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Women’s Tennis Visors {5 Volley Winning Picks} Court Clothing & Apparel

If you are looking for a good women’s tennis visor to keep the sun out of your eyes on the court we’ve got you covered. We’ve taken a look at lots of visors and compared them to come up with a shortlist of what we think are the best options.

All of the other visors on our list are good picks for pickleball, tennis or any other outdoor sports activity where you want to keep the sun out of your eyes and need fabric that is soft, quick-drying to keep your head cool while also being easy to adjust for a comfortable fit and easy to wash without losing its shape.

However there are a few “Pickleball” visors that have sayings printed or embroidered across the front of the bill…this is what a lot of our readers are looking for – a good visor that also shows off their love of the sport.

The one that a few readers have recommended to us is the following “Dink Darling” pickleball visor for women.

Another option are these embroidered visors by Pickleball Xtra, they include designs like “002”, “Pickleball Addict” and “Love” with the o in the shape of a pickleball. A really nice bonus for these visors is that they are sold through Amazon Handmade and the company offers the option on check out to personalize them with embroidering any name on the side of the visor for a small charge.

If you are looking for a good all-around women’s visor, without any pickleball-specific logos or sayings, please continue reading below to see our other recommendations.


adidas tennis visor for women
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Adidas Women’s adiZero II Visor Review

This lightweight visor comes in a large variety of patterns so you are sure to be able to find one to match your gear. The headband has an adjustable Velcro strap which allows you to get the perfect fit. You do need to take care as you fasten the strap to avoid getting your hair caught in the Velcro though as it is quite ‘grabby’.

The sizing on this visor is a little on the small size. It’s perfect if you find that most female sized hats and visors can be too large, but equally, if you tend to need a larger size then you might want to give this one a miss.

The fabric of the band is fantastic at wicking away sweat that would otherwise drip into your eyes. The visor is just the right size to protect your eyes from the sun without being so big as to interfere with your game.

This visor washes well, either on a gentle cycle in the washing machine or even on the top rack of a dishwasher. It is best to let it air dry though as this will help it to keep its shape. 

Adidas is, of course, a well-respected sporting goods brand and one of our top picks for other gear including one of our top picks for best pickleball shoes. 

Under Armour Women’s Launch Run Visor Review

Under Armour Women's Launch Run Visor , Black (001)/Reflective , One Size Fits Most

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This visor comes in a few different colors, but the plain white/black options are classy and stylish. The branding on the visor is subtle and not overwhelming as can sometimes be the case with sportswear.

The band has Velcro making very easy to adjust.  It is possible to fully undo the strap so that you can wrap the band around your head regardless of how you have your hair. This is really handy for when you’ve tied your hair up ready to play before you put your visor on. The Velcro is soft enough that it doesn’t catch your hair, while still being secure enough no to slip as you run around on the court.

You may find that you need to wash the visor before you first use it. This is because when it is shipped there is a sticker placed on the brim that can be a little difficult to remove. The visor washes well on the top rack of a dishwasher, or with a wet sponge.

The band wicks moisture away well, giving it a comfortable fit and feel. Overall this is a nice little visor to keep the sun and sweat out of your eyes.

UShake Sports Sun Visor Review

UShake sports tennis visor with large brim
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This sports visor stands out a little from the crowd as it has an unusually shaped brim. The way the brim is curved means that it is excellent at protecting your eyes from the sun, but also gives an airier feel than other visors. It also means that more of your face will be shaded than with other visors of the same size. The unusual design does mean that the brim is not flexible in the way you might expect with other visors, so if you like to mold your visor to get it just right then this might not be the best choice for you.

This visor is extremely lightweight making it a great choice for running around on the tennis or pickleball court. The material soaks up moisture well and dries quickly if you take it off between sets it won’t feel damp and unpleasant when you put it back on.

The Velcro fastening on the headband can be fully removed making fitting easy and it has a long stretch of Velcro, meaning that it really does fit a wide range of head sizes.

This visor only comes in three colors, but that does include a plain black and a plain white option. The white option has a dark lining on the underside of the visor which reduces the glare from the sun.

As this visor has more structure than most it can stand up to being washed in the washing machine well. Making it a breeze to keep clean.

Augusta Sportswear Athletic Mesh Visor Review

agusta sportwear athletic sun visor womens
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This visor comes in 12 different colors. Each option is only a single color, which makes it an excellent choice if you wish to match your tennis skirt or outfit. The large space on the headband is ideal if you enjoy embellishing and personalizing your sportswear.

The brim on this visor is a little longer than the standard which is great for keeping the sun off your face as you play, although if you are not used to it, it can feel a little restrictive at first.

The band is adjustable with a Velcro fastening and is made of lightweight jersey material. The band is not the best for absorbing sweat, so it may not be the best choice for intense players. However, it is an excellent low-cost option for a visor.

Nike Tech Visor Review

Nike Visor for outdoor sports pickleball, tennis
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Available in nine different color options this visor offers you a good range to choose from. All the designs have black linings which means that they stand up well to sweat and as the black is also on the underside of the visor they are great for reducing the glare from the sun.

The fit on this visor tends to run on the larger side, as it is marketed as a unisex visor, so if you need a small fitting then this is one to avoid. The Velcro fastening is highly adjustable and can be fully detached.

The headband is made of a fabric that is excellent at absorbing sweat. Much as you would expect from Nike.  It also very fast drying which means that you don’t have the unpleasant cold damp sensation when you take it off and on between sets.

This option is not as lightweight as others, so if you prefer a visor that is so light you forget it is there then this is not the pick for you. That does not mean that it is not a comfortable item however, the fit is highly adjustable and the fabric is not in the least bit scratchy as can sometimes be the case with visors.


We looked at lots of tennis visors on the market to find the best options that offer supple fabric (unlike stiffer golf visors) that are made with a soft, quick-dry fabric. We also looked for visors that are easily adjustable to fit most head sizes, were easily washable. While some of these were designed to show off your passion for pickleball, most of them are also good visors for tennis that can also be used for many other outdoor activities.

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