12 Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin (2023 Paddle Reviews)

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12 Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin (2023 Paddle Reviews)

If you’ve landed here, I’m guessing you are probably looking for a paddle that can help you put more spin on your pickleball shots. Some of the best pickleball paddles for spin.

There is quite a bit of buzz in the pickleball world around the topic lately and every major pickleball brand has at least one paddle specifically designed and marketed to help you add spin to your game and the makers of pickleball practice machines have all upgraded to add a spin feature to their products.

Looking for a quick recommendation?

If we had to select one overall winner, our #1 pick for the best paddle for spin is the Oneshot Pureshot Middleweight Carbon Friber.

If you are looking for a budget paddle, take a closer look at the Franklin Ben Johns Signature Middleweight Composite. 

If you have the budget and are looking for a pro-level paddle the new Selkirk Amped S2 Middleweight. 

If you are looking for a traditional wide-body shape, I would take a look at the Epic. If you’re still trying to decide on which paddle is best, you can see our full overview of Selkirk paddles here.

However, with all the paddles on the market now, there are several other great options that we review below. The overall choice was also taking into consideration value for money since there is a wide range of prices on this list. Continue reading below for our full reviews of several other top-rated paddles for spin along with tips to improve your game to put more spin on a pickleball. We’ve also included a buyer’s guide at the end that answers frequently asked questions and what to look for in your next paddle.

If you are buying your first paddle or just want to see the best way to determine the best paddle for your grip size and playing style see our pickleball paddle buyers guide.


After years of playing other racket sports, we’ve fallen in love with pickleball and created this site to cover everything related to the sport.

We recommend products as a result of our analysis and research. A lot of the info in this site were gathered by talking to friends and competitors on the court – chatting about what they like and dislike and playing with each other’s gear to compare.

Best Pickleball Paddles For Spin (Summer 2023)


Electrum Pro Limited Edition

The Electrum Pro is one of the most unique and sensitive paddles on the market. (Image credit: Just Paddles)
Paddle Weight 7.8 – 8.0 oz
Paddle Face Material Super-Gritty Raw Carbon Fiber
Paddle Core Material Polypropylene Honeycomb
Paddle Shape Wide Body
Paddle Length 15 1/2″
Paddle Width 8 1/2″
Grip Size 4 1/4″
Handle Length 4″
Core Thickness 12mm

Upside :

  • High spin capacity
  • Good build quality
  • Growth potential
  • Great for soft game
  • Plenty of power

Downside :

  • Skinny handle
  • Thin core
  • Smaller sweet spot
  • Unpredictable ball response

Which company do you think is changing the world more, Electrum or Apple? Both designs based out of Silicon Valley and pay very close attention to detail? Electrum touts themselves as coming out with “groundbreaking” technology from Silicon Valley. Not to take away from the truth that pickleball is changing the world, but Silicon Valley is known for innovative tech start ups, not playful sports that use a plastic ball. 

Anyway, the paddle does have a very sleek look and feel. There is plenty of fun to be had with this paddle if you are an expert pickleball player, but it becomes a guessing game when you put this thing in your hands.  If you make solid contact, it will feel butter smooth. However, the thin core means that being laser focused is a must. It feels good when you hit the ball precisely in the center of the paddle, but you might as well be blindfolded outside of that.

Small cuts and scratches show easily on the surface of the paddle, but easily go away with some care. Overall a durable paddle that has a sufficient amount of power and more spin than you need, but can feel a little unbalanced due to the skinny grip and wide body. For the price, it gets you into the big leagues, but will make you look like an amateur. If you are playing doubles and often find yourself in the kitchen, this is a great paddle, otherwise, I would keep this one in the bag as a backup paddle. 

See our full Electrum Pro review here

Paddletek Bantam TS-5 PRO

If you’re looking for a great pickleball paddle that’s lightweight and has power with no vibration, the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 might be the perfect choice for you! The Bantam TS-5 Pro is super lightweight. SMART Response Technology gives you incredible power and a large sweet spot to play on the court with a lot of leeway.

It does swing light, but you do not lose any speed coming off of the paddle. With its light weight and power, the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle is perfect for any player. The sensitive Paddletek Bantam TS-5 paddle with the traditional Bantam PolyCore gives you the power you need for any shot, while still providing the responsiveness and feel of a sensative paddle. This hybrid pickleball paddle provides the perfect balance and outpaces other paddles in its class.

