How to Fix Pickleball Paddle Edge Guard + Best Glue for the Job

We’ve recently seen more complaints on social media about how expensive pickleball paddles are getting. It’s true that many of the newest pickleball paddles on the market are often over a hundred dollars with some pushing the $150+ mark. While paddle companies are launching some pretty amazing products with high tech materials, it’s definitely disappointing … Read more

Pickleball Beginner Tips | 3 Easy Ways to Improve Today

3 Easy Pickleball Tips

While talking to a pickleball coach at a local club recently, we asked what mistakes he sees most often while watching his beginner students.  It’s worth noting that these were all skills he had taught his students during private pickleball lessons. The novice players would consistently execute these skills when prompted in a drill or guided … Read more

Pickleball Tips | 77 Quick Ways to Improve Your Game in 2018

pickleball tips to improve

Are you looking for the best pickleball tips to improve your game.  The Internet is full of great tips, drills and detailed tutorials for every level,  from very beginner to advanced pickleball skills and strategy.  Youtube and other platforms have given us the amazing ability to watch a huge variety of videos and even see … Read more