Selkirk Pickleball Paddles Reviews 2018 New AMPED X5 Series

Selkirk Paddle comparisonSelkirk Sport is a relatively new company on the pickleball scene, a family run business founded in 2013 in northern Idaho near the Selkirk mountain range (thus the company name). All of their paddles are made in the USA in their own 6,000 sq.ft. facility.  Known for their high-end paddles with using the latest technology and attractive graphics which they print in house -Selkirk paddles can seen in the hands of many recreational and professional players across the country and internationally.

Selkirk AMPED X5 Pickleball Paddles:

Selkirk paddle reviews
New Selkirk AMPED Paddles 2017. Source Selkirk Sports

In the fall of 2017 we updated this page with what at the time was their new Selkirk AMPED paddle line along with a brand new video produced by Selkirk that shows the story behind their company and the paddle technology used in their new pickleball paddles.

In 2017, Selkirk launched it’s new “AMPED” paddle line that continue to push the limits of the technology being used in the industry.  The  updated core materials feature their patent pending  “X5” polypropylene core and the faces are finished in “FiberFlex Fiberglass.

Since the launch, the new paddle line has been well received by pickleball players with many of our readers reporting back with positive feedback.  The new core has been a hit and many intermediate and advanced players appreciate the touch they get with the face and the power they get with this new core. One of the few complaints were heard in the beginning was that the Amped paddles were all on the heavy side of the weight spectrum.

Selkirk AMPED Pickleball Paddles X5 Polypropylene Core with FiberFlex Face (Epic, Omni, Maxima, S2) (AMPED Maxima Lightweight - Ruby Red)
One of the new Lightweight Amped Paddles (AMPED Maxima in Ruby Red)

In early 2018, Selkirk announced that they would extend the “Amped” line and now offer a lighter weight version of the paddles for players that want the same benefits and features of the X5 core but in a lighter weight version.  You can see all of the AMPED models together here and will see the lightweight and midweight paddles side by side

One key element to this new line is the unibody design which fuses the Fiberflex face and the X5 Core together for maximum durability and optimal performance. The updated core delivers a thicker and quieter pickleball paddle.  The whole concept behind “Amped” is to amplify the combination of Power and Control.

This is what some would call the holy grail of the industry, how to balance a paddle that maximizes both touch for the finesse shots while also maximizing POWER.  Until now, companies have had to sacrifice one of these characteristics to make room for the other,  so often times classify paddles as either “Power” or “Control or Touch”.

Selkirk claims to have developed materials that can maximize both of these with the ultimate “all-around” solution. The fact that the new paddles have been seen in the hands of Pro pickleball players such as Ty McGuffin (2017 USAPA Nationals Men’s Singles Open Champion)

Interestingly we had already selected the Selkirk 30P XL Epic as our top pick for Best Graphite Pickleball Paddle for All Around Players so we’re excited to see this new and improved version of already great paddle. 

The AMPED line includes new updated versions of the following paddles: Selkirk Epic, Selkirk Maxima, Selkirk S2 and the Selkirk Omni.  All of the paddles in the line feature the new Fiberflex face and X5 core. While the grip circumferences and paddle shapes vary (see specs below), they all feature the Selkirk ComfortGrip and have a comfortable grip circumference of 4.25” which should work well for average size hands.

The entire Amped line has been approved by the USAPA for tournament play.  At the time of writing this, the paddles had not been reviewed for noise, although the existing Epic, Omni, Maxima and S1 were on the list of approved paddles for quiet green zones and the new X5 core is less noisy that they core used in previous models so we would be very surprised if the Amped line is not added to the list soon.

Here’s is a very recent video by Selkirk showing the research that went into the new Selkirk AMPED Paddle line. One of my favorite parts of the video is where they show the robotic arm cutting out the core material and the high end graphics being printed in house directly onto the paddle face!

