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7 Best Pickleball Nets 2024 Reviews: Portable Net vs On Wheels

two pro players hitting the ball over a net
(Image credit: Kerry Pittenger)

If you are visiting this page, I’m guessing you are probably looking to buy a pickleball net.  If you’re in a hurry and looking for a quick recommendation -our top pick for the best portable net is the PickleNet By Oncourt Offcourt.  

Check Price: see the PickleNet on Amazon or compare price on the manufacturer’s website.

Update: Based on overall value, we still recommend the PickleNet. However, we recently tried out the Swiftnet by Pickleball Inc and think it definitely deserves mention. The net stands out from the rest on the market in that it is a unique design.  Using carbon fiber, they have managed to cut the weight to a mere 14 lbs. It’s also super quick to set up. The main drawback is the price; it costs over twice as much. Because of that, we have not made it our top pick, since our average reader probably doesn’t want to shell out that much.

However, if you are a serious pickleball player, the convenience, lightweight design, and quality construction could be well worth it. Scroll down to see more details on the Swiftnet and full reviews of all the top picks.

Although you can save some money on a cheap, starter” net, I would avoid these if you are serious about playing pickleball. If you are going to invest in owning a net, I highly recommend you buy an official sized net, like the ones listed below.  

If you keep reading below, I give a couple of reasons why it’s worth buying an approved net, and the only possible reason why I might consider purchasing a non-approved net…it involves a barbecue grill and a lot of people with my same last name.

We’ve reviewed the top-selling portable pickleball nets below. Here are the top picks, all these nets on the list meet the official specifications listed above.

If you are looking for a pickleball net with WHEELS, click here to jump down.

Best Pickleball Nets 2024

A11N Portable Pickleball Net

I recently picked up the A11N 22ft Portable Pickleball Net System and thought I’d share my experience with it. It took me about 15 minutes to unpack and set up, which wasn’t too bad. The net is regulation width, 22ft, so it’s perfect for proper games and middle of the road play as you can see ;).

Putting the net together was mostly straightforward, but sliding the net onto the pillars was a bit of a pain. The middle part, where there’s extra support, was especially tricky to fit right. With a bit of persistence, I managed to get it done. If you had a second person helping out, it would definitely be a lot easier. Thankfully, none of the parts are heavy, so moving things around and adjusting the net wasn’t too hard.

Even the net itself is easy to drag around the court or whatever surface you’re using. This matches what they say on the A11N Sports website about its portability and user-friendly setup.

The net system seems well-designed with sturdy metal frames and a tension strap that keeps the net tight during play. The materials feel durable, just as the website mentions, and they claim it’s made from high-quality polyester and steel. I’ve left the net out in the rain several times (oops), and so far, I haven’t noticed any rust or wear and tear.

The carrying bag is a nice touch, too. It fits everything easily and makes transporting the net convenient. The assembly instructions on their website were pretty clear and helped a lot during setup.

I should mention that this net has a similar design to other portable pickleball nets I’ve reviewed, like the USAPA Portable Pickleball Net and the 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System. These nets share a lot of the same features and specifications. If you’re curious about those, you can read more about them further down in my reviews. The main differences come down to branding, minor design tweaks, and personal preferences in setup and stability.

Overall, the A11N 22ft Portable Pickleball Net System stands up well against its competitors. It’s lightweight, durable, and user-friendly, with the added bonus of showing no signs of rust or wear despite being left in the rain a few times. If you’re looking for a reliable and portable net, the A11N is a solid choice. (See on amazon)

PickleNet By Oncourt/Offcourt: Best Overall

PickleNet - Pickleball Net
PickleNet – Pickleball Net (Image: Amazon)

The PicklenNet is the official size and approved net dimensions by the USAPA.   Oncourt Offcourt has been manufacturing pickleball nets since 2009 and they have patented the Picklenet.

Check the price of this net on Amazon. You can also compare prices on the Oncourt/Offcourt website here to make sure you get the best price.

These nets are commonly rebranded and resold through several other companies as private label nets (same product but sold under different logos, including the “Rally” net below and also the “USAPA,” branded net.

