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Play Pickleball by Organizing Pickup Games


If you love to play pickleball, then organize pickup games so you can play it anytime. This guide from the Pickleball Portal will show you how. You can set the schedule and name the place. You can also encourage others to learn about this great sport and find your favorite rivals to play with.

How Can You Play Pickleball Pickup Games?

Say the word pickup, and people mostly think of basketball. Pickups are spontaneous, unstructured games where players are invited to play, but no one is obligated. There are no formal rules and no referees. The whole point is to have fun, and teams are made up on the spot. You don’t suffer any repercussions if you lose, save for a bruised ego, and you aren’t committed to play any future games.

Sounds a lot like pickleball, doesn’t it? With pickleball, people have always been able to show up at any pickleball match and find a game to play. That’s what’s so great about pickleball. It’s easy to find a match and make friends with other players.

How Can I Organize Games So I Can Play Pickleball?

If you’d like to organize pickups but aren’t sure how, there are several ways you can coordinate pickleball pickups. Here are a few ideas.

1. Decide How Many Players You Want

First, think about how many pickleball courts you can reserve. If you only have access to one or two courts, then only contact eight or nine pickleball players. You don’t want frustrated players standing around waiting for their turn. If you have two courts and everyone shows up, people can play doubles so all of the players get to play pickleball.

2. Get the Word Out

If you can’t find enough pickleball players, use an app such as Pickleball Connect or Places 2 Play to find players in your area. If you already know several pickleball players, send them texts inviting them to play at a specific place and time. Try to get a feel for who can come. Then keep sending out invitations until you get enough people. Think about inviting one extra person in case someone cancels at the last minute.

The night before the game, send out a reminder text asking for a confirmation. People are busy and tend to forget important appointments, even pickleball games. A friendly reminder helps them and also gives you an accurate count of who plans to show up.

3. Set Up a Regular Pickleball Night

You could also set up an ongoing pickleball game where you play at the same court at the same time each week. If you go this route, send out invitations to more people than you need at the game. Not everyone can play each week. Sending invitations to a larger group ensures you have enough each time.

Are You Ready To Organize Games To Play Pickleball?

Organizing pickleball pickup games is a great way to meet people and play a few relaxing sets. We at Pickleball Portal are here to help with all gear you need. When you’re ready to find the latest pickleball gear, start here.

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