Selkirk Top Selling Pickleball Paddles:

 **Below, you’ll find our own detailed reviews or you can click the links above for more details on Amazon.

Selkirk Sport sets itself apart in the customer service category by offering a limited lifetime warranty on all of their Pickleball paddles. The warranty guarantees purchases against both workmanship and manufacturer defects for the lifetime of the paddle. If you do purchase a Selkirk paddle, be sure to activate your warranty by contacting the company directly. You can register your Selkirk Paddle for warranty here, including paddles bought on third party sites such as

Here is another new video from Pickleball coach Mark Renneson from Third Shot Sports with some helpful feedback and complete review of the new Selkirk Epic Amped paddles:

Click Here to Check Prices of the New Selkirk AMPED Paddles.

I thought it was interesting to see the new video above now compared to one I had seen a few years ago and to see how much they have modernized their production just a few years back when they were still constructing the paddles by hand.

Many of the paddles in the Selkirk line utilize a polymer core (Polymer PowerCore technology). While comparing paddled, you can quickly identify these by the model names ending in P (Polymer) including the 20P, 30P, 31P whereas the models ending in A contain an aluminum core (300A).

Selkirk Pickleball Paddle Reviews:

Selkirk Sport NEO Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

NEO Composite Pickleball Paddle Bundle with 2 Paddles and 4 Pickleballs The Selkirk NEO is a great starter paddle for beginner players looking for a good amount of power. Weighing in at just under 8 oz, the paddle is on the heavier side which gives more drive than a lighter graphite paddle will. It made it on our list as one of the best affordable bundle sets to consider if you’re looking to buy more than one beginner paddle (ideal for a couple or family getting started in pickleball).

This is definitely a step up from a basic wooden paddle but still sold at an affordable price range. If your wallet can allow it, I recommend skipping the wood paddles and going for a mid-range composite paddle and this one from Selkirk would be one of the top picks in that category.

The NEO features a Polymer honeycomb core and composite paddle surface.

Selkirk Sport 20P XL Epic Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle Review

The Selkirk  20P is an upgrade from the Selkirk NEO.   It offers more control and touch and weighs a few ounces less than than the previous paddle. This overall build is similar to the NEO with it’s polymer core and composite paddle face.

If you’ve played with the NEO you’ll easily adapt to playing with the 20P as the build is similar although most players will notice the difference and appreciate the slightly quicker action with this lighter paddle.

Whether you are looking for your first paddle or it you are a player who is advancing in pickleball and working on perfecting your slow game at the net, the extra touch and control that the 20P XL offers makes this a good option.

Selkirk Sport 300A+ XL Plus Aluminum Graphite Pickleball Paddle

​The Selkirk  300A features the control and touch of other graphite paddles with the added power of a few extra ounces. The 300A averages a total of 8.1 oz making it a good option for control style pickleball players looking to add some power to their drive.

Unlike the other two paddles reviews that feature polymer cores, ​the 300A has an aluminum honeycomb core with graphite face.

If you are looking for extra power while still maintaining your touch game at the net, put this paddle on your shortlist.  The one drawback with the 300A XL for some people is the weight.  If  you have any issues with tennis elbow or other injuries, the 8+ ounces may take it’s toll over time.  We recommend a mid-weight paddles (7 and a half ounce range)

Kid’s Pickleball Paddle Review

Another unique product that Selkirk offers is the 200P MINI PICKLEBALL (RILEY’S) PADDLE. Although it’s marketed as a child’s toy it really does resemble it’s larger brother, the full sized adult Selkirk 200P.

It’s a petite 7-3/4” long and 4-1/4” wide and is considerably smaller than a standard paddle. The 2” long handle has a petite 3” grip circumference, complete with the traditional cushion grip.

As more and more parents and grandparents get involved in pickleball this smaller version can be a fun way to introduce the youngest players into the sport and make them feel they are participated. Can be great for grandma and grandpa hitting a ball back and forth with their youngest grandkids, staying active while teaching them the very basic fundamentals of the game.

Either way, toy or first paddle for budding pickleball player, the 200P can be a fun gift that provides hours of family fun. Although this is a fun toy for small kids, some pickleball equipment companies are now manufacturing Paddles made for junior players and a USAPA Juniors association for teenagers. 


Here is a an interesting 3 minute interview with Rob Barnes, one of the founders of Selkirk Sports, showing how the paddles are made.

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