OnCourt Offcourt manufactures all three, which is why you see almost identical pickleball nets on the market.

PickleNet - Pickleball Net
PickleNet: Close-up of the strap

Oncourt Offcourt recently redesigned the net tubing structure to use oval-shaped poles rather than round.  They have patented this unique design.  The oval design is sold directly by the manufacturer but also resold by other companies such as Pickleball Central (review below). The oval design is more durable, but the downside is that it weighs a total of 32 pounds. Although for a complete portable net with posts, it’s still a manageable weight.

  • The oval tubing, apart from being stronger, helps align the center pole and prevents poles from twisting.
  • The center pole sits on top of a molded center support for added stability.
  • Elastic band along the bottom of the net keeps the net stretched tight and makes it easier to set up.
The PickleNet: A Portable Pickleball Net. Breaks down and stores in a carrying bag.

The PickleNet comes with a carry bag made from heavy-duty 420D nylon and is designed with useful compartments, carry straps, and durable zippers.


  • Patented Design.
  • Original Manufacturer.
  • Widely used in USAPA events and recognized as a quality net.


  • Storage Bag doesn’t have wheels.
  • The top vinyl band that covers the net cord could be more durable.

The original Picklenet with round poles is also still manufactured and sold as the Classic PickleNet Pickleball Net System, which usually sells for $20-$30 less than the newer design.

SwiftNet Portable Pickleball Net: Best High-End Pick

SwiftNet Portable Pickleball Net
SwiftNet Portable Pickleball Net (Image: Amazon)

As we mentioned in the intro, this new Swiftnet by Pickle-Ball, Inc. is a high-end net made of carbon fiber. The design of this new net is revolutionary in that is eliminates the common problems of most metal tube style nets that are on the market that are prone to the same issues.  March 2020: See the new 2.1 version of the SwiftNet here.

Material: unlike the metal poles used on most nets, this one repurposes aerospace-grade carbon fiber from the Composite  Recycling Technology  Center in Port Angeles, WA (not far from where pickleball was invented). Carbon fiber doesn’t rust or bend as metals poles do.

Fewer parts: one of the main complaints you hear about pickleball nets is that they are complicated and time-consuming to set up. Unlike some nets that you need a youtube video to figure out, this one is pretty simple and quick to set up.

Weight: Because of the carbon fiber used, the net only weighs 14 pounds, about half the weight of the average net on the market and much more portable and easy to manage.

Top Cord Tension: another common problem we see with many portable nets sag in the middle. A closely related problem is that the loose net causes the top tape to be loose also, causing the ball to take weird bounces. The extra taut net on the Swiftnet plays more “true” with balls reacting to hitting the tape more as you’d see on a permanent net. They did this by creating a unique “shock cord” that locks into the net, keeping the net at its official height of 34″ at the center and “36” at the sidelines.

Price: This all may sound too good to be true, but innovation and quality do come at a price- about 2x the price of other nets. While there is some sticker shock with this net, if you consider all the features, it does have significant advantages over other nets. The longer expected life of carbon fiber and the net being “Made in the USA” are two other factors to consider.

With newly released pro pickleball paddles costing around $150, the price of this net doesn’t seem that exaggerated to me, especially considering what a fundamental piece of equipment the net is in pickleball and the impact it has on the quality of play but it’s not within everyone’s budget.

Click here to read reviews on Amazon from buyers of the Swiftnet.

PickleballCentral Rally Portable Pickleball Net Review

Rally Portable Pickleball Net System
Rally Portable Pickleball Net By PickleballCentral (Image: Amazon)

The Rally “Deluxe” pickleball net is virtually the same net as the PickleNet (manufactured by Oncourt Offcourt in the review above) and uses the same patented oval pole design.

Its rebranded with the Pickleball Central name and logo, but other than that, they are the same.

Keep in mind that two similar models of this net (round vs. oval tubes) have been produced in recent years, and you may still find the design with round metal tubes available online.

The names get really confusing because there is the older Rally version with the round pole design (the same as the PickleNet Classic).  If you like the heavier duty oval design, this is the one to compare to the previous review.  

