Selkirk Labs

Exclusive access to cutting-edge paddle technology without being a pro? If you are a pickleball nerd and want more skin in the game, Selkirk Labs could be a perfect way for you to get access to some of Selkirk’s latest works. If you are accepted as a member, you will be in on the action! It would feel like you are on the front lines with Selkirk, the most innovative pickleball company.

By involving players in the development process, Selkirk Labs ensures that the next generation of Pickleball paddles meets the needs for the pickleball world. Selkirk has second-to-none quality, riveting innovation, and tons of creativity. As the first company in the industry, Selkirk Labs has given a way for ordinary people to test out what Selkirk has in the pipeline. They are truly leading the charge in the pickleball community.

What is Selkirk Labs?

The Selkirk Labs is the research and development division of Selkirk Sport that works on developing new Pickleball technology. This includes beta testing new products with a select group of people who are interested in such things. In exchange for being able to test and give feedback on these products, members of Selkirk Labs also get exclusive access to purchase limited release paddles and gear before anyone else.

What are the projects like?

Selkirk creates concept paddles, with the support of the Pickleball community, in order to research and develop new technology. Selkirk Lab Members are given the chance to help with the development of new paddles and to give feedback.

Members of a project will be asked to try out beta paddles and give their opinion on the latest technology. This is so that Selkirk can keep improving their paddle technology, and to help them decide which new technology to add to their arsenal. Unfortunately, they cannot say for sure when or which technologies will be added to the public showroom.

Want to become a member?

To become a member of Selkirk Labs, you must fill out an application form. Once accepted, members are supposed to participate in the development of new products and technology as well as give good feedback on existing beta products. Members cannot predict when or which technologies will be released into the main product lines as part of their participation in Selkirk Labs.

By becoming a Selkirk Labs Member, you not only get to participate in the research and development of new products, but you’re also the first to know about the latest Selkirk designs, technology, and paddle concepts. As a Member, you also have exclusive access to purchase first release, limited production, and beta paddles, as well as the latest Selkirk Labs gear – which is available to members only.

The Selkirk Labs Membership Application Form can be found here. An email with steps on how to create a Selkirk Labs account will be sent to new applicants. After creating an account, accepted applicants look at all of the available projects that Selkirk is working on.

After making a purchase, you will get all of the member benefits if you are a qualifying applicant.

Do these paddles come with a warranty?

What is covered under the 1-year warranty are visible manufacturer defects that can be verified through a photograph or video. This includes handle breaks, loose or cracking edge guards, paddle face cracks, loose or damaged ends. However, normal wear and tear, graphic wear/fading, damage caused by hits to the ground, abuse/neglect, and dead spots are not covered under the warranty.

How many projects are there?

Most projects will only be available for a limited time and may have a delay before they become available. Each project’s availability will be based on feedback, popularity, and supply chain factors. We cannot predict when a project will be discontinued or when Labs technology will become part of Selkirk’s main product lines.

Additional paddle shapes and colors may be available, but it just depends on what type of project is on deck. Selkirk cannot provide estimates on when projects will have additional shapes and colors added, and whether or not they will ever be available to the public. 

Selkirk Labs Projects

Selkirk Labs Project 001

This project includes two lines. The Invicta to the left and the Epic to the right. The Previous Invikta has different models like the Amped and the Vanguard. These paddles have performed great in the pickleball world pretty much-leaving everyone else behind, but Selkirk is not settling for anything less than the best. To retain that reputation, they need to keep innovating as the pickleball paddle space becomes more competitive. New brands are launching almost every day, but Selkirk Labs is a completely new way to engage with the community in a productive way that drives innovation and new relationships.

This particular project is introducing the Macro ProSpin tech, and is the first concept paddle for Selkirk Labs. The first thing you will notice is… the price…  $333!? That will perhaps turn people off, but you have to remember that this company is obsessed with making a premium product that eviscerates their enemies (competitors), and they know it. You are also purchasing exclusive access, not just a paddle.

The grip is comfortable and provides a ton of traction. The ProSpin tech is supposed to give you more control and feel for the ball due to the patent-pending layered-grid texture. The previous models included two layers of carbon fiber on the face, but this one will have three, which is said to product even more power when paired with the SLX1 Polypropylene Core. The face has more protection against wear and tear so that the paddle can retain its spin capability for much longer. Remember that these are just beta projects so there is a limited about of supply available. And Yes, these paddles are USAPA approved. 


This is an intermediate to pro-level paddle with an average weight of 7.6-8.1, a height of 16.5″, a width of 7.375″, and a handle length of 5.25″. It has either a standard grip circumference or double grip circumference, both measuring 4″.


The Epic pickleball paddle is built for intermediate to pro players. It has a height of 15.75”, width of 8.0”, and handle length of 5.25”. The weight range is 7.8 – 8.5 oz for customizable options.  For members, they are offering the standard 4″ Geo Grip which is most commonly chosen. They also have a 4.25″ double grip geo ( BTOG ) option.


  • Macro ProSpin Technology
  • Multi-Layer Carbon Face
  • SLX1 Polypropylene Core

Selkirk Labs Project 002

This is where Selkirk’s innovation truly shines. I have never seen anything like it on the market. Selkirk teamed up with Tyson McGuffin for this project and uses some existing tech and some brand new that we have never seen. Most notable is the Air Dynamic Throat concept that will increase swing speed and get rid of some of the unneeded bulk. This design keeps the power of a heavy-weight paddle intact while making it feel much lighter than it really is. The paddle is weighing in at about 8.1 – 8.4 oz right now.


The Invikta is for players with a skill level of 4.5 or higher. It has a height of 16.5 inches, a width of 7.375 inches, and a handle length of 5.25 inches. The grip circumference is 4.25 inches. They are using a clear Dura-coat top seal that prevents the paddle face from losing its spin for an extending period of time.


  • Open throat technology
  • Hybrid Carbon and Fiberglass Face
  • GreenTec Polypropylene Core
  • ProSpin+ Surface