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Do Not Buy the Adidas Metalbone: Paddle Review

Adidas metalbone
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The Adidas Metalbone offers a new aggressive, padel inspired technology, with new weight and balance system. The Adidas Metalbone is adaptable to every players game which promises to be an “elite paddle for elite players.” Unfortunately, the positives end rather quickly. The Adidas Metalbone has a small sweet spot which severely limits consistency and accuracy. The Metalbone also lacks easy depth and power, scoring on the low side of serving speeds on the gun. The new paddle from Adidas also suffers from almost zero spin, which is surprising with the C-18 carbon fiber face. But the worst of the new Adidas paddles attributes is the sound that the Metalbone produces, which is a garish, dinner plate reverberation that matches the harshfeedback and feel when the ball strikes the face of the paddle. All and all, the Metalbone falls short, yet makes us look forward to what might be coming from Adidas as they indicate this paddle is the “first of its kind”.

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Paddle Weight7.8 oz – 8.2 oz
Paddle Face MaterialC18 Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPMI Foam
Paddle ShapeElongated
Paddle Length16 1/2′
Paddle Width7 1/2”
Grip SizeThin – 4 1/8”
Handle LengthLong – 5 1/2”

First Look

The Metalbone is the latest pickleball paddle from Adidas. In a bold move, Adidas constructed their new paddle from several unique pickleball paddle materials, including a 13 mm PMI foam core with a tubular carbon fiber perimeter frame for extra rigidity and protection. Both these items are held in place by an individual piece, monocoque construction. The face of the Metalbone is constructed of a C18 Carbon Fiber for higher spin and power. However, the Adidas Metalbone’s most distinctive feature is a relatively easy weight adjustment customization by adding four 2.6 gram screws at the throat of the paddle.

My Experience


While the Metalbone can be accurate, it lacks the consistency to allow you to go after your shots. The combination of the13 mm core of the Metalbone and the C18 Carbon Fiber face lack reliability, even with proper form.  


Surprisingly for a 13 mm paddle, the Metalbone is slightly underpowered as well with an average serving speed of 45.4 mph (expected range 48-50). Even with weight adjustment the Metalbone struggled with easy depth and velocity.


This is another area where the new Adidas paddle falls short. There is almost zero spin, which is surprising for the C18 Carbon Fiber face. The Metalbone will disappoint spin enthusiasts and players who play with aggressive topspin/slice or that like to roll volley at the net.

Defense to Offense

Once again, the Adidas Metalbone lacks the mass and control to perfect resetting the pickleball consistently into the non-volley zone.  However, the Metalbone is easy to maneuver at the net in fast hand battles and you can get to any shot easily. 


The feedback and feel are quite harsh with the Metalbone. Along with “dinner plate” sound, the pickleball can feel quite jarring off the face. 

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot of the Metalbone is small, but accessible. When the ball misses the sweetspot the shots will not be affected badly, but they will suffer.


The looks of the Metalbone are exceptional. The new Adidas paddle is easily distinguishable on the court from other paddles as the logo really stands out from a distance. The adjustable weight design indicates where pickleball paddle technology is likely headed. I’m excited to see how this technology advances in the future.

Additional Thoughts

What Adidas tried to do with the Metalbone was a big reach with a promise of the future. There will be more of this as our sport changes, especially with weight adjustment. These experiments will hit and miss, but always be exciting to try.

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