The main benefit of this net over the previous review is that Pickleball Central bundles it with a ball holder that attaches to the end post of the net and holds up to 8 pickleballs.  Although it is a cool bonus item and could be handy, I wouldn’t let this gadget sway your purchase decision.

It may be useful to hold balls in a tournament situation where you have a referee at the net to pass the balls to the server, but otherwise, in a standard doubles game I don’t see myself walking back to the side of the net to retrieve and store the balls. Also, I  would never need eight balls at once just for a game of pickleball -so, in my opinion, this seems more like a gimmick to me that a valuable add-on.

PickleballCentral Rally Portable Pickleball Net System with Ball Holder
Rally Portable Pickleball Net  Base

This is the same quality net as the previous review. Pickleball Central is one of the biggest sellers of pickleball equipment, is a well-respected company, and has excellent customer service. For these reasons,  I would buy this net from them rather than some lesser-known online resellers.

*Please note: We are referring to the newer oval design that was introduced a few years ago. It’s best to confirm the pole design before buying.


  • Oval Tubing.
  • Stable Base.
  • It is currently being bundled with an included Ball Holder.


  • Carry Bag does not have wheels.
  • Heavier than the version with round poles.

You may see a similar-looking version of this net with rounded tubes sold as “The Classic PickleNet.”  

The “Classic” is still a quality net system, but we prefer the newer oval tube design as it seems stronger and more stable.  The classic round system is lighter (22 lbs vs. 32 lbs ), which may be an added benefit to someone who has to transport the net often or carry it long distances.

USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System Review

USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System
USAPA Portable Pickleball Net System (Image: Amazon)

OK, so as if it wasn’t confusing enough…here is another version of basically the same design!

The USAPA Portable Pickleball Net is the same design as the previous two reviews. Oncourt Offcourt patents the oval design, and they are the sole manufacturer. These are the same nets, just rebranded with different logos.

The white vinyl is branded with “USAPA.org” and “Pickleball.” You can refer to either of the reviews above (for the Rally or PickleballNet) to see specifications and features since they are the same.

This one is branded as the USAPA official net. There really is no other difference.

Cosmetically, the powder coat paint on this net is more of light green, but other than that, it’s just branding.

3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System

3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System (Set Includes Metal Frame and Net in Carry Bag)
3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System (Image: Amazon)

The 3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System includes a metal frame and net in a carry bag.   As we mentioned above, the PickleNet Classic version (round poles) and the Rally Portable Pickleball Net by Pickleball Central with the same round pole design are the same product just rebranded.

Pickle-ball Inc sells the 3.0 Portable net.  All three of these have similar round pole designs, have the same weight, and come with a carry bag.

However, there are some noticeable differences between this portable system and the previous two. 

Because the first two have the same specification, we’ve grouped them to compare them both to the 3.0

Feature 3.0 Portable
Pickleball System
PickleNet Classic /
Rally Portable Net
End Base Size: 36″ x 1″ 20″ x 2″
Cross Bar Height: 8″ from ground 12″ from ground
Center base size: 8″ x 1″ 15″ x 2″
Net Size: 22′ x 30″ 22′ x 32″
Carry Case: Pockets for balls and paddles Main compartment dividers
Weight: 22 pounds 23 pounds

End Base: As you can see in the table above, the 3.0 System has larger base plates at either end of the net, about 16 inches longer than the other two systems.  In theory, the extra length should add stability to the ends, but the 3.0 base plates are curved and arch up off the ground, so while they are longer, the flat bottom of the PickleNet/Rally system feels more sturdy.  Some users also complain that the arched bases on the 3.0 are more of a tripping hazard -players running after a ball towards the sideline at the net could trip over the raised bases. Overall I prefer the flat, but shorter, bases of the PickleNet.

Center Base: The PickleNet/Rally design is a full seven inches wider than the 3.0, almost double the length. The base at the center serves two functions: it provides overall stability to the net and is the base for the center vertical rod that holds up the middle section of the net and keeps it from sagging.  This is a minor difference and doesn’t seem to have any adverse effect on the quality of the net.

