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Onix Pickleball Paddles – Paddle Comparison & Reviews

Onix Sports Logo Onix pickleball paddles are considered some of the best paddles on the market, regularly seen in the hands of professional pickleball players at national tournaments as well as recreational players on courts around the country (and around the globe).

The Onix Z5 paddle continues to be one of the company’s bestsellers and its large, recognizable Z logo is a common sight on the courts.

Onix Sports, Inc. is a company specialized in pickleball equipment. Unlike some other paddle manufacturers that sell a wide range of sporting gear for other racquet sports like tennis, badminton, and racquetball; Onix is solely dedicated to the sport of pickleball with a full product line including pickleball paddles, nets and balls.

Onix has made a name for itself in recent years, perhaps even more so than their paddles with their balls including the Onix Pure 2 pickleball which is one of the most highly rated and top-selling balls on the market. We see more and more tournaments using their balls.

The Onix “Pure” Ball has long been a favorite of many pickleball players because of it’s durability and true flight, however, Onix recently introduced it’s new Fuse Ball which seemed to create a lot of buzz initially on the courts and online pickleball forums …although I am still playing (and prefer the Pure 2). At the end of summer 2018, they announced a new ONIX Fuse G2 Pickleball (outdoor) which was designed to provide a consistent bounce for both indoor and outdoor games with the first generation Fuse being made for indoor.

But enough talk about that, if you are still interested in talking about pickleball balls, check this complete buyers guide. Otherwise, continue on below to read more about Onix’s paddle line.

Onix Pickleball Paddle Reviews Quick Comparison:

Onix Subzero Pickleball Paddle, Grey


Onix React - Green


Onix Inferno Pickleball Paddle, Orange


Onix Graphite Evoke XL Pickleball Paddle Green

Evoke XL

Onix Graphite Evoke Tear Drop - Blue









Wide Body


7.2-7.9 oz




Wide Body


8.3 – 8.7 oz

Edge Guard



Wide Body


7.5 – 8.2 oz






6.8 – 7.2 oz

Edge Guard



Tear Drop


6.8 – 7.2 oz

Edge Guard


Other Paddles by Onix

The Z5 Pickleball Paddle

Z5 Paddle

One of the best selling paddles by Onix is their iconic Z5 paddle that comes in both composite and graphite models.

This wide-body paddle is used by beginners and advanced players alike and even seen in the hands of pros at national tournament medal winners.

Click here to see our full review of the Z5 paddle and a comparison between the graphite and composite models.

For the price, this is a solid paddle. If you are looking for the traditional shape (roughly 15 3/4″ by 8″) with slightly rounded corners and a decent mid-weight, this is on my shortlist of some of the best paddles to consider. Unless you are planning to spend $100+ on some of the best new pickleball paddles out there, this is definitely in the running.

Onix Summit

Onix Summit Pickleball Paddle with Elongated Hitting Surface Paddle Shape to Give Players a Longer Reach
Onix Summit Pickleball Paddle

The Summit is Onix’s first entry into the elongated paddle category. At 16-3/8” L x 7-1/2” W it gives you the extra reach you need to cover the court and those hard to get shots, especially useful if you are playing singles pickleball where you have to cover twice the court compared to doubles and play is fast and furious.

Onix Summit C1

As the name implies, this is a second reiteration of the summit, the “C” refers to composite. So essentially you’re getting the same elongated shape of the summit paddle with a composite face that gives you more bite on the ball, making it easier to put spin on the ball and helps you control the effect of those close shots at the net.

If you are looking for an elongated paddle, we did a deeper dive here into the Summit and all its current competitors in the long/blade category.

Onix Vertex: The “Blockers” Paddle

This next paddle is a newer paddle on the market. It’s a wide body with a very short handle specifically designed for blockers to grip and block with this extra-wide body.

Here’s a look at this new paddle from “The Paddle Geek” on his YouTube channel. He gives a very detailed look at this paddle and also compares it side by side with other paddles (both from Onix and other brands such as Selkirk’s new AMPED paddles)

Onix Evoke Pro

ONIX Evoke Pro - Blue
ONIX Evoke Pro

The Evoke Pro was designed together as a collaboration with some of the pro players (thus the name) that play on Team Onix. While you may not hear about this one as much as some of the other products in their line-up, this is really a pro-level paddle but gets lost in the shuffle. I think part of the reason it gets less love than it probably deserves it that from a distance it pretty much looks like a lot of other paddles: the graphics are nothing special and the specs read like lots of other paddles.

The shape is the traditional wide-body (15.5 x 8.3″) and is a medium-weight averaging between 7.5-8.2 oz.  with an average of 7.8 ounces. That’s pretty similar to a LOT of other paddles on the market, including others by the same brand (namely the Voyager and the Z5).

So you’d really have to want to dig for this one to find it. Unless you’ve been able to demo this one, borrow it from a friend or seen it on the court (maybe an opponent) it’s one of those I just don’t see that often.

Beyond the basic specs, this paddle does have nice action and could be a great paddle for someone looking for a solid wide-body, especially if you are coming over from tennis and like the flared tennis style handle.

As far as budget, this one normally retails for around $100 which may be part of the problem. At that price, it’s competing with some of the top paddles on the market where the competition is stiff and the technology is constantly evolving. I’d be a buyer of this Evoke Pro if I could get it on sale.

Onix pickleball paddles are definitely high end, all 5 of their top-selling paddles have graphite faces. The core options include their proprietary pat pending core mentioned above as well as models made with aluminum, Nomex and polymer cores.

