Collin Johns and Anna Bright Advance to Quarterfinals

PPA Lakeville, MN Indoor USA Championships

Anna Bright PPA 2024 hitting a ball on court
(Picture Kerry Pittenger)

Today at the Pickleball Central Indoor USA Championships, the #2 seed pair, Collin Johns and Anna Bright, won against the #14 seeded team of Rafa Hewett and Parris Todd in two games: 11-4, 17-15.

This match marked the first time Johns and Bright teamed up, filling the gap left by James Ignatowich and his injury. Their debut as partners was nothing short of impressive, especially highlighted in the first game.

One of the match’s highlights was the strategic play by both teams. Johns and Bright deviated from the traditional mixed doubles strategy, opting not to dedicate to stacking, which proved to be an effective tactic. On the other hand, Hewett and Todd increased their aggression and asserted more control in the middle of the court, a strategy that saw them putting up a fight.

Despite Hewett and Todd’s efforts to adjust their tactics and push the match to a third game, Johns and Bright managed to maintain their edge.

Anna Bright’s versatility on the court was a significant factor… Her ability to switch roles from a supportive player to an aggressive attacker was key to keeping the other side confused. Her late-game aggressive plays caught their opponents off-guard and contributed significantly to their win.

In a post-match interview, Anna Bright shared insights into their strategy and execution.

“Colin told me to stay aggressive,” Bright revealed, which was a big part of their game plan. She also mentioned adapting their strategy mid-match to counter their opponents’ rhythm.

This win propels Johns and Bright into the quarterfinals. Bright’s ability to play both the alpha and beta roles on the court, coupled with Johns’ analytical approach, makes them a very fun team to watch… and I hope we see more of them throughout the year.

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