Crossbar height: all portable pickleball net systems have a crossbar that runs parallel to the court’s surface. It not only gives the overall structure to the expanse of the net but supports the bottom of the net.  The classic design of the PickleNet and Rally nets is a full 4 inches higher off the ground.  This causes the crossbar to sit higher on the net.

Although the 3.0 design is aesthetically pleasing (the crossbar rides right along the lower lip of the net), I personally like that the PickleNet rides higher and adds stability to the net. This is especially useful when balls are hit hard into the bottom portion of the net. It seems less likely to lift up the bottom of the net.

Net Size: Because the 3.0 net is shorter, you’ll have an extra 2″ of space between the bottom of the net and the ground.  I think the less space, the better, I prefer the 32″ net that comes with the PickleNet since when taut at 34″ at the center of the court, you only have two inches of space between the bottom tab of the net and the ground which is just about perfect, it’s what you’d find on most tennis courts. Any more space and a pickleball could escape through the gap.

Carrying Case: All of these models come with a convenient carry case. They are all made out of heavy-duty material and are designed to carry the entire portable net system.  The 3.0 does excel here with the addition of mesh pockets for paddles and balls.  The zippered mesh pockets are designed to store four pickleballs and an interior pocket to store four pickleball paddles. I prefer to carry my paddles in a dedicated pickleball backpack to protect them, but this carry case does give you the option if you wanted to store everything in one place.

Weight: Overall, weight isn’t a real concern here since all three net systems weigh within a pound of each other (~22-23 lbs). They are all lightweight. The weight, of course, is an essential factor, especially when looking for a portable system. Still, when comparing these three nets, it’s not an issue, although if you compare to the oval design of the newer PickleNet, which weighs in at 32 pounds, the weight could be a deciding factor. 

ONIX Portable Pickleball Net

Onix Pickleball Portable Net with Carrying Case
Onix portable pickleball net (Image: Amazon)

This portable net from Onix Sports is made with sturdy interlocking round steel poles and a wide steel base. The net includes a center post to keep the net at the standard 34″.  One of the nice features to the net are the durable straps (similar to the type you would find on a heavy-duty backpack).

The whole kit weighs a total of 25 pounds and comes with a carrying case measuring 40” L x 7” W x 5” H.  The wheeled carry case is a big plus, there are several nets on the market that weight 25 to 35 lbs. and do not have wheels.

You may regret buying a carry case without wheels, carrying a 25 pounds back and forth from the pickleball courts can get tiresome (and some sets weight up to 35 lbs).

The drawback on this net from Onix is made with round steel tubes are not as heavy-duty as the oval design by Oncourt/Offcourt. The flip side is that while they are less durable, they are lighter.

Onix Pickleball Portable Net with Carrying Case
Carrying Case does have wheels

The #1 question to ask yourself is: how important is the portable feature?

For some people, especially those that are toting the nets around a lot, from court to court frequently during the week, weight it most likely going to be a top priority.

The difference of 7-8 pounds adds up when you are dragging it around. On the other hand, if you are just using this net in the driveway and carrying it back and forth to the garage or backyard,  the extra weight probably is not a big deal. As mentioned, the Onix net does have wheels on the carrying case, which is a significant advantage on a portable net system.

Onix Sports is a pickleball equipment company known primarily for its paddles and maker of the popular Pure 2 ball, which has become one of the most popular selling pickleball balls on the market.

They also make several high-end paddles, including the very popular Z5 paddle as well as few edgeless models.

  • Sturdy Straps and Center Post.
  • The carrying case has wheels.
  • Weights 25 lbs, which is lighter than some other nets on the market.
  • Round tubing compared to newer oval designs on the market. More likely to bend or twist over time.

Picklenet Deluxe: Best Pickleball Net on Wheels

OnCourt OffCourt PickleNet Deluxe – Easy Assembly / Portable Pickleball Net / Official Size
Pickleball Net On Wheels (Image: Amazon)

So far, all of the pickleball nets we have reviewed have been portable systems that are designed to be stored after each use.

If you are looking for a more permanent net (but still portable) that can be easily moved without having to break the net down, check out the PickleNet Deluxe (Amazon).

Compare price on Manufacturer’s website here:  (Oncourt/Offcourt).

