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Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Comparison Guide

Selkirk Paddle comparison

Selkirk Sport is a relatively new company on the pickleball scene, a family run business founded in 2013 in northern Idaho near the Selkirk mountain range (thus the company name). All of their paddles are made in the USA in their own 6,000 sq.ft. facility.  Known for their high-end paddles with using the latest technology and attractive graphics which they print in-house -Selkirk paddles are seen in the hands of many recreational and professional players across the country and internationally.

Selkirk AMPED X5 Pickleball Paddles:

Selkirk paddle reviews
New Selkirk AMPED Paddles 2017. Source Selkirk Sports

In the fall of 2017, the company announced the release of the new Selkirk AMPED paddle line along with a brand new video produced by Selkirk that shows the story behind their company and the paddle technology used in their new pickleball paddles.

Selkirk launched it’s new “AMPED” paddle line that continues to push the limits of the technology being used in the industry.  The updated core materials feature their patent-pending  “X5” polypropylene core and the faces are finished in “FiberFlex Fiberglass”.

Since the launch, the new paddle line has been the talk among a lot of pickleball players and many of our readers reporting back with positive feedback even though these are some of the most expensive paddles currently on the market. Because of their weight and build quality (thicker core gives them a solid feel) and the grip of these paddles are also very popular with tennis players crossing over to pickleball (as well as players coming from racquetball  and other racket sports)

The new AMPed paddles have really become the brand’s flagship line and while many of their other paddles can still be found online, many of them are being discontinued in favor of the new “amped” equivalent. Continue below for help on deciding which paddle is best for you.

The new core has been a hit and many intermediate and advanced players appreciate the touch they get with the face and the power they get with this new core. One of the few complaints that were heard in the beginning was that the Amped paddles were all on the heavy side of the weight spectrum.

Lighter Weight AMPED Paddles:

In early 2018, Selkirk announced that they would extend the “Amped” line and now offer a lighter weight version of the paddles for players that want the same benefits and features of the X5 core but in a lighter weight version.

Which AMPED Paddle is right for me?

This is a common question we get from readers, with five models plus a lightweight option for each it’s a hard decision.  We’ve listed the weights of each option below the model, to help you decide.

If you are unsure what weight to get, check out our complete guide to buying pickleball paddles here.

Here are the top things to consider to narrow down your choice:

Selkirk Pickleball Paddle - Amped Epic Midweight Pickleball Racket - USAPA Approved - X5 Polypropylene Core - FiberFlex Fiberglass Face - Pickleball Racquet. (Epic MW Sapphire Blue)
Selkirk Pickleball Paddle – Amped Epic

Selkirk Epic:

Traditional paddle shape and long handle (5.25″).

If you are a tennis player or just don’t want an elongated shaped paddle- this is the most versatile.

If you are just not sure which to buy or have been playing long enough to favor a specialized shape- this would be the one to buy. 

Mid-weight Range:     7.9 oz. – 8.3 oz.             Lightweight Range: 7.3 oz. – 7.7 oz.

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddles X5 Polypropylene Core with FiberFlex Face (Epic, Omni, Maxima, S2) (S2 Lightweight - Sapphire Blue)
Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddles X5

Selkirk S2:

If you’re looking for consistency, this is your paddle.

If you don’t mind a slightly shorter handle (4.5″), this has the largest surface area and sweet spot. 

This gives you the biggest sweet spot in the AMPED line and the least chance for error.

Mid-weight Range:    8.0 oz. – 8.4 oz.              Lightweight Range: 7.4 oz. – 7.8 oz.

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddles X5 Polypropylene Core with FiberFlex Face (Epic, Omni, Maxima, S2) (Omni Sapphire Blue)
Selkirk Amped Omni Pickleball Paddle

Selkirk Omni: 

Are you a finesse/ touch player? This might be your best option. 

The Omni gives you some extra reach. If you like to rest your finger on the base of the paddle, this is also a good indication this shape is for you. 

If you play singles this is definitely worth taking a closer look at (for singles players, the decision is probably really just between this one and the Maxima below).

The S2 has a shorter handle than the Maxima. The Omni has a squared off paddle head compared to the rounded face of the Maxima.

Mid-weight Range:    7.8 oz. – 8.2 oz.              Lightweight Range: 7.2 oz. – 7.6 oz.

Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddles X5 Polypropylene Core with FiberFlex Face (Epic, Omni, Maxima, S2) (Maxima Morgan Sig. Sapphire)
Selkirk Amped Maxima Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk Maxima:

The longest paddle of the product line.

Singles players, this one is made for you! Longest reach and a long handle.

Tennis players will like this one for long-baseline shots and some extra reach that they are used to with a racket. 

Mid-weight Range:     7.8 oz. – 8.2 oz.             Lightweight Range: 7.2 oz. – 7.6 oz.

Selkirk INVIKTA Midweight Pickleball Paddle (Sapphire Blue)

Selkirk Invikta: 

Elongated paddle but without the exaggerated long shape.

Slightly squared-off shape with a long handle & large sweet spot.

This is becoming a very popular paddle for players that want the advantage of a longer paddle without the “blade” shape of many elongated paddles by other brands

Mid-weight Range:      7.9 oz. – 8.3 oz.            Lightweight Range: 7.3 oz. – 7.7 oz.

One key element to this new line is the unibody design which fuses the Fiberflex face and the X5 Core together for maximum durability and optimal performance. The updated core delivers a thicker and quieter pickleball paddle.  The whole concept behind “Amped” is to amplify the combination of Power and Control.

This is what some would call the holy grail of the industry, how to balance a paddle that maximizes TOUCH for the finesse shots while also maximizing POWER.  Until now, companies have had to sacrifice one of these characteristics to make room for the other,  so often times classify paddles as either “Power” or “Control or Touch”.

Selkirk claims to have developed materials that can maximize both of these with the ultimate “all-around” solution. The fact that the new paddles have been seen in the hands of Pro pickleball players such as Ty McGuffin (2017 USAPA Nationals Men’s Singles Open Champion)

Selkirk Epic 30p XL
Selkirk Epic 30p XL

Interestingly we had already selected the Selkirk 30P Epic as our top pick for Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle for All-Around Players so we’re excited to see this new and improved version of an already great paddle. Sept 2018: According to Selkirk’s own website, they’ve discontinued the classic 30P Epic in favor of the new AMPED version. Although they are not producing any more of these paddles and no longer offer them on their website, they are selling their remaining stock of the 30P here on Amazon (click to check if there are any left). 

The AMPED line includes new updated versions of the following paddles: Selkirk Epic, Selkirk Maxima, Selkirk S2, Selkirk Omni, and the new Invicta.  All of the paddles in the line feature the new Fiberflex face and X5 core. While the grip circumferences and paddle shapes vary (see specs below), they all feature the Selkirk ComfortGrip and have a comfortable grip circumference of 4.25” which should work well for average size hands.

The entire Amped line has been approved by the USAPA for tournament play.  At the time of writing this, the paddles had not been reviewed for noise, although the existing Epic, Omni, Maxima, and S1 were on the list of approved paddles for quiet green zones and the new X5 core is less noisy that they core used in previous models so we would be very surprised if the Amped line is not added to the list soon.

Here’s is a very recent video by Selkirk showing the research that went into the new Selkirk AMPED Paddle line. One of my favorite parts of the video is where they show the robotic arm cutting out the core material and the high-end graphics being printed in-house directly onto the paddle face!

Here is another new video from Pickleball coach Mark Renneson from Third Shot Sports with some helpful feedback and complete review of the new Selkirk Epic Amped paddles:

Click Here to Check Prices of the New Selkirk AMPED Paddles.

I thought it was interesting to see the new video above now compared to one I had seen a few years ago and to see how much they have modernized their production just a few years back when they were still constructing the paddles by hand.

Selkirk “Prime” Pickleball Paddles

Selkirk Prime Epic Pickleball Paddle (Purple)
Selkirk Prime Epic Pickleball Paddle

As we explain in more detail below, several of the best known Selkirk paddles have been discontinued to make way for the new AMPED paddles we reviewed and a brand new “Prime” product line that was launched in 2018. Many of these new upgraded Prime models are remakes and improvements of existing Selkirk paddles.

The Prime paddles all feature Selkirks new X4 Core™ and FiberFlex Face technology. The main benefit of these paddles is that they deliver a large sweet spot, have a face that gives a balance of power and control. Sound familiar?  It’s basically what the company claims with their AMPED (X5) cores.  So the trend from Selkirk seems to be resolving the age-old issue of Power vs. Control. It’s what their new paddles lines set out to solve.

