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Nude Pickleball: The Shocking Truth

Tyson McGuffin playing pickleball with no shirt
Pro Player Tyson McGuffin (picture: Nick Uzunyan)

We all know that pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States, with more and more people playing it. People of all ages and backgrounds are picking up the sport – from young and old, professional athletes… even nudists. 

Yes, you do not hear me wrong; nudists are playing pickleball, and they, of course, play their game naked. If this is shocking to you, well, let’s just say that nude pickleball is also picking up in popularity today, especially in nudist colonies. 

In this post, we explore nude pickleball, why people play it, and where you can see it played out. We also look at some things you need to consider if you are considering trying nude pickleball.

Why Are People Playing Pickleball Nude?

Playing pickleball nude has become more than a quirky activity; it’s a full-fledged trend, especially in sun-drenched locales like the southern states. 

This may be something alien, even unimaginable to you, but there are reasons people do this. Here are a few:

Natural Comfort and Freedom

Imagine playing a sport without the confinement of clothes. In the heat of a competitive match, clothes can get sweaty and uncomfortable. 

Now imagine playing nude. Playing nude pickleball at clothing-optional resorts provides a liberating experience only those who embrace the ethos can enjoy.

To these nude players, the ease of movement and the natural feel of the game enhance their overall enjoyment of the game. 

In fact, you see see in the below video that Mike Sullivan, a USA Pickleball Ambassador and resident of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in sunny Kissimmee, Florida, has even noted the ease and natural comfort of playing the sport in the nude.

Tan Line-Free Sunbathing

Playing pickleball nude under the sun doubles as an opportunity for even tanning. At clothing-optional pickleball courts, you can enjoy the game and the sun without worrying about uneven tan lines. Just remember, sunblock is your essential companion!

Community and Inclusivity

Naturist resorts hosting nude pickleball tournaments create a unique community atmosphere. These events, like the celebrated Independence Day Tournament, bring together “picklers” from across the country. 

It’s a playful, inclusive environment where nudity is normalized, and the focus is on the joy of the sport.

Health Benefits

Playing pickleball itself is a great form of exercise, combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Doing it nude adds a new layer of health benefits, such as vitamin D absorption from the sunshine and the psychological benefits of body positivity and freedom.

Growing Popularity and Facilities

As pickleball continues to rise in popularity, more naturist resorts are advertising and upgrading their pickleball facilities. This means better courts, more tournaments, and a larger community to engage with. 

You’re not just playing a game; you’re part of a growing movement.

Spare The Laundry Work

When you play pickleball, you will no doubt sweat a ton. This is certainly true, especially if you play in the hotter days. 

That means you need to own several sets of sports clothing to rotate as you play throughout the week. You also have more clothes in the laundry pile to deal with. 

All these problems go away if you play pickleball nude. Now, if you are the type that hates doing laundry, would you consider playing pickleball nude to reduce your laundry load?

Places Where You Can Play Nude Pickleball

If you’re convinced to try pickleball naked, the next thing is to actually find where you can play pickleball in the nude. 

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, FL

Located in Kissimmee, Florida, this resort is renowned for its clothing-optional policy. It also offers an exceptional pickleball experience with well-maintained courts.

Aside from regular games, Cypress Cove also hosts tournaments like the “Clothing Independence Day Tournament,” drawing players from all corners. Mike Sullivan, a resident and USA Pickleball Ambassador, champions the sport here.

He assures that playing pickleball naked under the Florida sun adds an exhilarating edge to the game. The resort, focusing largely on nude sports, ensures a comfortable environment for both seasoned players and newcomers.

Eden RV Resort, FL

This is also a clothing-optional facility, offering top-notch pickleball courts. Naturists and sports enthusiasts alike find this resort a haven for playing pickleball in its purest form.

With regular tournaments and a welcoming community of picklers, it’s a must-visit for those looking to combine their love for naturism and sport. Similar to Cypress Cove, Eden RV Resort also hosts tournaments for nude pickleball players to compete in.

Aside from these two, there are also many naturist resorts offering and advertising their pickleball facilities. While not all resorts have the same fame as Cypress Cove or Eden RV, they offer a more localized and intimate setting for playing pickleball naked.