The Deluxe Net has the same overall design as the PickleNet portable but with a heavier-duty construction and the addition of a pair of locking 4″ wheels on each of the side bases.

OnCourt OffCourt PickleNet Deluxe – Easy Assembly / Portable Pickleball Net / Official Size
Wheels lock in place to keep pickleball net from moving during a game.

This design makes it easy to push the net across a gym floor, which is especially useful in indoor pickleball courts that are sharing the same space with other sports such as volleyball, badminton, etc.

The net can be quickly wheeled aside and then wheeled back into position the next time you play pickleball. The locking wheels allow it to be fixed in one spot directly at the center of the court and prevent it from moving accidentally during play.

This net would be ideal for community centers, schools, gyms, or rec centers where pickleball does not have a permanent court, and you need a quick and easy way to convert the space from one sport to another.

The wheels also solve the problem of kids or older adults risking injury by lifting and moving a heavy net as this model smoothly glides across the floor.  It could also be handy for outdoor pickleball, for example, if you play in your driveway or cul-de-sac, this net could be wheeled into a garage too and stored without having to break it down.  Here is a quick video to give you a better idea.

Approved Pickleball Net Specifications

Let’s quickly review the specifications of a USAPA (official pickleball association) regulation net to make sure you pick the right one.

According to the USAPA and current IFP rulebook: an official, regulation pickleball nets to be used in tournament play must meet the following specifications:

Pickleball Net Dimensions:  

The net should have a total width of at least 20 feet. Standard nets are 22′ long to cover the 20′ wide court, plus one foot of net on each side as net posts must be 12″ from the sideline.

Pickleball Net Height

It should be 36 inches (0.914 m)at the sideline and 34 inches (0.86 m) at the center.

  • Center strap can be used if needed to keep the net taut at standard 34″ height.
  • Mesh size of the netting should be sufficiently small to prevent standard pickleball ball from passing through the net.
  • The top band of the net should be edged with a 2 inch (5.1 cm) white binding over a cord or cable running through the binding.
  • Posts: Net posts should be placed outside the sidelines. The recommended placement is 12 inches (30.48 cm) from the sideline.

Pickleball Net Buyers Guide:

What to look for in a pickleball net:

  • Steel poles: Avoid cheap aluminum poles.
  • Powder Coating: Helps protect the metal pole structure of the net from the elements.
  • Center Pole: As per official pickleball regulations, the net should be suspended at 34″, without a center pole it’s tough to keep the middle of the net at the proper height.
  • Center Base Support: Apart from the pole to hold up the net, a solid quality base at the center adds stability to the net. The base should be steel, flat bottom, and heavy-duty.
  • Weight: Net set with all poles generally weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. Heavier sets usually indicate more heavy-duty construction (steel tubing and solid base), but the lighter weight may appeal to players who have to carry the set a long-distance or move it frequently.

Nice optional features to have in a pickleball net:

  • Wheeled Carry Case: Having a carrying case with wheels is a bonus, especially a nice benefit for the heavier sets if you have to carry it a long distance to the court or move often.
  • Ball Holder Attachment: One of the nets on the list comes with an attachable ball holder that connects to one of the net poles.  This pickleball accessory can be purchased separately for nets that are no sold with one if it’s something you want to add later. 

Why do so many pickleball nets look so similar?

If you are shopping for a pickleball net, you may notice that many of the competitor’s nets look almost identical. Honestly, I’ve set some of the nets on this list side-by-side, and they are hard to tell apart from the logo.

One of the reasons for this is that some pickleball equipment manufacturers sell the same nets to distributors who then private label them as their own. So, if they are so similar (or in at least three cases are identical), what is the most important thing to look for when buying a pickleball net?

  • The quality of the tubingThe biggest difference in the pipes is the shape.  Recently a newer redesign came on the market using oval tubing instead of round tubes. The oval ones are more sturdy and less likely to twist or bend compared to the round tubes.  There is a very noticeable difference when you put the nets together, the heavier design of the oval tube and the shape itself makes less likely to bend out of shape even after repeatedly putting the net together and breaking it down many times. 

Although the oval tubes will add about 7 pounds to the total weight of the complete pickleball net, the extra weight seems worth it.

