 8-ounce weight fool you. Maneuvering the Versix Pro 6c in the kitchen area is surprisingly easy. It doesn’t feel heavy at all, helping you to maintain control if you are in a pinch.

Responsiveness & Power

I wouldn’t say that the Versix Pro 6c is undoubtedly a top contender when it comes to power, but that’s not its intended purpose. By the same token, it’s not bad either. Although you can’t adjust the tension or stiffness of pickleball paddle face after you buy it, the Versix Pro 6c has plenty of oomph from the back baseline.

The paddle’s core thickness and construction are optimized to enhance the trampoline effect. This means that when the pickleball strikes the paddle face, it experiences minimal energy loss due to damping, resulting in more energy being transferred back to the ball during the rebound. Additionally, the face material of the Versix Pro 6c paddle is selected to maximize power, which is why it can retain and transfer energy so efficiently.

(Image credit: Dan Langston)

Furthermore, the engineering of the paddle’s shape and weight distribution plays a crucial role in achieving the decent power that it has for such a low cost. The Versix Pro 6c paddle is made to find the sweet spot where the dynamic center aligns with the geometric center of the paddle face. This alignment is what makes it easier to hit it harder and in the direction you are trying to hit it.

Now, I’m aware that the distinctive sound produced by a pickleball paddle can be a bone of contention for some players; however, the Versix Pro 6c is a refreshing exception. It’s not one of those raucous paddles that are more of an irritant than a pleasure to use.

Soft Game

A paddle with a soft game is often preferred by players who focus on finesse, accuracy, and control over raw power and speed. The Versix Pro 6c is a good, solid option for folks who appreciate the gentle art of control and soft game performance in pickleball. Here’s the thing about the Versix Pro 6c. Its swing weight—the feel of it in your hand when you swing—is well-balanced. It makes it easier for you to move the paddle quickly into different positions, a real plus when you find yourself in those heart-thumping volley battles near the net. Let’s say you’re playing a casual game with friends or in a high-pressure match, the Versix Pro 6c is more than just a tool—it’s an ally. You can make quick adjustments, which can help you defend against fast returns. I really do think this paddle caters to a wide range of players.

Playing pickleball isn’t just about power hits or soft touches—it’s about how well you can manage both. The Versix Pro 6c gives you balance in a simple, no-frills package. I was easily able to handle both the swift volleys and the steady dinks, providing a consistent performance every time. Whether it’s a leisurely weekend match or you like to compete, I can see the Versix in either situation.


In conclusion, the Versix Pro 6c pickleball paddle priced at $84 offers impressive performance that surpasses its beginner-oriented appearance. Its textured surface enhances ball spin, enabling effortless slicing and topspin generation. While minor texture inconsistencies exist, they do not significantly impact gameplay. The paddle’s comfortable feel, control, and forgiving nature make it an ideal choice for players of all levels. Despite its moderate weight, it remains easy to maneuver. Although not a power-focused paddle, it still offers a decent amount of force. Overall, the Versix Pro 6c delivers excellent performance and value, making it a top choice for players seeking a reliable and versatile paddle.

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