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The Rudy Project Tralyx+ Sunglasses: My In-Depth Review

Safety and style?

(Image Credit: Dennis Rodriguez)
The Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglasses really are a solid combination of both function and yes, style. I immediately felt a difference compared to other protective eyewear I’ve used. They feel extremely well built and each detail seems to have a dedicated purpose. I found myself wearing these both on and off the court (the tented ones, not clear). The big sell for me was the clarity of the lenses. I believe these are a worth while investment for anyone looking to add some eye protection on the court while not feeling like they are wearing bulky safety goggles.

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First Look

Right out of the box, you can see that Rudy Project takes pride in their products. The Microfiber Pouch and Hard Protective Case included in the package are nice. When I first unpacked the Rudy Project Tralyx+ glasses, the attention to detail really caught my eye. Every detail on the glasses seemed to have a legitimate purpose. The clarity of the lens was the biggest selling point for me. It felt as if things became more visible or more “high def” when I was wearing the glasses versus when I took them off. I found myself being able to track the ball better with them on. I also really like how you can adjust the temple tips which allow me to create a snug fit when playing on the pickleball court.

(Image Credit: Dennis Rodriguez)

Design and Comfort

  • Fit and Comfort: The Tralyx+ glasses make it extremely easy to create a perfect fit for just about anyone. They offer adjustable temple tips as well as an adjustable nose pad which I love because I cannot stand when glasses begin to slip down my nose. As an ex baseball and tennis player I’m big on sport eyewear. I’ve used every brand from Oakley to Rayban and none have provided as comfortable a fit as these.
  • Materials:
    • Rudy Project uses a material called Graphene which is lighter than carbon yet stiffer than diamond. It is a high-quality thermoplastic material that is shock-resistant, lightweight, as well as non-allergenic.
    • Another material they use is Rilsan Clear® which is also commonly used in medical devices as well as automotive parts due to its flexibility as well as shock and weather resistance.
  • Appearance: Rudy Project states that their Power Flow System enhances air circulation while ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency. These “holes”, if you will, in both the frame and the lenses are actually aesthetically pleasing as well. They managed to make the glasses look good without sacrificing their overall purpose, which is to protect your eyes and allow maximum air flow.


  • UV Protection: Rudy Project lenses neutralize ultraviolet radiation completely up to 400 nm, which is the highest UV protection rating you can obtain.
  • Clarity and Visibility: The lens on the Tralyx+ are some of the clearest I’ve ever used. They also offer anti-fog, hydrophobic(water repelling), and photochromic technology. I’m able to wear these both during the day as well as when I’m playing those night matches and the lenses will transition their tint based off of the amount of light they are receiving. The technology in these ImpactX® lenses results in sharper images, higher definition, and reduces in “rainbowing”.
(Image Credit: Dennis Rodriguez)


In terms of sizing, these sunglasses weigh just 1.09 ounces (31 grams). With dimensions designed for a Total Comfort Fit, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing them. The adjustable temple tips allow for a perfect fit no matter the shape or size of your head. In the past I’ve used sunglass straps to prevent the glasses from either falling off or slipping down, but I had no trouble keeping the Tralyx+ glasses in place without any additional accessories.


I was impressed by the warranty that Rudy Project offers on their sunglasses. With a solid two-year coverage against manufacturer defects, they go the extra mile with a one-year scratch replacement program for Rx lenses, as well as discounted replacements for non-Rx lenses. It’s reassuring to know they stand behind their products!

Overall Thoughts

The Rudy Project Tralyx+ sunglasses are a refreshing update to the sport eyewear scene. With paddles getting more powerful, we are seeing so many pro and amateur players starting to wear eye protection. Rudy Project offers safety glasses that don’t sacrifice style for protection. Gone are the days of being insulted for wearing these ugly bulky looking safety goggles. In my opinion, the Tralyx+ glasses are all about performance without compromising comfort and style, making them a solid choice for any outdoor or sports enthusiast.

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