How to decide between 3 of these if they are basically the same net?

Good question!  I think the answer comes down to preference between these choices. You may also want to check prices all three and compare to see if any of them are currently being sold at a discount or if the seller is including any bonus items (sometimes they are bundled with a ball holder or other accessory). 

  1. Buy PickleNet from the original manufacturer (Oncourt/Offcourt) that holds the patent for the oval poles.
  2. Buy the Rally net, which is bundled with the attachable ball holder that goes on the net and holds eight balls (if this is something you think you’d use).
  3. Buy the USAPA branded net, to me, this is just a question of personal preference, although I can see if you are organizing local tournaments. For example, it might look good to have the “USAPA” nets for competitions -although again, it’s just branding since the construction is identical.

Tubing: Oval vs. Round

Oval Pickleball Tube
New Oval Design (Pickleball Net)
Pickleball net assembly
Older Round Design (Pickleball Net Poles)

Caring for Pickleball Net

Although the pickleball nets on this list are made with steel and are covered powder-coated in rust-resistant paint, they are not totally rustproof. Wind, rain, extreme heat, or cold and UV light will all cause wear and tear, and extended outdoor exposure will shorten the lifespan of the nets.

Unlike heavy-duty permanent nets and posts (like the kind you find installed at outdoor tennis and pickleball courts), these portable net systems are designed to be stored after each use and kept in a dry place.

To extend the life of your net purchase it would be best to store it in the included carry case, if it does get left out in the rain it’s best to dry with a soft cloth and ensure that no water has leaked inside the poles before long term storage as this increases the chance for rust.

How To Set-Up The Pickleball Net Quickly:

After some practice, you should be able to assemble the net without looking at any written instructions. Users that have put together several times can put it together or break it down in as little as three minutes.

  1. Put together the horizontal poles first. Use the photo of the assembled net as a reference.
  2. Place two end bases roughly 22′ apart.
  3. Snap together the 2-piece center support and place halfway between the two end bases.
  4. Insert each bent pole, then connect three straight poles (that have no end caps) on each side towards the center base.
  5. Insert two vertical net posts (with end caps) into each end base. The frame assembly is now complete.
  6. Slide net sleeve over each of the vertical net posts.
  7. Insert center strap rod through the rectangular opening in the center support base.
  8. Secure small, round vertical pole using Velcro.
  9. Adjust net straps until the net is tight across.
  10. When correct, the center strap should end up at the regulation height of 34″off the ground. Then measure one foot in from either end of the net, this should measure 36″ high.  To adjust side height, slide net sleeves on either post up or down as needed.

Other Portable Nets We Considered

With the exponential growth of the sport, many new sporting goods makers are coming out with pickleball accessories. Wilson, the well-known tennis racket manufacturer, entered the market a few years ago with their line of paddles.

They also sell the Wilson Portable Pickleball Net System. We did review the net here along with other Wilson pickleball equipment, but we decided not to include it here in this list of best pickleball nets for reasons we explain in that review. If you are a particular fan or just curious about their net, please click the link above.

Franklin is another big name in sporting goods that recently entered the market with their Pickleball-X line of paddles, balls, and gear, including pickleball gloves, wrist bands, and other accessories. Franklin also came out with a portable net.

It is marketed as a “Premier Tournament Net Set.” Without going into a long review here, I’ll simply say at this point with all the quality nets available on the market. I decided not to include this one. I think it will need some development before it would rank above the nets we’ve already reviewed.

I would be cautious if you see marketing claims such as “Premium,” there are other companies such as Pickleball Gear selling a “Premium Portable Pickleball Net” or the Wolfe Sports Portable Pickleball Net (“Tournament”). Still, I don’t see anything above and beyond in these nets that warrant them to be classified as “premium” or “tournament” nets, nor have I seen these ever used in local pickleball tournaments.

As we’ve discussed already, a lot of the nets on the market are resold as a private label, so they look identical to others that we have reviewed previously.  I would stick to the shortlist we’ve curated here as they are all sold by established pickleball companies with a long history of producing quality products and providing professional customer service.

