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Apart from a funny pickleball t-shirt or bumper sticker, a  keychain is another great way to show off your passion for the game.

Are you looking for a pickleball keychain or pickle themed keychain? Well, you’ve come to the right place. It’s funny that such a small item gets so much attention.

I have mini ball keychain and my pickleball playing friends ask me on a regular basis where to get one.

A keychain (or key ring) is a great way to show off of your love of your favorite hobby or sport and nice way to personalize and accent your keys with a little color.

A keychain is also a novelty item that make for a great pickleball themed gift, they are small and generally affordable. If you are looking for a gift for a pickleball player that already has all the gear they need, it’s an original gift to give that they may not have. We’ve looked high and low for the most interesting and fun pickle shaped keychains and keyrings for pickleball players.

Pickle Shaped Keychains​

Are you a pickle lover, gardener or expert at pickling?  Although our site is dedicated to pickleball we realize you may have landed here just for your shared love of anything pickle-related. We’ll whatever reason you have for wanting a pickle-shaped keychain the more the merrier.  Here are some cool ones to consider:

Mort and Rick Pickle Rick Rick Sanchez Laser Gun Plumbus Metallic Alloy Keychain Key Ring With Key Hook (Pickle Rick)

This alloy metal pickleball keychain is the latest arrival on the list. The design features “Pickle Rick”, a goofy looking character with buggy eyes and crooked teeth. The detail is actually quite good on the piece with a pretty expressive face. The ring is made of black metal with a lobster claw clasp (for hooking on to belt loop).

The pickle shape measures 5 cm (approximately 2 inches) with another 2 inches of linked chain connected to the key ring and clasp. The quality of the chain is somewhat lacking but for the price is affordable.  Click here to check it out on Amazon.

Pickle Keychain, Wood Twist Cable Keychain - Small If you are looking for something a little more simple and discrete, this keyring is made of American Cherry Wood with a laser cut illustration of a pickle. The ring is made of of twist cable and has a twist clasp to secure the keys. A nice option is that the keyring comes in two sizes (1.25 in and 2 inches).

Customized Pickle Keychain with Monogram

Pickle keychain, pickle charm, food keychain, personalized keychain, initial keychain, initial charm, customized keychain, monogram This metal pickle keychain has the unique feature that it is also a personalized charm bracelet with a monogram in the form of a lettered charm attached to the keyring.

In addition to green shown in the photo, the company also has this same style in silver and golden finishes. 

This piece of jewelery is handmade in West Virginia by “TooDaughters” out of antique silver pewter (9mm).   On checkout, you just write in the letter you want to be monogramed on the charm.

As an added bonus, the pickle keyring is delivered in a small gift box and hand written note.

Pickleball Ball Keychains

Pickleball Marketplace - (2) Pickleball Keychains These are probably the pickleball keyrings I see the most often, and for good reason.   People love the mini ball, it’s a small replica of a full sized pickleball It’s easily recognizable – people will know your a pickler- and fun.

The price is pretty reasonable, realistically it’s a plastic keychain with a simple metal ball chain.  The price works out better if you buy them in a pair – if you have a use for two or want to give them as gifts.

It’s round shape is also easy to grab, I bought a few of these and use them as zipper tags of my duffel bag since it makes it easier to open and close than the little metal ones that came on the bag.

Metal Pickleball Keychains

This is a silver key ring little more ornate. It’s got a few things going on – a heart shaped center with some bling and the word PICKLEBALL in caps made of  sterling plated metal.

In addition it has a small, green glass pickleball charm. There is no actual ring included, but there is a lobster clasp to clip onto an existing key ring.

It’s definitely a unique looking accessory and a step up from the plastic ball if you are looking for something this style (silver heart…).  I’ve tried to describe it but it’s probably easier to check it out on Amazon here where you can zoom in on the photo and decide for yourself. 

Pickleball Paddle Cover With Bottle Opener And Key Chain If you’re looking for a gift, this combo package includes a neoprene pickleball cover, a metal bottle opener and a metal pickleball keychain. Both the case and the bottle opener have the words: Eat, Sleep, Pickleball.  The bright yellow keychain resembles a pickleball (flat disc not a globe) so it would fit easier in your pocket than the bulkier mini ball that we showed above.

Actually at the current price, it’s a pretty good deal considering you’d pay about the same for just the neoprene sleeve and you also get a bottle opener and keychain with it.  Also if you are giving it as a gift

You can also use a keychain on your pickleball bag as a zipper pull, it makes it easier to zip the pockets open and is a good way to tell your bag apart from others- especially if there are other people with the same bag

If you are a pickleballer or have a friend that plays, you probably know there are a lot of us that can’t stopped talking about the game and showing off our love of the sports (this is also known as “OPD” Obsessive Pickleball Disorder :).

Hopefully this list of keychains helped you find what you were looking for. If you know of any cool ones out there that we missed, please leave us a comment below so we can add it to the collection.

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