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New Quiet OWL Pickleball Paddle Solves Noise Problem, Maybe?

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In the rapidly evolving world of pickleball, the American Pickleball Association (APP) has taken a significant stride towards community consideration with the release of the new official OWL pickleball paddle. This move, by OWL Sport, a newcomer in the paddle sports industry, is set to disrupt the game by addressing a longstanding issue in the sport: noise.

Pickleball has faced challenges related to the noise generated during play, particularly in sound-sensitive locations. The distinct “pop” sound produced when the ball strikes the paddle has led to complaints from nearby residents, especially in areas where outdoor courts are prevalent.

Although we have a list of less loud paddles here, enter the OWL paddle, the first product certified under USA Pickleball’s “Quiet Category.” This new design is supposed to reduce the sport’s noise output by 50% without sacrificing performance. Apparently it delivers a hertz level below 600 and a decibel level below 80, a significant reduction compared to the industry-standard paddles which register 1,100 – 1,200 hertz and a decibel range of 85+. Even though I have not had a chance to try the paddle, I highly doubt the performance will match or surpass regular top tier paddles, but who am I to say, I’m sure playing with the new OWL is a hoot.

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