X4 vs X5 cores….? If you go for the AMPED (X5) you’ll pay a premium, these are currently among the most expensive paddles on the market, however as we’ve mentioned above we rarely hear complaints by readers for spending that much, these are paddles for people that want to invest in quality pickleball equipment.

PRIME paddles offer similar balance but without the most expensive Selkirk core, you’ll also save roughly a 1/3 on the price tag so these could be a good match for serious buyers that want high-end paddles without necessarily paying for the top of the line AMPED paddles. 

Currently, the PRIME EPIC and PRIME S2 are available. The Epic is a remake of the classic line with the same name (20P, 30P, etc)  and the S2 is a rebranded version of the former Pro S1C

Selkirk offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer defects on all Prime products.

Selkirk Discontinued Pickleball Paddles

As the company explains on their own website, while the discontinued paddles will no longer be sold directly by Selkirk.

They ARE selling their remaining inventory on Amazon.com.

We’ve provided the direct link to Amazon below for each of the paddles if you want to check availability.

Below, we’ve given the newly upgraded paddle that’s the closest equivalent match to the older discontinued models.

and will be selling the new Prime models directly on the Selkirk website as well as Amazon and other retailers.

This could be a great opportunity to get one of these classic Selkirk paddles at a lower price than the AMPED or PRIME models (while supplies last).

Discontinued models:

20P Epic Composite:  This paddle with polymer honeycomb core has been a popular model for players looking for a lightweight (7.2 – 7.6 oz).  The one complaint we tend to hear about the 20P is the sweet spot. It’s smaller than other paddles. While it’s harder to consistently hit that spot when you do it does have great pop.

If you like the 20P but want to upgrade to the newer model, take a look at the Prime Epic or the Amped Epic (see above).

Pro S1C & S1C+:  The Pro S1 composite model is still one of our top picks for paddles for spin. This is made in two versions: FiberStrong Composite (for more power) and CarbonFlex Graphite (for more control). With the introduction of the new cores, Selkirk is doing away with this. If you’re able to still pick one up, it’s a pro-level paddle.

As of Feb 2019, these are out of stock, the PRIME S2 is the best replacement for the Pro S1C. 

21P Maxima Composite MXO: The older version of the composite Maxima. Same shape and body style. If you are looking for extra reach, especially if you’re a tennis player or playing singles pickleball, this would be a great match for you. This older model of the Maxima was still available the last time we checked on Amazon…

but once they’re gone, look to the AMPED Maxima (Lightweight model) for it’s the closest match. 

30P Epic Graphite: One of our favorite graphite paddles and still a top pick (as long as there is stock available) you can pick these up for about $50 less than the AMPED equivalent.

Once the stock is sold, you could look to the AMPED Epic (Lightweight model). If you are a current user of the 30P Enrique Ruiz version (which was a few ounces heavier than the standard model) then the Mid-Weight Epic would be the closest.

Selkirk Sport Omni 31P XO:  Another highly regarded graphite paddle. This elongated “Glen Peterson” signature model is a hit among singles players and a lot of pro players. At this point you probably see the pattern…the naming conventions really haven’t changed that much, they’ve kept the original “Omni” in the new paddle lines. The Omni weights a very light 7.0 oz – 7.3 ounces (especially for a  “long”). 

If you are opting for an AMPED, you’d want the lightweight version to closely match the feel of this one. 

300A | 300A+ & 200A | 200P:  These models were all variations on a similar theme. The “A” models all featured an aluminum core while the “P” referred to Polymer. The weights ranged mostly in the 7 and a half ounce range, with the 200P weighing in above 8 ounces.  Given the evolution of Selkirk paddles (especially considering the new cores compared to their older aluminum and earlier generation poly cores), for any of these 4 models, you could look at the newer EPIC.

The main decision is core and weight, whether you would want to go for the Prime X4 core or upgrade to the X5 Amped core. As far a weight goes, the Prime Epic would be closest in weight on average.

If you were previously playing with any of these 200 or 300 model paddles, you most likely would not be disappointed with either of the new Epic models.

Other Top Selling Selkirk Pickleball Paddles:

Selkirk Sport sets itself apart in the customer service category by offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of their Pickleball paddles. The warranty guarantees purchases against both workmanship and manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the paddle. If you do purchase a Selkirk paddle, be sure to activate your warranty by contacting the company directly.