These resorts hold their own charm, providing an ideal backdrop for those looking to enjoy the sport in a more private, serene environment.

In each of these places, the emphasis is not just on the sport but on the freedom and joy of playing it unencumbered. With the increasing demand, these resorts continue to upgrade their facilities, ensuring that pickleball remains a key attraction.

So, if you’re ready to step into the world of naked pickleball, these resorts offer everything you need – just don’t forget the sunscreen!

Do Shoes Matter In Nude Pickleball?

The answer is yes: shoes still matter, even if you play naked. 

While you enjoy the freedom of nudity playing pickleball, your feet still require support and protection. 

In fact, Mike Sullivan, the USA pickleball ambassador, also advises wearing tennis shoes. This isn’t just for comfort; it’s a safety measure to avoid slips and injuries on the court.

Pickleball, a blend of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, requires quick, agile movements. As a result, the feet need to be supported to prevent injuries.

Most nude pickleball players wear tennis shoes, just like regular players. They provide the necessary grip and support for the fast-paced game, preventing falls and protecting feet from the hard surface of the court. 

Good shoes also help absorb impacts, so players do not hurt their knees.

Even in the casual games played seven days a week at these resorts, you’ll find most pickleball players, or “picklers,” opting for shoes. It’s a practical choice, ensuring that while their bodies are free, their feet are well taken care of.

So, if you’re planning to join the ranks of nudists playing pickleball, remember: while your clothes may be optional, a good pair of tennis shoes is a wise choice. They not only enhance your performance but also protect you, allowing you to enjoy the game safely under the sun. 

In the world of nude pickleball, shoes are more than just an accessory; they are an essential part of your gear.

Should I Try Playing Pickleball Naked?

Are Clothing Restraining You When Playing Pickleball?

In the game of pickleball, you play with a lot of movements. At times, you may find your clothing a bit restraining. Maybe your shorts stopped you from moving toward the ball, or your pickleball shirt sleeves prevented you from executing an overhead smash.

If you experienced this in your game, perhaps you can consider trying out the nude version of the sport. You may not need to commit to becoming a naked pickler, but just to try it out and see.

Are You Ready To Face The Sun?

Playing pickleball naked means directly exposing your skin to the sun. In this case, you will want to ask yourself if you are comfortable with that. 

Playing pickleball naked is a great idea if you seek to tan yourself and do not want tan lines. Just make sure you protect yourself adequately.

Arm yourself by lathing sunscreen onto your skin, especially sensitive parts. Remember, you’re there to enjoy pickleball, not to nurse a sunburn!

How Much Nude Sporting Etiquette Do You Know?

While playing nude, consider the etiquette of the sport. Naturist sporting facilities have guidelines to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety. For instance, bringing your own paddle and wearing appropriate tennis shoes are part of the norm.

There are also usually strict requirements on hygiene and the use of towels. Nude players usually use towels to wipe their sweat and a surface to sit on. Other common rules may include things such as no photography and respect for privacy at all times.

Of course, refrain from showing any sexual behavior while playing sports naked to avoid making other players uncomfortable.

If you are to try out naked pickleball, learn and understand these etiquettes to prevent you from committing faux pas later.

How Mentally Ready Are You To Play Pickleball Naked?

Finally, it’s essential to feel mentally prepared. Playing pickleball naked can be liberating, but it’s not for everyone. Consider your comfort level with public nudity in a sporting setting. Perhaps you should not consider it if you are uncomfortable to bare it all. 

However, if you are curious, you can always take a small step. Consider going to a naked pickleball game, but not to play. Instead, just watch a game or two to see if you might enjoy participating in it. If you feel ok with the whole thing, why not join a game yourself?

Would You Try Nude Pickleball?

In this post, we have looked at nude pickleball as a sport and how it is gaining popularity across much of the nudist community. We also looked at some things you need to think about if you want to try to be a nude pickler yourself.

Nude pickleball may shock you, but it will be here to stay. Suppose this is something you are interested in. In that case, you now have enough information to take steps toward playing your first nude pickleball game. 

If you are not, well, at least you know about nude pickleball and will not be shocked by it anymore!

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