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The Biggest List Of Funny Pickleball Teams Names

I’ve had quite a few laughs while reading down the list of team names at my local pickleball tournament. I have to say, some players really do come up with hilarious names for their pickleball teams.  Although a lot of them are funny and some maybe even border on crude humor, most of them are all in good fun and do add a little comedy to the competition.

You may not be feeling motivated or creative to come up with a unique team name for you and your pickleball partner so we’ve put together this list of over 100 names!  If you don’t find a team name you like on our list, at least it might get your creative juices flowing and help you come up with a unique team name that fits your personality best.

100+ Funny Pickleball Team Names:

Ace Bandages

Ace Breakers

Ace Dinkers

Ace Holes

Ace Kickers

Ace Whoppers



Amazing Aces

Baby Got Backhand

Baby Got swing

Backhanded Compliments

Ball Busters

Ball Whackers

Big Dills

Blinky Dinks

Casual Sets

Come Back Girls

Court Jesters

Court’s In Session

Dare Doubles

Designated Dinkers


Dinking Divas

Dinking Problems

Double Shots

Double The Fun

Double Trouble

Double Vision

Dream Team

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Drop Shot Divas

Drop Shots

Everlasting Lobstoppers

Fickle Pickles

Fine Whines

Full Metal Paddles

Get A Grip

Grand Slammers

Grip n’ Rip

Hall of Framers

Haven’t Slept A Dink

Heavy Dinkers

High Fives

Hit and Run

Hit for Brains

Hit Men

Hot Shots


Kinky Dinkers

Kinky Dinking

Kinky Dinky

Kinky Sets

Kiss My Ace

Kitchen Dinks

Little Does One Dink

Match Makers

Match Points

Mature Swingers

Meet Your Match

Mid-Court Crisis

Miss Hits

Missing Dinks

Mixed Nuts

Net Assets

Net Nuts

Net Prophets

Net Results

Net Setters

Nice Aces

No Faults

No Strings Attached

Not Our Fault

One Hit Wonders



Pink Dinks


Queens of the Court

Responsible Dinkers

Scared Hitless

Screw Balls

Serve Me a Double


Serves You Right

Service with a Smile


Sets In The City

Sets On The Beach

Shot Girls

Shutter To Dink

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Simply Smashing


Smart Aces

Smash Girls

Soft Dinkers

Soft Dinks

Stinky Dinkers

Stinky Dinks

Super Shots

Supreme Court

Sweet Shots

Sweet Spots

Synced Dinks


The Heatstrokes

The Kitchenettes

The Missing Dink

The Volley Llama

Tickeled Dink


Victorious Secret

Volley Girls

We Dink So

We’ve Got Balls

Wise Aces

You Got Served

You’ve Met Your Match

At the big competitive pickleball tournaments sponsored by the USAPA or IFP, normally the team names are the players’ full names and in some cases possibly a mention of the sponsoring pickleball gear company. But if you are playing competitive pickleball at the local level or just entering in your first pickleball tournament in your local club or community center they may ask for a name to identify your team by.

Hopefully, you found a good pickleball team name that you like or at least got some creative ideas for your own team name.  If you have any original team names that you’d like added to our list please comment below. Thanks!

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