 Two of their top sellers are edgeless pickleball paddles while the others have a traditional protective edge guard.

Onix paddle shapes are offered in Wide Body, Oversized and Tear Drop.

One of the newer designs by Onix is the Voyager and Voyager Pro Paddles.

Click here for a full review of the Voyager Graphite Pickleball Paddle.

Core Materials

As with most other best selling graphite paddles on the market, Onix paddles use either POLYPROPYLENE, NOMEX or ALUMINUM.  Onix adds is own proprietary option with their foam  RIBTEC™ CORE which has the added benefit of reducing paddle noise and landing their paddles on our list as some of the best quiet pickleball paddles.

Innovative Paddle Technology from Onix:


Patent Pending core technology from Onix which combines foam and a carbon ribbed core structure to create an extremely strong core and solid paddle. This unique core attracts many control style pickleball players. The RIBTEC™ CORE is currently offered in the Onix Sub-Zero paddle.


Another Patent Pending core technology from Onix which utilizes a carefully placed Nomex insert in the paddle’s center surrounded by a polypropylene base. This construction is meant to deliver a power boost along with superior pop and an ideal sweet spot.


The Onix Inferno and Onix Sub-Zero are both made using Onix’s 1 piece construction technique which uses a single mold to Improve paddle consistency.

Handle Designs:

  • ERGO Handle – a contoured grip designed to mold to your hand for a consistent grip position on every shot​.
  • Tennis Handle– Resembles the shape of a table tennis racket with a flared, wood handle, making it a good option for players transitioning from tennis.
Onix Ergo Grip Handle
onix pickleball paddle handle
Onix Tennis Grip

ONIX Pickleball Ball Reviews

Ball Technology

In addition to quality paddles, Onix manufacture pickleballs. The Onix Pure 2 ball has grown in popularity and is now of the most common balls seen on indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

Onix Pure 2- we don’t exactly know what goes into making this ball since it’s a proprietary material formula. However, these balls are designed to fly true and bounce consistently and they are approved for tournament play by the USAPA.  The balls are sold in packs of 3, 6 and 12 and come in yellow and orange.

The Onix Pure Outdoor Ball is a heavier ball designed with smaller holes to reduce the of wind impact, thereby allowing the ball to fly true even during windy playing conditions. They are durable and known to last longer than many other outdoor pickleballs.  Because of these factors, the Onix Pure 2 is my top pick for best pickleballs.

Outdoor pickleballs take a lot more abuse than indoor balls since they are exposed to the elements, most importantly UV rays from the sun,  and they get more wear and tear on outdoor court surfaces compared to smooth indoor gym floors.  Eventually, most outdoor balls will go out of round or actually crack through. We’ve seen that the Onix balls last longer compared to some cheaper options so in the long run seems to be a better value for money.

Onix Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Balls - (6-Pack)
Onix Pure 2 Outdoor

Onix Pure 2 Indoor Pickleball Balls - (6-Pack, Orange)
​Onix Pure 2 Indoor 

Although Onix does carry an entry-level paddle, the “Recruit” that is made of 7-ply Baltic birch wood, the Onix brand is better known for its graphite pickelball paddles. These are made using quality construction and materials but this also comes with a price tag as most of these paddles are positioned in the top range for graphite paddles.  These higher-end paddles appeal mostly to serious players who are willing to make an investment in superior quality equipment.

Understandably, some budgets cannot allow for a more expensive paddle but the growth of popularity in pickleball has triggered a flood of more affordable paddles on the market. Now more than ever,  we recommend graphite or composite over wood if your wallet can allow it.

The one exception would be those buying a large volume of paddles, such as summer camps, senior communities or local rec centers (YMCA type gyms) where wood would be a low-cost option and the “Recruit” paddle by Onix would be a decent choice.

ONIX Portable Pickleball Net Review

Onix Pickleball Portable Net with Carrying Case

This net from Onix is USAPA approved and standard regulation size (34″ H  by 22′ W). It comes with interlocking steel poles and a stable base.  The net comes with an adjustable Velcro strap to adjust the net tension along with a center pole to maintain the standard 34″ net height.  

The portable set easily breaks down to 40” L x 7” W x 5” H and comes in a handy black carrying case that has wheels, a nice added feature considering the 25-pound weight of the set.  To see our top picks for portable pickleball nets click here.

The net by Onix can be used both for outdoor and indoor pickleball and is a good option for anyone looking to temporarily set up a pickleball game or play in a shared space (community center, school or gym) where the net will need to be broken down and stored between games. ​Breaking down an setting up the set is relatively easy.

Onix was founded in 2005 and is located in Evansville, Indiana and its parent company-Escalade Sports encompasses 40+ sporting goods brands.  Onix sells pickleball equipment that is seen being used by pros at tournaments around the country and the company continues to introduce new paddle technology and designs that help elevate the level of gear on the market, most notably two patent-pending paddle cores (Ribtec and Fusion).

The Onix website boasts a wide range of professional pickleball players that use and promote Onix gear. Their paddles can be seen at national competitions and courts around the country, confirming that many top-level players trust the quality of Onix paddles.

“Team Onix” includes many professional pickleball players that use Onix paddles including Byron Freso, Marcus Luke, Erik Gertler, Mason Ford Suzee Anderson, and Roxanne Pierce.

This really is a testament to the quality and reassuring to see so many pro players using their gear.

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