Why Avoid Starter Pickleball Nets:

Although you’ll initially save some money on inexpensive nets, in the long run, I think it’s a bad investment since they tend to be lower quality, and many of them are not the official size for pickleball.  Some of these nets look and feel more like a kid’s toy.  Apart from the quality issues that these nets have, they also may have a long-term negative impact on your pickleball game.

If you get used to playing on these starter sets (especially a net that is a few inches shorter than USAPA regulation height), you’ll most likely be frustrated later. When trying to play on a standard pickleball net, many of your shots don’t even clear the net.

I’ve also seen nets as small as 12′ wide being sold (10 feet less than official width of 22 feet!). While it might be fun to set up for kids to play around with, it’s really a waste of your money if you want to play a real game of pickleball.

The lesson I Learned Buying a Cheap Starter Set:

It was for a different sport, but I think the lesson is worth sharing.  My son played basketball for years. When he was a young teenager, I made the mistake of buying a starter net for our driveway. It was that was shy of the official height, but it didn’t seem like a big deal. At least he could practice every day. While I did save some money on the cheaper net, it did a number on his shot- when he tried out for the team after a summer of shooting hoops in the yard, almost all his shots were coming up short…his shooting form had improved a ton. Still, his muscle memory had developed to shoot at a hoop that was 6 inches shorter than the official height-can you say airball?  With practice, he eventually reworked his shot, so it wasn’t a tragedy. Putting it in perspective, the small amount of money you save over the life of the set doesn’t make it worth it. 

The One Time I DID Buy a Starter Net:

So I admit, here I do contradict myself somewhat, but I have bought starter sets before. There is one time I do think it makes sense. I already hinted at it at the beginning, but the only time I have bought a cheaper starter set was for a summer family reunion.  We have an extensive extended family and get together once a year in July. With all the cousins and different generations, there are over 150 people at the party at a rec center!

We take turns organizing it, so a different family member organizes the event each year.  With so many kids (and adults) looking for activities, we set up multiple nets (volleyball, badminton) toss games (horseshoes, corn hole) and organize other games like softball and kickball for the kids.  Each family brings food and also some sports equipment to share- but we also have a shared pool of stuff that gets stored in big Rubbermaid tubs and is passed on to the member whose turn it is to organize the event the following year.

Realistically we are not going to buy top of the line sports gear for a one-day event that only occurs once a year.  Over the years, we have replaced worn stuff and also try to add at least one new game each year to keep it interesting (this year we added Spikeball, which was a ton of fun!)  We organized a little tournament with small prizes.

To let the kids play different racket sports without setting up too many different nets, we decided to try this adjustable net. It’s only 10 feet wide so it is not a real pickleball net. But the cool thing is the height can easily be adjusted from 34″ to 60″  so you can play pickleball, badminton and volleyball all using the same net. It’s quick to set up (under 5 mins) and easy to adjust the height (kids can do it on their own).

So as I said before,  if you are serious about pickleball, this net is NOT for you, but for a one-day event, it does add a lot of options, and you get a lot of bang for your buck.  I could see using this at the beach, picnics, campgrounds, block parties, or other neighborhood or family get-together.   If you’ve read the blog before you may have seen my similar post on pickleball sets (net, paddles & balls all sold as a set), although I generally do not recommend them for serious players, they can be an affordable way to organize large parties or reunions and provide lots of fun for large groups. 

Our Top Pick for Best Pickleball Net is:

  • PickleNet By Oncourt Offcourt

In our opinion, the best net on the market is the newer version of the PickleNet by Oncourt Offcourt with it’s patented design and oval tubing. Although you can buy rebranded versions of this same design, we recommend buying this one made by the original manufacturer.

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10 thoughts on “7 Best Pickleball Nets 2024 Reviews: Portable Net vs On Wheels”

  1. If you were truly trying to save a person some time in pickleball nets, you would have got down to the nittygritty of nets. You just wasted my time. Each company posts sizes of nets, and price for info. I was looking as stated in my heading for used nets, period. …….

    • Hi Green,

      Sorry you feel I wasted your time.

      I always try to give a quick summary at the beginning of each article
      (in this one I gave the recommendation for the best net in the first paragraph).

