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Popular Fitness App Pivots To Pickleball And Inks Exclusive DUPR Deal

aim7 fitness app
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For all its accessibility, pickleball remains a demanding and at times risky endeavor – just ask PGA Pro Bernhard Langer who will miss the Masters this year due to the torn achilles he suffered on the court. Today, with participation fast approaching 14 million nationwide (up 200% since 2020), it’s clear that our movement’s explosive growth has outpaced the development of sport-specific fitness programs, injury prevention routines and recovery resources.

AIM7’s Pivot to Pickleball

Thankfully, that’s about to change: AIM7, the popular general fitness app, is pivoting to pickleball and partnering with DUPR to launch a revamped offering for players at every level. With the change, the app will be rebranded as Pickleball AI Coach.

“Quite simply, we are building the #1 pickleball performance system,” says renowned sport scientist and Pickleball AI Coach founder Dr. Erik Korem. “Whether you are a tournament champion looking to climb the rankings or someone who plays once a month with friends, we want to help you improve your game and stay healthy.”

Dr. Korem knows a thing or two about performance and injury prevention – he and his team of PhDs have spent decades working with athletes at the college, professional and Olympic levels. 

The product pivot has been an ambitious project, but pickleballers everywhere will reap the rewards. You can use our discount code PBPORTAL20 for a lifetime discount of 20% plus 1 free month. 

DUPR Partnership

“We build ultra-personalized plans for physical and mental fitness, so we knew we had the expertise to build this the right way,” says Dr. Korem. “Meanwhile, DUPR obviously knows pickleball, so it’s a great partnership that will really benefit players.”

Customized Training and Injury Prevention

aim7 app
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The new and improved app will harness the power and market proximity of popular wearables such as Apple Watch, Oura, Garmin and Fitbit to create custom workout plans and pickleball-oriented injury prevention routines for anyone who wants to enhance their approach to the sport. Taking into account a player’s unique goals, equipment, health history and ever-changing time demands, it will generate unique programs and showcase step-by-step video instruction from leading experts. Think of it as a tiny coach that lives on your wrist, knows pickleball and understands how your body responds to training.

Addressing Common Injuries

Let’s take some of the most common injuries we see in pickleball – things like calf strains, achilles tendonitis, ankle twists, knee tweaks, elbow issues and hip problems. Combining these wider data points with personalized data collected from your device, Pickleball AI Coach will work to limit overuse, reduce pain and optimize workout activities on and off the court. There will also be an extensive educational library with over 100 pieces of content covering performance, nutrition, sleep and more, including insights from world-class specialists like Dr. Peter Haberl, the former lead sports psychologist for the US Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

“Almost 50% of Americans own a wearable device,” says Korem. “But people want personalized, practical solutions – so that’s what we deliver.”

Recovery and Mental Fitness

Recovery and mental fitness are also major components to the app. In addition to science-backed recovery techniques like foam rolling, stretching, sauna sessions, cold plunges and sleep optimation, it will provide personalized tools and recommendations for mindfulness, breathwork and gratitude. Long story short, AIM7 will support and push pickleball players in every dimension possible.

Check out the new AIM7 app today and make sure to use code PBPORTAL20 for a lifetime discount of 20% plus 1 free month. 

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