Pickleball Paddle Cases – Carrying Case Reviews 2020

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Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle Bag - Official Bag of the US Open - Black/Optic Yellow
Franklin Paddle Case (Image Source: Amazon)

If you just bought a new pickleball paddle, a paddle case can be a simple and convenient way to protect your new purchase.  Paddle cases ( or “carry bags” as some people call them) are step up from the most basic neoprene paddle covers since they cover the whole paddle including the grip- but much less bulky than a pickleball bag or backpack that are designed with room to carry all your gear such as balls, towel, and water bottle.

Some of these larger bags even have zippered pockets for pickleball shoes, backup paddles and insulated pockets to keep drinks cold (which are a great option for competitive players that compete in tournaments or play long sessions where they need extra gear).

A paddle case is a much more compact as it’s designed just to store the paddle without any extra gear. After reviewing the cases on the market we picked this case by Pickleball-X as the best option but if you scroll below you’ll find our detailed reviews of some other great options which are worth taking a look at.

Is a paddle carrying case right for you?


  • Protects the paddle face and handle (unlike covers that only protect paddle face).
  • Has a carrying strap to carry the case over your shoulder (this the main feature lacking on a cover).
  • Lighter and much less bulky than a pickleball bag.


  • No extra compartments for balls or other gear.
  • You may need to carry an additional bag for a towel, water, sunscreen, etc.

Best Pickleball Paddle Cases

Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Single Paddle Carry Bag

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle Bag - Official Bag of The US Open - Black/Optic Yellow
Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle Carrying Case

We picked this carry case from Franklin Sports as a top choice in this category.

The interior material is well padded and offers good protection from drops and bumps. The cover is black with lime green accents and is embossed with “Pickleball-X”  (Franklin Sports’ Pickleball Brand).

The company recently added two new styles: plain grey and another grey one with pink accents.

The case also has a clip at the bottom which you can use to clip it to a fence, I’ve had these kinds of clips on gear before and don’t find myself handing stuff from the fence but it’s a nice simple feature for people who would take advantage of it.

The outer material used is durable and water-resistant, the outer coating makes it more resistant to dirt and moisture and is easy to wipe clean.

The only real problem I find is that due to my height (6’3”) the shoulder strap is a bit too small and feels uncomfortably jammed up right under my armpit. Maybe in the next redesign, they could lengthen the adjustable strap which would be an easy solution.

However, apart from that minor flaw, we found it to be a good basic case if you are looking to protect one individual paddle and do not need extra space for balls, towel, water bottle, etc.

Why this one?

Franklin has a long history (since 1946) of making sports equipment and we have several of their products in our home. I’ve been familiar with Franklin Sports gear since I was a kid (badminton anyone? 🙂 so it’s a name I recognize and trust for decent mid-level sports equipment.


  • Padded Material
  • Weather-Resistant Exterior Material
  • Fence hook is a nice feature
  • New options in grey/pink


  • Only holds one paddle. A double option would be nice to be able to fit 2 (especially for couples).
  • Carry strap could be longer. Taller people may find it too short.

Wolfe Pickleball Paddle Bag Review

Wolfe Pickleball Paddle Bag
Wolfe Pickleball Paddle Bag

There is a similar paddle carry case offered by Wolfe.  This one is very comparable in design and quality. The Wolfe and Franklin options are a similar size with carrying strap.

This case by Wolfe does not have the fence hook as the Franklin model does. It does have a simple has the loop at the top so you could hang if from a hook- but no clip-in mechanism like the previous review.

As I mentioned before, I personally don’t use the hook so I wouldn’t hesitate to buy the Wolfe Pickleball Paddle case if you found it at a better price or if the Franklin wasn’t available.

We did find a couple of other similar cases but really for such a simple product without many features we thought that rather than confuse you with lots of duplicate products we’d leave it at two. We think the choice between Wolfe Sports and Franklin Sports is really enough as they are the top two quality options we’ve found.

Hopefully, this was helpful in making your decision – if you still think you might need a larger option with storage for more gear you may want to check out our page on pickleball bags to explore all your options. 

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