You can register your Selkirk Paddle for warranty here, including paddles bought on third-party sites such as Amazon.com.

Many of the paddles in the Selkirk line utilize a polymer core (Polymer PowerCore technology). While comparing paddled, you can quickly identify these by the model names ending in P (Polymer) including the 20P, 30P, 31P whereas the models ending in A contain an aluminum core (300A).


Selkirk Sport NEO Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle with 2 Paddles and 4 Pickleballs
NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle

The Selkirk NEO is a great starter paddle for beginner players looking for a good amount of power. It’s also sold as a bundle which, along with a few balls, is a great alternative to some of the overpriced pickleball sets on the market

Weighing in at just under 8 oz, the paddle is on the heavier side which gives more drive than a lighter graphite paddle will. It made it on our list as one of the best affordable bundle sets to consider if you’re looking to buy more than one beginner paddle (ideal for a couple or family getting started in pickleball).

This is definitely a step up from a basic wooden paddle but still sold at an affordable price range. If your wallet can allow it, I recommend skipping the wood paddles and going for a mid-range composite paddle and this one from Selkirk would be one of the top picks in that category.

The NEO features a Polymer PowerCore honeycomb core that is also used in pro-level paddles like the 30P but sells at about half the price. The Neo has a composite paddle surface. The Neo is USAPA approved if you plan to enter a local tournament….and it carries a one year warranty.

Selkirk Latitude Widebody 

Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle - USAPA Approved - PowerCore Polymer Core - PolyFlex Composite Surface - EdgeSentry Protection - ThinGrip Handle (Lakeside Lime)
Selkirk Latitude Widebody Composite Pickleball Paddle

This wide-body recreation paddle is a good choice beginner or casual players looking for a quality composite paddle at a reasonable price. The Latitude weighs in at  6.9-7.5 ounces and has a traditional wide body shape that is the most versatile for starting players since it offers a lot of hitting space and ample sweet spot.

The PolyFlex Composite gives a little bite to the face which helps put spin on the ball.

For the price (less than half the cost of an AMPED paddle), it’s a great starter, classic shape, and well-balanced.

Check current price of the Latitude on Amazon.

Selkirk Sport 20P XL Epic Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

The Selkirk  20P is an upgrade from the Selkirk NEO.

The 20P offers more control and touch and weighs a few ounces less than the previous paddle. This overall build is similar to the NEO with its polymer core and composite paddle face.

If you’ve played with the NEO you’ll easily adapt to playing with the 20P as the build is similar although most players will notice the difference and appreciate the slightly quicker action with this lighter paddle.

Whether you are looking for your first paddle or if you are a player who is advancing in pickleball and working on perfecting your slow game at the net, the extra touch, and control that the 20P XL offers make this a good option.

Selkirk Sport 300A+ XL Plus Aluminum Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Selkirk  300A features the control and touch of other graphite paddles with the added power of a few extra ounces.

The 300A averages a total of 8.1 oz making it a good option for control style pickleball players looking to add some power to their drive.

Unlike the other two paddles reviews that feature polymer cores, the 300A has an aluminum honeycomb core with graphite face.

If you are looking for extra power while still maintaining your touch game at the net, put this paddle on your shortlist.

The one drawback with the 300A XL for some people is the weight. 

If you have any issues with tennis elbow or other injuries, the 8+ ounces may take its toll over time.  We recommend a mid-weight paddle (7 and a half ounce range)

Kid’s Pickleball Paddle Review

Although this is a fun toy for small kids, some pickleball equipment companies are now manufacturing Paddles made for junior players and a USAPA Juniors association for teenagers. 


Here is an interesting 3-minute interview with Rob Barnes, one of the founders of Selkirk Sports, showing how the paddles are made.

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  1. Would never buy a Selkirk again. Buyer be aware of Selkirk warranty. They don’t just send you a replacement. First you have to pay a US shipping fee, then you have to pay to ship the defective one back. By the time you spend that kind of money, you may as well just go buy a new paddle. Sending photos of the defective part, which was all the edging separating, wasn’t enough proof to have it replaced. Such a terrible way for a company to honour a warranty on one of their defective paddles. There are much better paddles out there to purchase….. check them out before buying Selkirk.


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