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Pickleball Videos: Learn How To Play

Pickleball is popular with all ages and activity levels. It is a racquet sport that is easy to learn and fun to play. To hop on the pickleball craze, peruse these pickleball videos.

What Is Pickleball Videos

Pickleball, a cross between badminton, tennis and table tennis, was invented in 1965. Since that time, its growth in popularity has continued. Everyone is talking about pickleball, even major television networks.

This CBS Sunday Morning video feature on the popularity of pickleball is 4 1/2 minutes long. It discusses the sport’s invention, interviewing people on Bainbridge Island, where pickleball was first played. Vintage photographs are interspersed throughout the video, and multiple people are shown playing pickleball, including the correspondent and producer of the Sunday morning show.

This 3-1/2-minute video, again from CBS, investigates the pickleball craze in The Villages in central Florida, considered the pickleball capital of the world. At the end of the video, the correspondent discusses the differences between tennis and pickleball.

Many pickleball videos show people of all age groups enjoying the sport, but this six-minute PBS video only shows people over 50 with health problems playing pickleball. This sport is a way to stay fit and active without much strain on your body.

A 4-1/2-minute video shows an ABC correspondent playing pickleball and interviewing an instructor and a pickleball player about the fastest-growing sport. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, pickleball has grown almost 40% over the latest two-year period.

Even if you have never played pickleball, it does not take long to get the hang of it, as this Discover Oklahoma correspondent shows in this three-minute video. After playing for just a few minutes, the reporter started to figure out how to play the game, except for serving. Once the game was over and the instructor could give him some quick lessons, even serving was not as challenging. Although the correspondent did not feel he was especially good at playing, he enjoyed himself and encouraged everyone to get out and play a game.

Equipment Used in Pickleball Videos

If you’re going to play pickleball, it is essential to have the right equipment. Finding the right paddles, balls and shoes best can be time-consuming. To assist, here are videos discussing some top picks.


Before selecting your paddle, check out what the pros are using. This 5-1/2-minute video shows how the research was conducted to identify the paddles used by the top 25 men and 25 women doubles players.

This 6-1/2-minute video describes how a pickleball player started with a different paddle than what he uses now. Like most players, the first paddle was a heavy, low-end wooden paddle. As he played more, he discovered features he liked and didn’t like and eventually replaced it with a different paddle. The focus of the video is on the evolution of the pickleball paddle.


To help you choose footwear, this video shows a former foot doctor discussing his picks for the top five shoes for playing pickleball. He lists things to look for in a pickleball shoe and then displays each recommended shoe and why he likes it.

In addition to pickleball videos on choosing the right shoes, you can also read about court shoe selection.


If you have ever wondered which pickleball ball is which, look no further! This quick 1-1/2-minute video compares an outdoor and an indoor ball.


You need a portable net if you do not play on an existing pickleball court. This video demonstrates you can set one up by yourself in less than 2 1/2 minutes.

How To Play Pickleball Videos

Now that you understand pickleball and the importance of selecting the right equipment, it is time to learn how to play the game.

This video is 16 minutes of an online pickleball training class. Whether you are getting started playing the game or you have never played it before, this video covers the basics of pickleball:

  • Comparison of indoor and outdoor balls
  • Paddle gripping and holding
  • No-volley zone rules
  • Different ways to serve
  • Two-bounce rule
  • Scoring

Various shot terminology used in pickleball is discussed in this quick video. When playing pickleball, it is essential to know what dink, volley, cross court and down the line mean. Each shot is demonstrated on the court.

The International Federation of Pickleball has a beginner’s video guide and a three-part series of pickleball videos providing more detail on what you need to know to start playing.

This five-minute video clearly explains how to play pickleball. Various key elements are discussed, such as:

  • Serving
  • Double-bounce rule
  • Kitchen rules
  • Scoring

Calling score can be difficult for new pickleball players. This 9-1/2-minute video explains scoring in doubles matches, including calling score and what each number means.

Tips and Strategies Videos

As with any sport you play, you want to be good at it. Once you have started playing pickleball, improve your game with learning strategies.

USA Pickleball has several pickleball videos to help you master the game. They discuss the basics to help get you started and tips and strategies to improve your game.

One of the challenges that new pickleball players encounter is knowing the different tactics when serving versus receiving. This five-minute video gives tips on what players should do in each instance, such as staying in the back of the court or moving forward, demonstrating both ways.

Another tricky thing in pickleball is allowing the ball to go out of bounds rather than hitting it back to the other side. This eight-minute video discusses five ways to identify when the ball will be an out ball and demonstrates an at-home drill to practice.

This 11-1/2-minute video gives techniques for the third shot drop. Despite the challenge of the shot, the tips will help you feel comfortable using it and hopefully score a point.

Additional Tips and Tricks To Supplement Pickleball Videos

Pickleball videos will help you learn how to play the game. The Pickleball Portal has even more tips and tricks to improve your game, so check out our recommendations today!

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