ProLite Pickleball Paddles Comparison & Reviews 2018

Pro-Lite Sports has been making pickleball paddles for over 3 decades, it's one of the oldest and most well-known companies in the industry.  It's original owner,  Arlen Paranto is known for inventing the first composite pickleball paddle ever made.  The company has been making pickleball paddles since 1984. Pro-Lite is one of the leading companies in the industry and continues to revolutionize the industry by introducing new paddle technology and innovation. 

Top Selling Pro-Lite Pickleball Paddles​

ProLite Titan Pro Black Diamond Review

The Titan Pro Black Diamond by ProLite is one of the top high-end paddles on the market, seen in the hands of gold medal winners like Brian Ashworth. The Tian was the first paddle in ProLite's Professional Black Diamond Series.

Titan Pro DIamond

It's made of the same carbon fiber material used to manufacture NASCAR.  This is definitely an advanced paddle, worthy of professional play at national championships- or if you can afford the sticker price, any intermediate to advanced player will surely appreciated the quality of this paddle. 

According to the company, the core material inside the Titan Pro makes it the strongest Polymer currently on the market.  The 100% carbon fiber paddle face gives it great shock absorption while still enough texture to help you put extra spin on the ball. 

The Titan Pro ranges from 7.5 - 8.3 ounces​ with a average paddle coming in right at 8 oz, giving it a good boost of power.  The medium 4 1/4" grip and 5" handle are finished with Pro-Lites own comfortable "No Sweat" Diamond Grip, on of the most highly regarded pickleball grips on the market. 

The low profile edge guard protects the paddle edge ​while maintaining a very minimal impact on the paddle face and reducing chances if mis-hits or unintended redirection of the ball. I think the low profile solution is the best and I would take that over a totally edgeless pickleball paddles if you are looking for a longevity, specially for gear in this price range. On a cheap pickleball paddle maybe no edge guard is fine, but this is a Pro level paddle with a price tag to match. 

​If you're serious about pickleball, looking to invest in a quality pro paddle and can afford to pay the price,  the Titan Pro Black Diamond by ProLite is  on my short list of a top paddles to consider. 

ProLite: New Paddles 2017 Reviews

ProLite Chrome N-R-G

The Chrome N-G-R is the newest paddle offering by Pro-Lite. This is an unusual looking paddle, actually may have set the course for a new style of paddle in the industry. While there are many blade, elongated  or "long" paddles on the market, the Chrome by ProLite is unique with it's stylistic tapered head hinting at the current trend in over sized tapered head rackets in racquetball.

This shape, while unusual in pickleball, may feel familiar to players coming from other racket sports and to me seems like a logical evolution of the trend in paddle design - from the traditional boxy 16x8 square to a more aerodynamic shape. 

The elongated shape widens at the paddle head giving a hybrid look between a tear drop and traditional long paddle. ProLite has designed the sweet spot to be more proportional to the paddle, taking up more of the paddle head and given a more optimal hitting surface. One of the complaints or challenges of other elongated paddles is the hard-to-hit narrow sweet spot. 

This is becoming a more appreciated paddle, especially for players who play singles pickleball and are looking for the extra reach as they try to cover the whole court by themselves. It also landed on our list of best elongated paddles. 

The gel-coated, triple-layer fiberglass paddle face gives good touch an feel while the 7.6 - 8.0 oz. weight give it plenty of heft and the QuadCore™ polymer core gives it a good amount of power. 

ProLite SuperNova

The ProLite SuperNova™  was specifically designed for women's national champ Simone Jardim.  This is the newest paddle in ProLite's Black Diamond Pro line. The paddle's 100% carbon fiber face is great for control and extra spin.  At 8 oz, it's gives a good boost of power and the 5.25" long handle and weight will appeal to cross over players migrating from tennis. The elegant design and detailed finish put it in a class of it's own. See our ProLite Brand page for an in-depth review of the SuperNova.

ProLite Crush Paddle

The CRUSH PowerSpin with SPINtac™:  ProLite's newest paddle is a power-hitters dream, featuring their proprietary QuadCore™ polymer core and finished with their newest paddle face material- SPINtac™ fiberglass- and lands it on our list of best pickleball paddles for spin.

ProLite Rockstar Review

The Rockstar Composite Paddle a great balanced paddle for beginner or intermediate players. It has medium weight of 7.6 ounces (7.4-7.8 range) with a polymer core and composite hitting surface and a small 4” grip.

Wild looking graphics- as the name suggested- resembling a splash of paint in a variety of fun color combinations. The Rockstar with its balanced weight, green zone and USAPA approval, quality ProLite cushion grip and lifetime warranty along with a very affordable price tag landed it on our short list of best beginner pickleball paddles.

ProLite Rebel PowerSpin Paddle Review

It’s in the name- the Rebel PowerSpin is for the nonconformist player in mind. From the bold graphics on the paddle face to the bright colors, this paddle shouts out your arrival at the courts. The Rebel is built on the ProLite’s durable QuadCore poly core. While the core is strong and built to last, noise was also a consideration and kept to a minimum, qualifying it as a quiet paddle suitable for noise-restricted green zone communities.

The paddle specs are a balance of power and control with an average weight of 8 ounces (ranges from 7.8-8.2) and a medium grip of 4 ¼”. As the name suggests, Spin was a major consideration in this ProLite paddle, the PowerSpin™ paddle surface is textured to give player optimal spin on the ball which landed it on our list of top pickleball paddles for spin in 2018.