      But honestly, my ultimate goal with this website isn’t to give quick answers.
      I’m actually kind of embarrassed to admit how many hours I spent researching pickleball nets, it’s kind of to the point of ridiculous.
      The same is true for pretty much every article on my site.
      My wife tells me I’m obsessed and should spend less time on pickleball and she is probably right.

      I’m frugal by nature, I got it from my parents who were born during the great depression.
      I just won’t buy anything without doing a lot of research. These nets are over $150 which for me
      (and a lot of my readers) is not an amount of money I’m willing to spend on a whim.

      So yes, I go into great detail on all my reviews…and go over every aspect including the posts, weight and other specifications.
      A lot of people appreciate my habit of being so thorough- but I can understand it’s not for everyone.

      I’m a little confused on your comment about you looking for used nets in the “header”.
      Anyway, I do have an article on how to find used pickleball gear but honestly I don’t recommend you click on it- it’s really long and full of details-so you might find it a waste of time.

      I hope you were able to find what you were looking for elsewhere.
      Gotta love the Internet (and the Back button!).


  2. I teach pickleball at different places and have to tote my nets in and out of the car on a daily basis. The wheels offered on the Onyx bag are a good idea. Wish I could buy the bag separately.

    As for the best nets, I like the oval design. Yes, it might be a bit heavier, but the sturdiness is worth the price. I also like that the new nets use a flat center post rather than the round post. Another nice feature is that the center foot can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can put your post on the right side and the net on the other, without having to switch the end poles.

    As for the issue with the center post breaking through the net. There is a product out there that is taking care of that. It’s call Mend-a-Net and you can find it at the http://convertanet.com website. This looks better than gorilla tape and will most likely outlast the whole net system. Many have used it after the damage is done, but it might be worth getting before the damage starts.

    Great article and very informative.

    • -Ernie,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment on the Onix Net and the link you provided,
      it looks like a useful accessory to mend pickleball nets.

  3. I teach pickleball at different places and have to tote my nets in and out of the car on a daily basis. The wheels offered on the Onyx bag are a good idea. Wish I could buy the bag separately.

    As for the best nets, I like the oval design. Yes, it might be a bit heavier, but the sturdiness is worth the price. I also like that the new nets use a flat center post rather than the round post. Another nice feature is that the center foot can be rotated 360 degrees so that you can put your post on the right side and the net on the other, without having to switch the end poles.

    As for the issue with the center post breaking through the net. There is a product out there that is taking care of that. It’s call Mend-a-Net and you can find it at the http://convertanet.com website. This looks better than gorilla tape and will most likely outlast the whole net system. Many have used it after the damage is done, but it might be worth getting before the damage starts.

    Great article and very informative.

  4. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for the helpful article. Based on your information and the price point, I ordered the Onix net. Our family plans to use it at a community tennis court located within a park area – quite a long haul from the parked car. As such, the weight difference and bag wheels are more critical than the quality and sturdiness that comes with the oval design. Plus you hinted the Oncourt/Offcourt net was less durable.

  5. Matt, thanks for all of the great information. I am thinking the PickleNet Deluxe with wheels may be a good solution for our club, where we are considering painting lines for 4 pickleball courts on 2 tennis courts. We want sturdy nets and prefer not to have to set them up every time we play, though I know it only takes a few minutes to do so. Ideally we would be able to leave the nets outside as the courts are across the street from a shed where we could store them. Have you seen any storage system that would enable you to keep the nets set up but provide protection from the elements? (We would probably also use a combination lot to avoid theft.) Are the side bases easily removable as that looks like a challenge to storing of 4 of these in a wooden structure or canvas cover. Do you know what the length of the base is? Any other ideas?

  6. Hello PB Addicts,
    Live in hot, humid Florida and near the coast. We currently have 2 PickleNet Deluxe systems. Our 2 courts are a Tennis shared design so units must be moved frequently.
    Our systems remain outside 24/7 and the frame drips rust on the court and the frame sags major.
    We are looking at replacing both with the all alum./stainless screws frame. Mainly concerned about the strength. Has anyone seen one of these systems and have an opinion ??

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