Connor Garnett Overcomes Jack Sock in Quarterfinal

PPA Lakeville, MN Indoor USA Championships

Connor Garnett PPA 2024
PPA 2024 (Picture Kerry Pittenger)

Game 1

The quarterfinal match kicked off with high expectations, featuring Connor Garnett against Jack Sock. From the onset, Garnett struggled to keep pace. Sock’s forehand quickly put Garnett at a disadvantage. Despite Garnett’s efforts, he was unable to counteract Sock, resulting in an 11-3 win for Sock.

Game 2

Facing the need for a turnaround, Garnett entered the second game with better focus. His signature two-handed backhand started to disrupt Sock’s rhythm. Garnett hit a two-handed backhand crosscourt winner that shifted the match’s momentum. His improved returns and rally control put Sock on the defensive, leading Garnett to a 11-6 victory, evening the match score.

Game 3

Garnett maintained his momentum, while Sock fought back with his forehands. However, Garnett’s standout pass and court coverage, began to tip the balance. Utilizing his two-handed backhand, Garnett took control of the game, ultimately securing an 11-7 win and advancing with a 2-1 match victory. As Garnett moves on to the semifinals, one thing is certain: he has put the pickleball world on notice. 

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