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Electrum Pro Limited Edition CNP middle weight pickleball paddle review: enough spin to eviscerate your enemy

The Electrum Pro has the personality of a professional and a strong presence in the kitchen.

electrum pro pickleball paddle
This is a paddle that takes time to dial in and is very sensitive, therefore I would not recommend it for beginners. The grip is skinny, but if you have small hands and an ability to control your game, you will have a lot of fun with spin and dinking in the kitchen. You can also just add tape if you prefer a thicker handle. You can get plenty of power out of the paddle, but it requires a meticulous swing to hit the ball accurately.  

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Paddle Weight7.8 – 8.0 oz
Paddle Face MaterialSuper-Gritty Raw Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core MaterialPolypropylene Honeycomb
Paddle ShapeWide Body
Paddle Length15 1/2″
Paddle Width8 1/2″
Grip Size4 1/4″
Handle Length4″
Core Thickness12mm

First Look

Out of the box, it immediately struck me that the electrum pro has a unique carbon fiber face that I had never seen before. It has a very glossy and smooth look and feel. This is no doubt a professional-grade paddle that is designed for players looking to add spin to their shots, but it may be a challenging option for those who are not experienced or skilled. This paddle features advanced materials and construction techniques that can make it harder to control than an entry-level option. The smaller sweet spot on this paddle will make it more unpredictable for beginners and the increased spin potential can make it difficult to keep the ball in play if you dont have the proper technique. 

Build Quality

Designed in the well known Silicon Valley, the electrum pro has a high build quality and sharp lines. It looks like a race car… If you want to stand out on the court, it is certainly a good option. The modern and stylish clean design is visually appealing, but dont let it fool you. Function over fashion! After playing with this paddle for two minuets, I noticed that the carbon fiber face had noticeable blemishes as you can see in the photo below. However I will say that I was able to easily whip away the marks with just my hands and the integrity of the surface seems to have stayed intact.

electrum pro paddle


The skinny grip feels nice in the hand at first, but when you start making power swings, you will realize that you need to grip the handle as tightly as you can, otherwise the grip seems to shift around in the hand making it difficult to make accurate shots. The skinny grip also makes the paddle feel a little top heavy. 

I realize that thinner paddle will not have as much support around the ball as thicker ones, but there is not a lot of forgiveness and it requires a confident swing if you want to get the most out of this paddle. Once you figure out how the paddle plays, it can be a lot of fun shaping your shots, but the fact that it responds in irregular ways can be frustrating. If you do not hit the ball in the sweet spot, if feels like hitting the inside of a baseball bat in cold weather… 

I consider myself an advanced player, and even I would prefer something that is a little more forgiving so that when I lose a little bit of focus, there’s at least a chance that I will keep the ball in play with a bad shot. If you do not hit the ball directly in the middle of the paddle, the ball barely travels any distance and you will feel a lot of vibration in the paddle. A thicker grip would probably help with the overall accuracy though, perhaps you can add several layers of tape to bridge the gap. 

electrum pro paddle


Although the paddle has a small sweet-spot, it does feel marvelous when you make good contact with the ball and there is virtually no vibration at all. For how thin the core is, I would credit the electrum pro with a decent amount of power. Driving the ball with speed to a specific spot on the court can be a challenge until you build up a feel for where the sweet spot is. The smaller grip size could be well suited for those with small hands, but I find that it shifts around in my hand, especially on hard hitting shots.

Soft Game

When you engage the soft game, this paddle comes to life. The electrum pro is a pleasure in the kitchen. This is probably due to the slower pace near the net where you have more time to make a thoughtful strike on the ball. The response that comes off of the paddle when you hit the ball in the kitchen is much more consistent.


I have a lot of fun with this paddle giving the ball sharp turns that leave people questioning whether or not this paddle is on the tournament approved list. Absolutely worth the purchase if you can afford to add this option to your bag as a secondary fun paddle to play with when there is nothing on the line. I just think it is too unpredictable to use it as a daily driver. 


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