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Engage Pursuit Pro MX Paddle Review

From Graphite to Carbon Fiber Excellence

engage pro mx paddle
(Image credit: Nick Uzunyan)
Yes, the Engage Pursuit Pro MX, appears to be a high-quality option for pickleball players, especially those who have incorporated a two-handed backhand into their play. The shift from traditional graphite to carbon fiber, specifically the Raw Toray T7000 Carbon Fiber, suggests an improvement in durability and performance. The elongated shape (16.5 inches) and longer handle (5.75 inches) of the Pro MX are designed to suit players who prefer extended reach, allowing them to cover more court effectively.
Furthermore, the combination of the carbon fiber skin and the Control Pro ‘Black’ polymer core in its construction indicates a focus on both control and power.

The variable release technology is particularly noteworthy; it adjusts the paddle’s flexibility based on the swing’s speed. This means slower swings will have less flex for increased control, which is crucial for precise shots like 3rd shot drops, while harder swings will experience more flex, enhancing power and spin. This adaptive feature could be highly beneficial for players at various skill levels, offering a balance between control and power.

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Paddle Weight7.65 ounces (LITE), 8.15 ounces (Standard) 
Paddle Face MaterialRaw Toray T700 Carbon Fiber 
Paddle Core MaterialControl Pro ‘Black’ Polymer Honeycomb 
Paddle ShapeStandard
Paddle Length16.5″ 
Paddle Width7.5″
Grip Size4 1/4″ (Medium)
Handle Length5.75″ 

First Look

The Pursuit MX Pro is one of four paddles that were recently released as a part of the upgraded Pursuit Pro Line. With a price point of $259.99 the MX Pro is targeted towards serious players. The MX Pro is a direct upgrade to Engage’s classic Pursuit MX Graphite paddle. Keeping the original MX’s elongated shape and handle length, the MX Pro still manages to differentiate itself in various ways. 

The paddle reveals Engage’s new colorway, “Artic Gold”. I think the gold and white complement each other well, but it’s obviously a marketing effort as the white crosshairs make the paddle easily recognizable.

In addition to the new look, and more importantly, Engage has upgraded the technology and material used to create the MX Pro. Straying away from graphite, Engage has chosen to equip its new line with Raw Toray T7000 Carbon Fiber. The carbon fiber increases the texture of the surface, generating greater friction between the ball and paddle. 

Background Research

Company History

Founded in 2015, Engage Pickleball’s headquarters is located in Oxford Florida. Under the direction of founder Robert Elliott, Engage Pickleball has emerged into one of pickleballs most recognized brands. Through the principles of ‘Applied Physics’, Robert Elliott personally designs and oversees every phase of paddle design. Engage ensures customers that all of their design, innovation and creativity are done in house with quality control being a priority. 

Engage’s attention to detail has garnered the attention of athletes across the world, landing some of pickleballs most talented stars to their roster (Jessie Irvine, Hunter Johnson, Yates Johnson, Darrian Young, Yana Newell, Dekel Barr, and many others). 

Performance Review & User Experience

*In order to keep testing true, all tests were done without adding any weight or grip to the paddle. My specific Pursuit MX came in at a manufacturer weight of 7.8oz.

Soft game performance 

Historically known for their paddles power, Engage took me by surprise with the Pro MX’s soft game performance. Tested through various drills with a ball machine, the Pro MX showed great control close to the net. With the ball machine set to a high velocity, I worked on resetting at the kitchen line. I felt that when I loosened my grip just a tad, the paddle took over and resetting became effortless. I followed up with some dinking drills, both forehand and backhand (my favorite shot being a backhand dink that generates backspin). The paddles improved surface played a key role here as the paddle would grip the ball well generating beautiful backspin. Overall, the soft game showed some of the most improvement from previous Engage paddles. 

 Power game performance

This paddle DEFINITELY has power. The two shots that I generally test for power are the serve and ground stroke. In this instance, both passed with flying colors. As someone who serves with the intention of generating power, the Pro MX allowed me to do so without compromising control. I was quickly noticing that the harder I swung, the more the ball gripped onto the paddles surface. Even after testing this paddle for multiple weeks, I did not see paddle wear altering the results (keep in mind, I frequently use a pickleball eraser on my carbon faced paddles to keep the surface new). In regard to my groundstroke. I tested shots from the baseline as well as mid court. The power off the paddle allows you keep your opponents pinned back at the baseline while you move up. 


The sweet spot on the Pursuit Pro MX is large enough to hit with a majority of your shots. When contact with the sweet spot is made, the paddle works wonders. This paddle creates such unique ball movement that it is a true joy to play with. However, if you are to hit your shots on any of the four corners of the paddle (primarily on the bottom corners) you will find yourself with a much weaker shot. You can test this yourself, by simply juggling the ball on various portions of the paddle. 

Spin Capabilities

Engage has always had plenty of power and in order to take their paddle to the next level, I always thought they needed more spin/control. 

After extensively practicing with the Pro MX, I have come to the conclusion that it actually delivers more spin than power. Which is saying a lot seeing that the paddle delivers A LOT of power. I saw my dinks become more aggressive with plenty of back spin as well as my drives land right at my opponents’ feet with topspin. The introduction of the carbon fiber surface has been a game changer for the Pursuit Line. They have taken their power paddles and added a lethal combination of spin and control. 

Comfort and Durability

As mentioned above, all of my testing was done with zero weight or grip modifications added to the paddle. The paddle came in at a weight of 7.8oz, which would be classified as its ‘LITE’ version. Engage does offer a heavier ‘Standard’ version that comes in at around 7.9-8.30z. 

The Pro MX did receive some weight balance modifications, lowering the balance point of the paddle. This allows for quicker hand speed when partaking in hand battles at the net. 

The stock grip is quite comfortable and does an excellent job of absorbing sweat with its porous material. Although the grip is not necessarily tacky, I never found myself losing grip of the paddle.

When it comes to paddle durability the Pursuit Pro MX withstood all of my testing with minimal wear to the paint of the logo. The stock grip still appears practically unused.

*Please keep in mind, I frequently clean all of my carbon faced paddles with a pickleball specific eraser. This will definitely assist you with keeping the fibers within the paddle cleaner.

Comparative Analysis

The Pursuit Pro MX Raw T700 Carbon Fiber is a direct upgrade from the Pursuit MX Graphite. Having used both of these paddles, Engage has taken a massive step in the right direction with all of the modifications made to the Pursuit Pro MX. The Pro MX seems to be superior in every aspect compared to the MX Graphite. With only a $40 increase in price between the two, the Pro MX is definitely worth the upgrade if you are still using the Pursuit MX Graphite. 

With a market price of $259.99, Engage is definitely targeting the more competitive player. But more importantly, Engage is showing that they believe in their product.

I would definitely advise anyone to demo the paddles they are interested in prior to purchasing. Paddles preferences and feel are a very personal connection, differing player from player. 


With the release of the Pursuit Pro Line, Engage has continued to differentiate itself from competitors in a market oversaturated with paddles. This upgrade puts the entire industry on notice. It let Engage fans know that their feedback is being heard and taken into consideration with the development of new products. 

References & Testing Tools

Pickleball Tutor Pro Ball Machine



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