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MLP Launches New Rules & Ball Improvements Are on the Way

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In the high-stakes world of competitive pickleball, the serve stands as a pivotal element, one that can determine the flow of the game. Recently, discussions have centered around how to maximize the serve’s potential without compromising control. The challenge lies in the faster, more spin-heavy serves that exacerbate control issues, leading to unpredictable returns with the current ball that is already unpredictable to begin with.

This has led to a call within the community to “weaponize the serve,” yes, but with a critical stipulation – mastering the bounce first. We need a new ball…

The conversation isn’t just about the mechanics; I think there is a deeper sports narrative – pushing performance boundaries while maintaining fair play.

Pickleball’s evolution is evident in the recent focus on enhancing the game’s essential equipment – the ball. In response to widespread feedback about the Vulcan VPRO FLIGHT Pickleball, significant steps are being taken to develop a new, improved version. Sources confirm that testing is underway for this new ball, designed to address the concerns voiced by players. For those who have experienced the frustration of unreliable ball behavior, this development is a… relief….

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