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An Update on Jaume Martinez Vich Before PPA Mesa Arizona Cup

Jaume hitting a pickleball on the court

Just 38 weeks ago, on May 31, 2023, Jaume Martinez Vich stepped into the spotlight by sharing his training experience with Tyson McGuffin on Instagram. Before this, he was chasing Hawaii’s waterfalls, far removed from the competitive world of pickleball. This seemingly ordinary post marked the beginning of his rapid ascent to becoming a highly sought-after player, competing against the world’s top pickleball talents.

Jaume quickly made headlines by winning his first silver medal in mens singles at the Selkirk Texas Open on June 4th, 2023, ironically outperforming Tyson McGuffin. His success continued with a bronze medal at the Denver Open in July, finishing just behind Ben Johns (Gold) and Christina Alshon (Silver). Earlier this year, he secured another silver at the Desert Ridge Open, and competed on Championship Sunday against Federico Staksrud in an intense match that was extremely fun to watch because of the big swings.

An interesting tidbit about Jaume is the message “you win you lose” written on his paddle’s edge guard. This phrase must be how he approaches competition and life. I guess it is a reminder that both victories and defeats are just part of the journey.

Jaume Martinez Vich and his brother in Hawaii. (Picture Jaume’s Instagram)

Jaume’s personality and Spanish accent are hard not to like. He’s known as “the chillest dude in America,” and has transitioned to a full-time professional, sponsored by 6.0.

Recently, Jaume solidified his commitment to pickleball by signing a multi-year contract extension with 6.0. This move confirms how positive everyone feels about his future. If you want to see him live, he will be up against the greats at PPA Mesa Arizona Cup this weekend. Follow our twitter to get updates on who’s playing and when to watch. You can also tune in here for the live stream.

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