In early 2018 ProLite announced a new version of the Rebel with more muted tones, the structure and specifications of the paddle are the same, proving a more mellow look to this same paddle for players looking for a more “conventional” looking option.

ProLite Magnum Stealth Graphite Review

The Stealth Graphite (or ProLite Magnum GS as it’s known) is endorsed by Wes Gabrielsen, National Pickleball Champion who plays with this paddle competitively.

The Stealth weighs an average of 6.8 - 7.5 ounces. The handle length is just a ¼ over 5 inches making it a touch longer than a lot of handles on the market which will appeal to the many converts migrating to from tennis to pickleball.

The small grip size of 4 ⅛” is a good match for small hands and its wrapped with a quality Comfort Contour Grip made by Prolite (known for quality grips). The end of the handle is tapered at the end cap, a feature also designed to help give a solid feel and prevent slippage.

The pop from the graphite hitting surface and light weight will appeal to players looking for a light, agile paddle for the finesse player looking for ball control over power. The GS paddle is a traditional wide body shape with ample sweet spot.

The Stealth just recently received a facelift with new screen printed graphics and now comes with a subtle color accent on a black paddle face.

ProLite Dink Black & Blue Pickleball Paddle

This is a recognizable paddle from far away due to its and blue graphics and unique teardrop shape that reminds us of a ping pong bat (and does appeal to players that have a background in table tennis). The Black & Blue features ProLite’s QuadCore polymer honeycomb core and the hitting surface is finished with matte textured hardened fiberglass. The construction makes for a very durable paddle.

The paddle is relatively light, weighing an average of 7.8 oz. The exaggerated tear drop shape makes it one of the widest paddles on the market with a total width of 8.75. The paddle has a 4.25 grip circumference and a 4.5 handle. It’s finished with a premium no-slip grip.

Like all ProLite paddles, it’s made locally at the company’s headquarters in Wisconsin and offers a lifetime warranty.

Dink Black & Blue

Since the company has launched several newer paddles since this one, we seem to be seeing fewer of these on the courts but it’s still a dependable option - especially for players that like the action of a very wide tear shaped paddle.

"Best Pickleball Paddle for Women"

Prolite does make a paddle called the Groove that they've designed specifically for women and they claim is best in class (although as the only "pickleball paddle for women" currently being marketed, I'm not sure how much that means). The paddle is light, has a small grip and is slightly smaller than the average paddles on the market. 

The Groove paddle features ProLite's QuadCore™ polymer core covered in a durable fiberglass paddle face. 

It's lightweight (7.4 oz), has a small grip (4 3/16") and contoured handle. The paddle comes in bright fun colors like lime green and pink. The Groove paddle is approved for USAPA tournaments. 

The most notable features are the light weight and smaller grip but with all the good quality light to mid-weight pickleball paddles out there we're not convinced that women need this specific one or that it's necessarily the best pickleball paddle for women but it is definitely a decent option to consider.

We've actually put together a list of our top picks for the best junior pickleball paddles. The main criteria for that list was that the paddles be light (around 7 ounces) and small grip (4" to 4 ¼"). Although the list was made for younger players, they would also be great picks for anyone with smaller hands looking for a light paddle. 

ProLite has a special edition Breast Cancer Awareness version of the Groove that features pink graphics and a unique twist on their logo (ball with lightning rods) covered in pink ribbon pattern. They sell the paddle directly on their website and donate $30.00 to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for each sale. 

ProLite No-Sweat Diamond Grip

ProLite is also well known for their quality replacement grips. The No-Sweat Diamond grip is designed to channel sweat away from the surface and features a diamond shaped underlay. This is a great option for players that need an extra absorbent replacement grip to keep their hand dry during play with an extra level of surface tackiness. The grip is specifically designed for pickleball paddles and made it on our list of top replacement grips as the best option for sweaty hands.

ProLite Blaster Pickleball Paddle

The ProLite Blaster is a light 7.0-7.8oz carbon fiber paddle with a medium grip. It will mostly likely appeal to beginners, especially those that are transitioning from a heavy wood paddle looking for an upgrade. The paddle features an extra wide hitting area and a 5” handle with medium sized 4-1/4” grip.

The Blaster has been a popular paddle over recent years and was even endorsed by 2015 Women's National Champion Gigi Gigi LeMaster. In 2017 the Blaster received a cosmetic makeover with new colors (Purple Haze, Crystal Blue and Fire Orange) and we still see some of these occasionally for sale.

However the Blaster paddle has since been discontinued. While you may see a few for sale online or find a used paddle, the company is no longer producing these paddles.

Pro-Lite Sports: Company History

The company, was originally known as "Ultra Lite Paddle Co" and was founded by Arlen Paranto - inventor of the first modern composite paddle. 

Paranto, at the time an industrial engineer at Boeing,  decided to use the same lightweight fiberglass honeycomb panels that were being used in the aerospace industry (which he bought as cheap scrap at the Boeing Surplus Store) to make a more lightweight and balanced paddle for his son Steve who was already competing in local pickleball tournaments using a heavier wooden paddle.  

The innovation of ​using composite materials was a pivoting point in the industry and changed the concept of the modern pickleball paddle.  The company was later bought by Mark Friedenberg and is now run by his son Neil Friedenberg and the company is now headquartered in Port Washington, WI. 

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