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adidas Men's Adizero II Visor, Black/White, One Size If you play outdoor tennis or pickleball, you’ve probably been annoyed by the sun at some point, which is why we created this guide to finding the best men’s sun visors.

While it’s great to get out in the sun and feel the rays, the sunlight in your eyes and the glare can affect your game.  As we’ve talked about in the past, from a health perspective, there are important reasons to wear a quality pair of tennis sunglasses when you play.

Pairing those with a good sun visor,  like this one from Adidas,  makes for a great combination to provide added protection from UV rays on your forehead and face – and also cuts down on the glare that can creep in even if you are wearing “wrap-around” sunglasses.

Wearing a sun visor also helps create a constant level of light and neutralizes the handicap of having to adjust every time you change sides on the court or when the sun peaks in and out of the clouds.

Apart from the Adidas sun visor mentioned above, there are plenty of quality options from several major sports gear brands.  We’ve reviewed all the visors we could find to come up with this list of top picks for the best visors.  Here are the criteria we used to rate them:

Buying a Sun VisorThings to consider:

UV Protection:  as we’ve talked about before – due to family history with skin cancer – we are cautious when it comes to being in the sun​ for extended periods and try to use clothes that have built-in UV protection whenever possible. The visors with UV got extra points on our ratings.

Fit: It’s essential that you are comfortable, and the brim fits your head snugly without being too tight. There are different closures available: clasps, velcro straps, adjustable drawstring.

Wicking fabric: sweating is just a given.  If you are playing pickleball or tennis in the sun, even a moderately aggressive game, you are going to sweat. These visors are made with tech fabric designed to wick moisture and dry quicker than traditional fabric.

Best Men’s Sun Visors

Adidas Men’s Adizero II Visor Review

adidas Men's Superlite Performance Visor, Black/White, ONE SIZE
Adidas Men’s Superlite Performance Visor


The Adidas Men’s Adizero II Visor is our top pick. If you are looking for a visor, you can use for an active lifestyle (like tennis, pickleball or other outdoor activities) the Adizero II should be on your shortlist.

This visor features Adidas “Climacool” mesh fabric. If you are familiar with the brand’s product line of climate control clothing, you’ll appreciate the benefits of this moisture-wicking material. If you have not used it, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.  This same technology is used in a wide range of Adidas products- for example, their breathable gym shirts.

The visor is made of a mixture of polyester (87%) and spandex.  The hat comes in “one size fits all,” so there is no guessing about sizes. The back of the visor features a “Hook-and-Loop” closure (click to see up-close photos). The strap goes through a hook, doubles back, and closes using a velcro strap.

As far as style, there are over a dozen colors available for you to choose from.

As with almost any product, there are some disadvantages, and this visor is not perfect for everyone.

  • The brim measures approximately 2.5 inches, which may seem short for some people – although this is pretty standard.  I’ve measured every baseball hat and visor I have, and the average is 2.75 inches, so this Adidas visor seems about right to me.
  • The visor is a little on the small side. If you’ve got an unusually large noggin, you may want to look at other visors. ​

Nike Men’s Tech Visor Review

Nike Golf Tech Visor, University Red, Adjustable
Nike Golf Tech Visor

The Nike Men’s Tech Visor is made with “Dri-Fit” fabric designed to wick sweat and dry quickly. The stretch fabric gives the headband a comfortable fit. Like the previous visor, it comes in only one size and closes with an adjustable velcro strap.

It is designed to fit all sized heads, although a small percentage of buyers complain that it’s too small, the consensus is that it fits as expected.

This Nike visor comes in a dozen solid colors. The stitching is done in the same color to match the fabric. The iconic “Swoosh” logo is stitched into the front of the crown of the visor in black or white thread (depending on the background color).

In theory, it could be unisex although it is marketed as a Men’s visor – the main difference is the women’s version is made for smaller heads, so while some women may be fine with this one, more likely to get a good fit with a women’s visor.


  • The strap could be of better quality.
  • Some buyers report receiving visors with stripes or colored stitching, so the advertising photos may be slightly misleading.
  • The visor tends to get out of shape when washed in a washing machine. Although this is a common problem with most billed caps and visors. You should either hand wash, use a gentle setting on the machine, or wash them inside a protective hat washing cage if you want to extend the life of it.

Under Armour Men’s Shadow 4.0 Run Visor Review

Under Armour Men's Shadow 4.0 Run Visor, White (100)/Reflective, One Size Fits All
Under Armour Men’s Shadow 4.0 Run Visor

The Under Armour Men’s Shadow 4.0 Run Visor is made of 100% polyester.   The fabric is on par with the two other visors we reviewed above. The visor uses UA’s “Moisture Trasport System,” which is a fancy way of saying it wicks sweat and dries faster. It’s comparable to other quick-dry fabrics.

The Under Armour visor has a lower profile than some other visors and sits a little lower on your head.  The fabric is slightly reflective for those that use it at night or low-light conditions (it’s designed with runners and walkers in mind). ​

Apart from that, the logo and rear wordmark on the strap are also reflective. The colors are limited, but the ones they do have are very- especially the deep blue.


  • Limited color selection
  • The logo is large, and prominently displayed on the front – if you’re not a fan of logos on gear. ​
  • Again, like most visors – there is a minority of people that say it’s small- but the overwhelming opinion is that this fits an average adult head.

If you are looking for a good quality men’s sun visor for playing tennis, pickleball, or other outdoor sports, we feel any of these three would be a good match. There are many other brands available, but we eliminated many of these from the list for simple reasons- many of them are not designed for active sports where you will sweat a lot.

For example, Titleist, Callaway, Taylor Made all make quality golf visors, but because they are designed specifically for golf, they tend to have a harder brim and bill. They are less flexible, and also many do not have the quick-drying fabric that the ones on our list do have, which was one of the top priorities for us on this list.

Hopefully, this short list helped with your buying decision and gave you some ideas of what to look for in your next pickleball visor and saved you some time by providing some good options to choose from.  ​Feel free to leave questions or comments below.

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