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With major crowd gatherings around pickleball on the rise, how does the sport’s increase in injuries come into play?

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The World’s Largest Pickleball Festival Comes to Miami

The host city for the world’s largest pickleball festival is the vibrant city of Miami. As the event approaches, we expect a populous outcome in the Sunshine State this upcoming year, as the Pickleball Games Miami, which has been deemed “the world’s largest pickleball festival,” comes to the Miami Marine Stadium for its biggest event yet. This inaugural festival is expected to bring players and spectators nationwide (and beyond) to enjoy the sport’s momentous milestone.

Preparations for the Festival

Due to the increasing interest in the event, enthusiasts are relaying together to prepare for the festival as it is expected to draw a large crowd of viewers and news networks. It allows the city to showcase its suitability as a central sports entertainment hub – particularly globally, as we expect with the Pickleball Games Miami.

Miami: An Ideal Location for Outdoor Sports

For many, Miami’s tropical weather and picturesque scenery make it a preferred location for outdoor sports. As one of the most well-known cities in America, hosting the festival in Miami will surely bring many non-familiar players to the festival since the city is known for its venues and diverse activities. Likely being the reason for the selection in the first place.

Record-breaking Anticipation

Many networks are dubbing it a “record-breaking moment” in the sport. As expected, large crowds will make the two-day competition one for the books. The immense participation and viewings (whether watched in person or broadcast live) will secure the event’s spot in the sport’s history. It will also be an excellent opportunity to put well-known pickleball players on a global stage and gain them more brand partnerships.

Safety and Preventing Injuries, and or Death?

Though driving an amassed audience for pickleball matches is critical to the sport’s popularity, another equally important factor is the players. According to a report by UBS, the rising number of pickleball injuries in the United States could result in a financial burden of almost $400 million this year. While pickleball has gained popularity as a recreational sport, the report highlights the potential costs associated with injuries. The study by UBS estimates the expenses related to medical treatments, missed work, and other factors caused by pickleball-related injuries.

Due to the associated risks of playing pickleball (as is the case with other sports), we want to emphasize the importance of promoting awareness around sports injuries and implementing preventive measures to mitigate these injuries’ physical and economic impact. With sports like American football racking up a whopping $521 million in 2019 for sports-related injuries, obviously sports can be dangerous since even sports with less contact, like basketball and baseball, cost players and leagues billions (collectively) a year. The New York Times reported that contact sports (combined) cause an estimated 600,000 injuries annually. A 2019 Journal of Emergency Medicine report estimated that 19,000 pickleball injuries occurred each year, with 90% occurring with players 50 or older. So, pickleball injuries are about 3% of the total sports injuries that occur yearly.

Amid the excitement surrounding the Pickleball Games Miami, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of all participants. As players gear up for this record-breaking event, it’s essential to prioritize safety by using proper equipment. From paddles to shoes and protective gear, having the right pickleball gear is key to enjoying the game while minimizing the risk of injuries. To learn more about the equipment needs and to read a remarkable story about someone who narrowly escaped a dangerous situation while playing pickleball, click here.”

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