The company offers a lifetime warranty that protects against defects in its products. Customers need to register their paddles within 14 days of purchase at paddletek.com in order to have coverage activated. The warranty only applies to the person who registers the product.

Head Extreme Elite 

The Extreme Elite also has the diamond-shaped core, which is supposedly for control, but the OTC honeycomb polymer shell does feel solid on hard-hitting shots. The Composite Hitting Surface is a little bit smoother than the other paddles on this list, but it does drive the ball a bit better and has good speed.

Putting spin on the ball with this paddle is still fun. There is no limit to who can use this paddle, it definitely has a universal feel. The surface is a little bit louder than the other spin options out there, so if you want to mute the ball, I would recommend you back to the Paddeltek TS-5 PRO.

Head Extreme Tour

The extreme spin texture on the surface of the Extreme Tour provides more bite and precision. The GHS provides a premium feel when hitting the ball, making it ideal for those who are competitive… The material is lightweight, so it offers good responsiveness when hitting the ball.

The diamond shape is supposed to help with more control when hitting the ball, but I hardly notice this tweak in their designs. The lighter head allows the player to swing faster, which gives them a better chance of reacting in time. The ball incorporates an Optimized Tube Construction (OTC) honeycomb polymer core and a carbon graphite hitting surface, which is what Head commonly uses to maintain consistent performance. The Extreme Spin texture is durable and puts a lot of spunk on the ball, and their is pretty much no vibration and really is a comfortable experience.

The CST technology provides torsional stability, which basically means that they can build lighter paddles without having to sacrifice the feel of a solid hit and no vibrations. The weight in this paddle is distributed evenly I will say and is fun to slice and dice with. The Ergo Grip is made of special PU material that makes it softer and more comfortable to play with. Putting spin on the ball with this paddle is still fun.

All products, excluding customized items, may be returned for a full refund to the original payment method provided the items are returned to us within 30 days of you receiving the products.

Selkirk S2 Vanguard

The Selkirk S2 Vanguard is a high-level performance paddle that took a lot of research to develop. There is nothing like it on the market. They use two layers of carbon fiber on each side, which has not been done in the industry. The sweet spot on this paddle is massive and very reactive. This paddle has no shortage of speed power and control. I have played with many paddles that claim ” proprietary technologies” and it ends up being hard to tell the difference, but the Vanguard S2 has made a noticeable difference that you can feel as soon as you start using it. The paddle is still USAPA approved.

Many other paddle brands will add a spin texture that works well for a couple of months, but once it wears off it loses its effectiveness. That is not the case with the S2 because they are using a durable proprietary carbon fiber design.  Hard to find anything bad about this paddle.

Selkirk is a family business based out of Idaho and have been leading the charge in the pickleball industry ever since they started. They include a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty for new paddles and if you grab a used one from JustPaddles, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Gamma Twister

 and GAMMA have produced The Twister a viable paddle for senior or junior players who want to develop touch with a lighter weight model. 

The graphics are printed on the face of the paddle so the designs will not have any negative effect on contact with the ball.  The Twister has a softer polymer core and texture composite face that makes it easy to control your shots. At 7.4 ounces, this paddle is great for novice players who want more touch and a light weight that is easy to maneuver. However, I would not recommend this model for more experienced, stronger players who want more power and a solid feel at and through contact. 

GAMMA has you covered with a 1-year Limited Manufacturer’s warranty on this paddle, so be sure to reach out to them for assistance if you need it.

Gearbox GH7 plus

If you are looking for a high quality pickleball that won’t break the bank, the Gearbox GH7+ is a great option. The GH7+ is a solid mid-level honeycomb paddle but it’s a departure from the traditional Gearbox edgeless design. It’s as if Tesla decided to make a gas powered car to add to their line.  

The GH7+ paddle now has a softer feel thanks to its new 12mm polypropylene honeycomb core. The surface is built with a six-ply glass fiber structure, which provides the power and consistency needed for optimal performance. This paddle has a molded handle that makes it more comfortable than most other paddles, although its shorter length is not suited to a two handed backhand stroke. Hyper-Bite Spin Technology is now included in Gearbox high-performance models, such as the GH7+. For a novice player, spin is not so essential, but a more experienced pickler will appreciate the spin that all Gearbox paddles provide.

The GH7+ is highly recommended as a superior paddle to most starter paddles at or below its price range. With the GH7+, you’ll be able to elevate your game as a beginner and transition to a sleeker, more powerful model as your game progresses.

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