Pickleball Tips: #1 Easy Tip To Improve Your Pickleball Serve

Keep it SIMPLE!

If you are a beginner Pickleball player, the best thing you can do- starting today- is to simplify your serve.  This is the quickest and easiest way to dramatically improve your game. 

Improving  your pickleball skills usually takes a lot of on court practice and thousands of shots but unlike other aspects of the game, the basic serve is mostly mindset and mental preparation.

Unlike the fast action during a game where you have to make split second decisions, the serve is the a rare time during a pickleball game that you are in total control.

You decide when, where and how you are going to hit the ball.  So much of the serve is mental, you can visualize and even "practice" your serve off the court. 

1) Pre-Serve Routine: 

This is something you can work on now, even after the court.  Just grab your paddle and a ball. (I'll wait 😉   Come up with a SIMPLE routine that works for you.  No need to bounce the ball 10 times and spin in a circle every time you serve! 

If you have to think about what you are doing (counting bounces, etc) it's too complicated!   It should just become an automatic pattern. This routine will help keep your serve consistent.

It's the same theory as the pre-shot routine a basketball player does at the free throw line. Watch the best players in the NBA, the have a simple little routine and it's exactly the same every time. Those are they guys that hit close to 90% of their shots!


Beginners: aim for the middle of your opponent's service area. Eventually as your skills advance, you can try to hit it deep and catch the corners of the box, aim for their backhand, lob serve, power server etc.

But for now... JUST GET IT IN!

3) GET SET- Your pre-serve routine should end with you clearly setting the ball. Get the ball ready to serve, set the ball in the same place every time. It should NOT be moving at this point.

The best way is to hold the ball against the paddle, I tap the ball against the paddle face and hold it there steady until my serving motion begins.

Hold the top of the ball. This may be personal preference but I find it's a lot easier to hold the ball from above and release it (just let it drop out of your fingers)  rather than supporting the ball from underneath and having to quickly get my hand out of the way of the paddle.

4) AIM:  Take a deep breath and visualize where the serve is going to go. 

5) SWING FROM YOUR SHOULDER and follow through, aiming the paddle where you want the serve to go extending your paddle arm towards your target at the end of your swing.

I cannot stress enough to beginners the importance of getting the serve over the net. Unless you are a very advanced pickleball player with a consistent serve, don't try to use your serve as an offensive weapon.

Too many players try to ace their serves or try overly fancy shots.

STOP trying to ace your pickleball serve!

It's just not going to happen consistently-not like in tennis. Acing in pickleball is a lot harder and you only get one serve attempt in Pickleball compared to two in tennis so being too aggressive on your serve will cost you valuable points. 

You win games by getting the ball over the net. Let your opponent make the errors! With the serve, practice being consistent and getting it over the net every time.

As you get better you will automatically add speed and power to your serve and will eventually get to the point where you can modify your serve but to start -Keep it simple!!

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