Moving on to round 16 is Lea Jansen & Hayden Patriquin

Lea Jansen PPA 2024 (Picture Kerry Pittenger)

At the Selkirk Red Rock Open, Hayden Patriquin and Lea Jansen won convincingly against Dominique Schaefer and Wyatt Stone. Patriquin, a former baseball player turned pickleball standout, and Jansen, a top women’s singles player, targeted weaknesses effectively, particularly focusing on Schaefer in close-net situations. Despite windy conditions and challenging ball trajectories, the duo adapted their tactics to maintain control throughout the match.

Game 1

The game began with both teams unable to score initially, there were several side outs and server switches without any points being scored. Wyatt Stone and Dominique Schaefer scored the first point of the match, breaking the deadlock.

After the initial point by Wyatt and Dominique, Lea and Hayden took control, pulling ahead from 1-1 to a dominant 7-2. They struggled to regain control, only managing to score two more points before the game ended at 11-4 in favor of Lea and Hayden.

Game 2

Lea and Hayden started off strong, taking a quick 6-0 lead with Hayden Patriquin notably in control during several rallies.

There were some challenges and referee corrections that seemed to momentarily disrupt the flow but didn’t significantly change the outcome of the game.

Wyatt and Dominique attempted a comeback mid-game, managing to score a few consecutive points to reduce the gap to 3-6. Despite the brief rally from Wyatt and Dominique, Lea and Hayden closed the game effectively, again with a final score of 11-4.

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